Recipe for Disaster / Raven and Mob

Recipe for Disaster — Raven and Mob

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques
Some jokes are meant to be told in comic form and made canon.


Story and Script: Rockman and Rivana
Thumbs, Inks, Lettering: Rockman
Sketch, Flats, Renders: Rivana
tags: comedy, Mob, raven, recipe for disaster, Slice of life, sliceoflife

Critiques & Comments
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# 18   Posted: May 24 2023, 01:38 PM
I always keep coming back to this comic for a smile. Seeing Raven in this light was long overdue, and this collab is the nicest surprise to boot. I t feels like Mob just brings out the most unpredictable side to some chars, and Raven cant help but make friends with anyone LOL! You both worked together so flawlessly, and I hope theres future interactions with these two!!

# 17   Posted: Apr 10 2023, 06:53 AM
Thank you so much to all those who voted and commented! Let it be known that it was Rockman's idea to have that pixelated food and I thought it was such a clever move as well. So props to him for that!

Speaking of which, Rockman - thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to show this side of Raven. I know she's usually shown as serious and a bit of a drama llama in the site so far lol but there's a little gremlin in there that's just waiting to shine/wreak havoc and this comic, albeit short, was able to present that in such a concise and effective manner. Thanks to your great knack for comedy. It was a lot of fun working with you. Great communication and work ethic! I appreciate your patience during the time I got sick and couldn't stay up long enough to draw/color as much as I'd liked.

Again thank you EVERYONE for the wonderful feedback! I take them all to heart <3

# 16   Posted: Apr 8 2023, 08:57 PM
this is utterly fabulous, great interaction and twist hehehe. I love the idea of raven just having no clue what's edible or not and mob of course just loving her terrible concoction. Perfect no notes

# 15   Posted: Apr 8 2023, 05:46 PM
This was such a sweet side story to see Raven in, especially as a detour to most of the earth shattering Valkyrie related missions she's on. It's also great seeing her bond with someone like Mob, who's so down to earth! It's a quick yet sweet joke and I hope to see more from the both of you!

# 14   Posted: Apr 8 2023, 05:14 PM
that was adorable XD Just one of those fun, weird encounters that makes Void so great lol. Your guys' art style are a fun mesh, I think despite the contrast in both of your usual styles they compliment each other really well. I love the end, all the people who are about to suffer Mob's terrible taste XD great comic you guys!

# 13   Posted: Apr 7 2023, 08:51 AM
I think my favourite part is Millers unsmile of pure dread at the end of the comic.

# 12   Posted: Apr 5 2023, 03:09 PM
Cute quick comic and it looks great too! The blurred food is a great joke and made me laugh for real

# 11   Posted: Apr 4 2023, 02:43 PM
Guys this was such a wholesome comic! i miss this kind of slice-of-life type of story around here.
You also went all out with the visuals! I'm impressed by how the backgrounds are so incredibly detailed and well-rendered, all the establishing shots look great here! The characters are a bit stiff but they're still expressive. And the censored food was a clever touch.
I feel bad for Raven's future victims hahah Mob has no idea of the monster he has created.

# 10   Posted: Apr 4 2023, 12:03 PM
This was so wholesome! Great job both of you! Glad that Mob uplifted Raven, I hope she continues to cook and be friends with Mob!

# 9   Posted: Apr 4 2023, 07:51 AM
Gonna parrot Flytee here and say that you two balanced your styles so perfectly into an amazing collaboration! I love that Raven finds enough validation from Mob to continue her cooking journey! Who knows, maybe one day she WILL be able to cook something that doesn’t need to be blurred out for the viewers safety XD
Wonderful job Riv and Rockman!!

Community Manager
# 8   Posted: Apr 4 2023, 04:57 AM
I adore seeing two artists with unique and very different art styles collab, the end results are always interesting & this case is no different. You both enhanced one another's work without drowning it out & in my opinion, that's what a GREAT collab is.

Mob and Raven hanging out is certainly unexpected but I find that refreshing, their budding friendship was very convincingly written. The story was also sweet and amusing. No notes, wonderful job.

# 7   Posted: Apr 4 2023, 03:24 AM
Mob has a new cooking auntie๐Ÿ˜‹๐ŸŒธ๐Ÿ’• Raven has unique and complex culinary talents!๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช

# 6   Posted: Apr 3 2023, 10:56 PM
I love Raven's expression as Mob explains the complex taste that is her masterpiece! I hope all Raven's pals get a chance to try her cooking.
This was such a joy to read through!

# 5   Posted: Apr 3 2023, 03:45 PM
I LOVED this to pieces!! I am so surprised to see those two get along so easily and naturally! Their interactions are very organic and it works so perfectly. Shitty food as a sort of way to 'bond' with those two is honestly pretty genius LMAO

Rivana's sketches and Rockman's inks work together wonderfully! The dialogues were such a delight to read, it left me wanting to see more of those two just talking. Mob's approach to Raven's cooking reminds me of a raccoon in the best way- his body language and expression spoke volumes even when he was silent for a good chunk of time (also the censored food always kills me, I laughed real hard on that lmao)

Absolutely loved this! It's super refreshing to read a comic where there are no high stakes nor a threat or anything. Just... things happening calmly and pleasantly, it is such a breath of fresh air!

# 4   Posted: Apr 3 2023, 10:44 AM
An unexpected and amusing collaboration :D That goes for the artist and the characters. Definitely didn't expect the likes of Raven to hang with Mob, but its neat to see a very natural chemistry between such opposite personalities over their mutual love for nightmare grade food. I think what brought on the severity of this foodie frankensteined monstrosity was that you censored it. Just deciding for the reader it was too harrowing for the naked eye was a very clever move XD also kind of love Raven's strike outs with food has become canon now? It's neat to see an otherwise smooth talking femme fatale have a vampirically appropriate shortcoming.

Also kudos and good on ya for going all out on these backgrounds. The composition of the overhead shot of the group kitchen was really interesting and the colors and lighting of the gloomy park really set the stage for the uno reverse of 'oh is that a possible enemy skulking in the shadows?' to  'oh no, its a dumpster diving foodie'. I think if I had a note overall it'd be to loosen up the flow and movement of your character posing. There seems to be a stiffness in how Mob stands and rigidity in how Raven tosses the food in the garbage. Getting more gestural may help in making these actions feel more fluid and natural.

It was a brief encounter and I admit I want to see more. Though in the big scheme of things that's a good vibe to leave a reader with!

# 3   Posted: Apr 3 2023, 09:07 AM
Loved this comic, the humor was fantastic. Your styles work really nicely together, excellent work!

# 2   Posted: Apr 2 2023, 10:09 PM
Loved it, very funny.
"Future victims of this horrible encounter"

# 1   Posted: Apr 2 2023, 08:54 PM
A short slice of life idea that started as a joke interaction between Raven and Mob, made canon in this comic!

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