Gala Regalis, Round 1 / The prince of... Nothing vs. The Royal Bastard

Gala Regalis, Round 1 — The prince of... Nothing vs. The Royal Bastard

by DoeFr

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I would highly suggest reading the tags. Either way, I put a content warning at the beginning.
tags: existential dread, gore, miscarriage

This comic has been rated suitable for teens and up by its creator(s)

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Critiques & Comments
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# 14   Posted: Nov 26 2022, 06:36 AM
I'm back reading in preparation for the final round. Oh man, I wish I read these when they first came out. I love both of these comics. You know I love an evolving character so I'm hyped to see more of the Royal Bastard. The Prince of Nothing is a great concept and I hope to see more from the next October.

# 13   Posted: Nov 9 2022, 01:23 PM
Doefr: I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said. I think it's a great take on the characters and a great concept for a deathmatch. Well written, well drawn, I have no complaints.

Fluff: I wasn't sure what to expect from the bastard but it certainly was not that. This does give me ideas though, should we be matched up down the line >:D   it does make me wonder, though, now that we know his MO, how do we keep it interesting from here on out? I definitely look forward to finding out

# 12   Posted: Nov 9 2022, 12:14 PM
Doefr! it's so good to see you again! you were my first collab partner and it's wonderful to see how you handle comics on your own! I really liked the spiral staircase layout, very creative: and yet, i DID read the panels out of order the first time. I'm still trying to learn how to do layouts, which his the hardest hardest hardest thing about comics and what makes them harder than any other sequential media, so i bow to you for the effort and confidence to experiment. your art is done well enough I can feel comfortable getting into the story review! the way you wrote Royal Bastard was so empathetic and kind and it def. makes me like The Prince of Nothing quite a bit. course the problem there is that Royal Bastard is probably NOT supposed to read as a helpless miscarried baby: it is supposed to be grotesque and scary and I get that from their character sheet.  and yet, you still made me believe royal bastard was the victim of neglect in some way, so props to that VERY strong writing.

Fluff: you did NOT fuck around? this is one of those comics that makes me ask 'hey, op ? are you ok?'
I knew royal bastard was a shock-character from the design sheet, and was excited to see what you could do with it, but I had no idea you were getting so powerful at horror writing. you do a great job setting the mood with your colors and framing. however, you missed an opportunity to develop the prince of.. nothing: doing so in a way that made us readers like / appreciate his presence more would have made the consumption of his being all the more terrifying. OR to show us that the prince of nothing is a gross nasty monster because sometimes it's scarier to see something bad happen to the gross monster, too. but prince of .. nothing just is Here, is Queer, and already used to this crap.
I am so impressed with how you drew royal bastard, esp. the grody little hands, and was really surprised its turning out to be a monster. the teeth, too, communicate this is not a baby because as we know, babies are notoriously devoid of teeth. i can tell you have been sitting on this one for a while and I really want to see where you're heading with these themes!

anyway, good work and good luck to the both of yas! yall nasty! : D

# 11   Posted: Nov 4 2022, 11:50 AM
My heart is breaking, I love both of these characters!!!πŸ’”πŸ˜­
Doefr: It’s so soft and sad 😒 waaah 😭
Fluff: When RB was squished, my heart was racing!πŸ˜‚ those eyes!!!πŸ’€ Guess he was hungryπŸ˜‚

# 10   Posted: Nov 3 2022, 09:07 AM
both these entries are heavy on feelz and psychology, and I like that.

Doe: I'm all for a character not directly linked to teh death, but a passive witness who accompanies the deceased.

Fluff: It was as gory and disturbing as I thought. Is the bastard going to mutate each entry?

# 9   Posted: Nov 3 2022, 03:52 AM
These were so drastically different. Wowie!

A lot of melancholy from you Doe. Prince of Nothing is fascinating.

Fluff, on the other hand yours was as horrific as I was expecting it to be. Gimme more scary monster goodness. Gimme, gimme.

# 8   Posted: Nov 2 2022, 08:23 PM
This was a really good matchup and I loved both sides a lot and find both characters super interesting. Not to mention the talent behind each panel!

Doefr- What a somber portrayal of the King of Bastards. I like how the connection between him and the Prince of Nothing and that Nothing wasn't directly responsible for his death. I loved the writing of this comic, and how the dialogue followed the spiral staircase. The ending was really bittersweet and emotional too. The fetus has been deletus.

Fluff- That was horrifying. Excellently done. I'm now terrified of a fetus. I enjoyed Nothing's monologue here and how unsuspecting Bastard was. The Prince of Nothing is truly nothing now.

# 7   Posted: Nov 2 2022, 07:52 PM
DOFER- Man... this was so sad, horrible, melancholic. The ending really tugged on my heartstrings. I really like that we can't see much of the Prince of Nothing's expressions, yet we are able to tell what he's feeling exactly. Love me some good bittersweet tragedy!!

FLUFFS- WOWOWWW....This completely blew me away! I'm a big fan in how you write horror, especially body horror! This gave me chills in the best way. My favorite comic from you so far, and definitely one of my favorites on the site!! I'll definitely be re-reading


# 6   Posted: Nov 2 2022, 05:21 PM
This match was the hardest for me to rate, awesome comics and plot from both sides. Really good Job.

Doefr: l really enjoyed the dialogue here.

Fluff: I really like the idea of the Royal Bastard getting bigger and "evolving" after eating his first matchup.

# 5   Posted: Nov 2 2022, 03:05 PM
Loved both of these!!

Doe- Yours was super melancholic, and the beginning had me feel so bad for the Royal Bastard. The death was bittersweet in such a great way, and I loved the spiraling panel layout!

Fluff - So brutal! Such is the way of royalty though, paving their way to their birthright through blood and death! Loved the textures you used and the use of negative space!

Approval Committee
# 4   Posted: Oct 29 2022, 12:50 PM
Fetus Deletus!

# 3   Posted: Oct 29 2022, 10:53 AM
Fetus Deletus!

# 2   Posted: Oct 26 2022, 12:54 PM
Fetus Deletus!

# 1   Posted: Oct 25 2022, 11:28 PM
Fetus deletus !!  FIRST !!

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