Intro Story / Sanguine

Intro Story — Sanguine

by Bobert

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# 5   Posted: Jan 30 2023, 04:03 AM
Sanguine! Sanguine!💥💪

# 4   Posted: Aug 7 2022, 11:26 PM
I like your style a lot Bobert!

# 3   Posted: Aug 1 2022, 02:50 PM
It's nice to see you comicing again.
I'm curious on how your scripting is. I feel like a lot is happening between page 3 and 4 we aren't getting to see. I'd encourage you to go with bigger page size and more panels per page.
I do really like the t-rex villain. Very fun!

# 2   Posted: Jul 31 2022, 04:15 PM
For perspective and backgrounds, what I would say is that backgrounds are often used more for the benefit of the characters and atmosphere than for the sake of the background itself. Because of that, I would recommend that you make sure that the background doesn't overpower the main characters (take the black towers, for example, which are stronger than the main characters at some points) and that the background can be understood as an atmosphere that covers the entire panel rather than merely a collection of objects- for example, I liked how your first panel supported and enhanced the character and his actions.

# 1   Posted: Jul 31 2022, 09:16 AM
The approval committee pointed out a few things where the polish of the comic or the poses were a bit lacking.

For my part I found some struggles with getting the story to feel a bit coherent without cramming too much into it but it feels like it's kind of context reliant, where to an outsider this is pretty inaccessible since they'd need to know about how the police force got disbanded and all the disparate events that led up to the fashion police getting formed. So I consider those things failures on my part as a storyteller. ALSO, THE LACK OF ALL THE JOKES I INTENDED TO PUT IN. THE PEOPLE WANT JOKES.

Predominantly I've been trying to get my background game to improve with each comic I do. I still struggle very much with perspective and 2-point (and barely 3-point) are slowly beginning to click and I would be immensely grateful for anyone generous enough to leave a comment to give me more guidance in terms of perspective and backgrounds.

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