Magenta Massacre / Jozzik the Great vs. Sanguine

Magenta Massacre — Jozzik the Great vs. Sanguine

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I just went full shitpost for this one lmao
tags: its a wild west showdown but with fashion, jozzik the great, sanguine, voidlands

by Bobert

This comic has been rated suitable for all ages by its creator(s)

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This was a disaster and I'm shocked I could only squeeze out 5 pages. No regrets though!

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# 6   Posted: Jan 30 2023, 03:39 AM
Yay for more comics!!!🤩
I love how much fun you two had drawing these lovely comics!!!🙈💕🌸

# 5   Posted: Jan 9 2023, 11:02 AM
Gotta get back into commenting and voting after a hiatus.
These were wonderful 24hr comics!

# 4   Posted: Jan 7 2023, 07:05 PM
Batty: that made me laugh for real! very cute, very colorful, fully believe this really happened

Bobert: just cute, love Sanguine's outfit change, clear wardrobe oneupmanship

both: good vies for the mayoral debate, and nice to see comics about pure interactions like this!

# 3   Posted: Jan 7 2023, 04:24 PM
Batty - Coloring is very pleasant to look at! And your lineart is amazingly done, too. Really helps bringing out the perspective and the like. I also like that you manage to keep the writing/style consistency despite it being a totally memey and "quick" comic to match with the other artist! Not sure if that was because you're on a tight schedule or not, but it certainly doesn't look that way, because of the consistency. So, I applaud you for that! The writing was also pretty simple and funny, not too plot-heavy that I often feel like I'd have to dig through multiple other comics just to get the big picture, you know? It's just about the characters having a simple ol' fashion show!

Bobert - It's okay to be behind on schedule sometimes, happens to the best of us a lot as well! You managing to get out five pages was pretty amazing though, I'd say. And not to mention, I can already see you shading in some areas! And I also absolutely adored the ending where it seemed to be a news reporter goofing about. Great use of tool where it tends to be used in popular media, one of my personal favorites. Also, the style seems to be a bit toonier than I recall, which is pretty cool, I really like it.

# 2   Posted: Jan 7 2023, 02:21 PM
Batty - LOVE the outfits. The whole fashion contest was very fun

Bobert - I really like your lettering in this! Especially in the shouting bubbles

# 1   Posted: Jan 7 2023, 12:13 AM
This was destined to be.

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