A Feast of Entrails / Sanguine vs. Cornelious Husk

A Feast of Entrails — Sanguine vs. Cornelious Husk

by Bobert

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This comic fucking sucked. I almost came close to what I wanted but funny little health problems and lots of other real life problems reared their head in again. Paying 20 dollars for an anti-bacterial cream is ludicrous. You better stay healthy you bozos.

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I didn't get to do color like I wanted. Hope it's still entertaining!

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# 9   Posted: Mar 30 2023, 01:07 PM
Bobert: sorry you had health concerns :( as an amewican, $20 for a tube of crème doesn't sound so bad.
as for your comic: I would have personally benefitted from more establishing shots, esp. because it looks like maybe Sanguine teleported Cornelius and we're not given a reason why Cornelius was chosen as a sacrifice. I do like the idea of a demon turning into a sexy face monster and saying 'babe, you didn't deliver,' though. this line helps set the scene and helps us understand the scar you gave Cornman. your line work is really starting to tighten up, so now you can focus on learning environments! even though you were sick, you did put effort in, I can tell. good jorb!

Fluff! Your dynamic shots with the truck and worm really help drag us kicking and screaming into the world of the sandpocalverse. the way the introduction of the worm monster is echoed later when the baby worm shows up is not only helpful to the reader, but also on a deeper level mirrors the introduction of Sanguine in the story. the way he shows his leg to get a lift is VERY on brand and I adored it. the casual SA and the photo of the beefy love interest all makes this feel like a nostalgic old y!gallery comic. this story just dings all the bells for me in the right order, and your art, though maybe uncolored, feels clean and complete. A++  Loving getting to see you back on your bullshit, or, rather, taking your shitposts and exicuting them to a fully blown up version of themselves.

Community Manager
# 8   Posted: Mar 22 2023, 01:30 AM
Yesss more scar matches, we love to see it.
Great job to he both of your these were suitably mental and fun.

Bobert- sorry to hear you have some irl issues. Huge props for submitting anything under these circumstances, better luck next time.
Fluff- SAND WORM! I'm getting such a kick out of seeing overlapping continuity and references to the badlands canon. v cool. As usual your expressions are top-tier, I always enjoy your style.

# 7   Posted: Mar 21 2023, 01:46 PM
Crazy comics from both of you! Congrats.

Fluff's side gives me vibes of a specific its always sunny scene hahaha.

# 6   Posted: Mar 21 2023, 12:23 PM
Ayy scar matches have to be my fave, you both did a great job!

Bobert - I love the body horror in this, and how the speech bubbles melt with Sanguine. The ending was perfectly timed and got a chuckle out of me.

Fluff - I love your panel layouts and the interactions of both characters. It was a delight to read and also very humorous. I do think it ended a bit too abruptly and I would have liked to see the aftermath of the bite. But I can understand if you just didn't have the time! It still feels like a completed comic and that's just my personal preference.  

# 5   Posted: Mar 18 2023, 01:40 PM
These were the awesomest! I love seeing scar matches!

Bobert- I like the details you put in the clothing, makes a very unique aesthetic.

Fluff- Your lineart is amazing in this, very smooth.

Good job to both of you!

# 4   Posted: Mar 16 2023, 06:50 AM
i really enjoyed both of these! Bobert I did really like your premise and execution, the last page was very funny haha
Fluff I quite enjoyed how you made the characters interact. Simple and clear set up and payoff.

# 3   Posted: Mar 16 2023, 04:16 AM
I rescind my self-deprecation, we both made good comics with the circumstances we had.

# 2   Posted: Mar 16 2023, 01:08 AM
I'm not quite back into my comic groove. I did drop the ball on my productivity

# 1   Posted: Mar 15 2023, 10:30 AM
Wow Bobert did you get jumped by family commitments, time vampires and bacterial infections on small feet bound wounds again and it made the quality of the comic suffer!? Yes.

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