Sword To A Gunfight / Sorridega Seven-Corners and Harrison Merrystide

Sword To A Gunfight — Sorridega Seven-Corners and Harrison Merrystide

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This one was fun to make! Thank you Selevan for being a GOAT and being the driving force behind this comic :)
S- and for Des for bringing the whole thing together!

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# 5   Posted: Oct 6 2022, 11:03 AM
I can't tell y'all's styles apart yet, so I'm just going to refer to you both as one dude!

This was fantastic, you guys! I'd been craving more india ink comics and you delivered! the mark making and implied line used to show all the details is such a delight! usually with ink, we want to chose just one shape and repeat it everywhere, but you got really experimental to try things out and I don't find it too distracting!

my favorite page is page 5. such nice spot blacks. and the mark making on panel 3 for the bullet smoke is my favorite of all. it's so clean and well controlled, i'm unable to tell if it's 100% traditional, or just sneaky digital, or some combination. maybe you're just god-tier at india ink and markers. and then the way the dad's eyes are blocked out by the mustache is pretty advanced layout stuff imo. and page 14 has a really cool layout, too, with the arm monster there in the middle.

yes yes yes I like all the drawings. now on to the story

Such a good  story. it brings my bitter heart such hope to see two artists who let their characters share a back story and have it fit so well together. Sorridega was such a tight character design and aesthetic, I was happy to just have her exist and be cool. but to give her a badass yet heartfelt back story? amazing and touching. same thing for Harrison. a really cool character design, and an unusual aesthetic: sci fi cowboy! just two very graphically pleasing characters that communicate so much with just their designs. so I'm a little startled to find you guys can WRITE, too. kind of rare to find one person who can do BOTH so well!

although, I couldn't tell what was going on super well in the beggining. was the town burning because it was UNDER attack or already GOT attacked? it was never explained WHOM attacked? whom was evacuating? how present was the danger? I was left thinking Harrison was the one who attacked the town. or maybe he attacked the soldiers who attacked the town? Couldn't tell. therefore, on the first read I thought Harrison was a real black hat bad guy. I guess you gotta read it twice, so you find out the mystery along with Sorridega. ToT her dad was so cool and a good character in his own right. rip. But I guess she tracked down Harrison to make amends and show she's forgiven him because the arm has a mind of its own and her dad's death was an accident?

I think the sandy make over void got from Arma is going to be perfect for these samurai and cowboy stories to flourish and I'm so excited for you two!

You know, I can think of 2 other 'eldritch parasite arm monster' guys on here. Cornelius by Minteh (though he was healed of it) and Rickter and Gus by Fluffumus XD they both commented one after the other below lol. go forth and bond over arm monsters! maybe! if yall want!

Global Moderator
# 4   Posted: Sep 27 2022, 04:30 PM
This was such a wild and fun read, what a great way to get to know these characters' backstories! I really enjoyed this and the style worked so nicely for the story you told!

# 3   Posted: Sep 24 2022, 02:47 PM
Ya'll hit it out of the park with the story!
Also the detail on that demon arm were pretty *chef's kiss*

# 2   Posted: Sep 24 2022, 01:55 AM
Good comic, you two did well elaborating on Soridega's and Harrison's backstories. Heart breaking to see. I hope to see more cool ideas from the both of you in the future.

# 1   Posted: Sep 23 2022, 10:29 PM
whats this ()_()

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