Armageddon 2022

Armageddon 2022

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Story: Don & Py
Writer: Py
Lettering: Py
Sound FX: Py & Don
Lead Artist - I. Old Testament: Don
Lead Renders - I. Old Testament: Py
Art & Renders - II. Mysterious Ways: Don & Py
Art & Renders - III. Revelation: Don & Py
Lead Artist - IV. New Testament, Final Armageddon: Py
Lead Renders - IV. New Testament, Final Armageddon: Don
tags: aleyjah, ancelin, angel, arma, armageddon, blue, capitalism, chaos, dairyu, defenders, demon, dragon, dragons, dreams, end, fate, final, friendship, god, gods, heirarchy, love, multiverse, nagore, naialah, prophecy, rae, soul weaver, souls, sukri, threats, vidia, visions, war

This comic has been rated suitable for teens and up by its creator(s)

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Critiques & Comments
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# 27   Posted: Sep 29 2022, 11:30 AM
late to the party but HOLLLLLLYY $#*% these are amazing the amount of effort and love put into these is so high! the emotions shown in both the perfect story beat and arc transition the feels it made me have!? GOD these comics are just so good there amount of praise cannot be overstayed! <3 thank you for making these! makes me really want to draw just reading them aaagggghhh

# 26   Posted: Sep 24 2022, 08:13 AM
Meant to comment earlier, but late is better than never probably.

I really loved how our opponent's comic turned out, it was such a lovely read with beautiful art and such an intriguing story. I'm very excited to take what you've given all of Void for its new setting, and hope that others will explore the concept as well.

Working with so many other people was definitely a challenge, and one that I believe is beneficial for anyone to attempt. Thank you for the critiques and comments, everyone, I hope to apply them to my own comics.

Congratulations, Pyras and Don, and thank you for being such wonderful opponent's!

# 25   Posted: Sep 24 2022, 06:06 AM
Thank you everyone for the comments and critiques. I poured a lot into this comic, sweat, tears and sacrifice to try and deliver the best I could and it wouldn’t have been possible without my collab partner. If there’s one thing you take away from what we provided, I hope it’s to take new risks; break the structured city in your mind for new horizons and opportunities. Shatter the halo of comfort and familiarity that holds you back for something terrifying, but new, and potentially amazing. Let that crazy demon out. Not every gamble will pay off, but each new venture taken is leagues of new experience over the comfortable safe path, which will in turn help you in future endeavors.

To the Defenders, I couldn’t ask for a better team to draw inspo from and to face off against. Through your own hardships you managed to pull off a terrific comic of your own of whose efforts you should be proud of. I'm rooting for and can’t wait to see more from every one of you.

Thank you again, entervoid, much love

Community Manager
# 24   Posted: Sep 24 2022, 02:52 AM
Thanks for the comments! The positive feedback has been lovely and the crits are understandable, in hindsight I agree with basically all of them.

I will say collabing with a big group is a completely different ball game. As the primary writer, I have to take some responsibility for the narrative crits. Being brutally honest simplifying the narrative and leaning on concepts like "fate" felt like the clearest most cohesive way to move the story along/ juggle all the characters & my fellow defender's needs/ avoid plot holes.

After reading the threat side and reflecting on things A LOT, I can see how there were better routes to do this & how parts of the story we should have cut and replaced with more interesting/unique moments. I'm not going to kick myself too much over this because I know I learnt a hell of a lot from this comic, especially when it comes to big collabs.
Under the circumstances, I'm super proud of the comic we produced.

Congrats to the threat side, a well-earned victory. I adored your unique approach to arma, the wholesome moments, the happy endings, and the impressive attention to detail when it comes to backgrounds and concepts. It's all very admirable.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and comment! If anyone is interested in taking part in arma in the future and would like some insights into being a defender, my inbox is open.

Think Tank
# 23   Posted: Sep 23 2022, 06:40 PM

THREAT: ShowHide
 I absolutely love this take on a threat comic. It's really unconventional, with the threat being "defeated" within the first third and even redeemed by the end. There's so many really good ideas in here that keep me super invested while reading; I had vague predictions of what would happen, but even in the few cases where I was right, the anticipation and build up was super well done. The absolute BETRAYAL from Naialah is my favorite part personally, it's very satisfying! I also like how far you pushed Ancelin's overly-monetized approach, the cameras, it's all great. You two did an awesome job making an engaging and visually spectacular comic!

 There were some really cool visuals in here! I love the warped temple Vidia summons, and the almost non-euclidean buildings. It conveys a sense of danger really well, especially near the end, despite it seeming like the citizens were physically unharmed (so far). And on the note of the citizens I really like that too! The cult aspect is really cool, it's like the city is being held hostage. Special shout-out to Nagore's dad checking up at her in the beginning, I thought that was super sweet and funny.
I have a light crit: I'm not a huge fan of the reliance on Fate. Sometimes it feels like it takes agency away from the characters, where they make choices due to fate/destiny/prophecy, rather than having their own reasons. It doesn't quite feel here like they are using prior knowledge of a prediction to make choices, and more like they choose just because they were told to (I think this is most apparent when Dairyu stops waiting for Rickter). If you're interested in avoiding that, I think this could have been remedied with some small dialogue changes.

BOTH: I have one last small crit I wanna mention, which is relevant to both comics: The use of the words "defender/threat/armageddon" within the character's dialogue feels immersion breaking to me. This is heavily preferential, so if you like using them feel free to disregard, but I think it may be worth considering where these words come from in-universe; while I think it makes sense for characters to realize a pattern of world-ending threats every few years, where it starts to disconnect for me is that they choose the same language to refer to it as we do in real life. Just something to consider!
REGARDLESS both teams did fantastic and you should all be super proud of yourselves for completing such monumental comics. I really enjoyed reading these, I love all the characters, and I'm always excited to see more from each of you. Congrats on completion, get rest, and thank you for the comics!

# 22   Posted: Sep 23 2022, 02:21 AM
Chunky comment time. Chunky comment time.

Threat: ShowHide

God, visually this was a treat and the writing was tight af. Ancelin making Arma into a literal spectacle and hamming it up with cameras, only for Vidia to use that to her advantage? Armageddon being completely turned around, with Vidia not really being a Threat, not even knowing what was going on and the Defenders jumping to conclusions? The fucking ending? Where it looped back to Naialah’s introduction and it’s revealed the desolate wasteland was void? Holy crap.

Pages 50-52, 70 and 84 were probably my favourites! I love central compositions and the use of negative space on page 51 was so tasty. The last page was super cute too. There were a bunch of small details that were great too, like Vidia’s dress and hair flowing in a way that mimicked wings, even in her “human” form. Or that little panel with her on point, a ballerina soaked in blood. Wow.

Honestly overall I don’t really have crits, this was a bangin comic. But I do have some thoughts that could be considered for the future!

1) Vidia is in this weird zone right now where she clearly has heavy Christian vibes, with a form resembling a biblical angel, but there is no commitment to her actually being an honest to god (pun intended) biblical angel. I noticed this in her intro, where it’s clearly like.. a Christian style heaven, but with gods pulled from other religions. Meanwhile, Rae uses the term “Christ-like” to get Vidia on their side, and Saal refers to “the big man himself”. The implication being that the other gods exist, but God with a capital G is the most important. Which I’m guessing wasn’t intentional but definitely has weird vibes?

Idk I have a lot of thoughts about this but it’s really hard to explain rip, you can DM me if you want a rambling discussion I guess.

2) I feel like Aleyjah has been somewhat robbed of her voice. Goldie conveys what she says with her “internal” speech bubbles, and I can understand if you wanted to do something different, but the options are not just internal monologue and silence. Sign languages exist? I obviously don’t expect you to learn one for a comic, let alone a comic on a tight deadline, but adding some gestures and then a speech bubble from that could have been really interesting! And have you seen Deaf people get into a shouting match? It’s incredible, imagine the scene where she fights with Dairyu with her hands flying at the speed of light. On the other hand, she has magic, maybe she could’ve written words in the air with fire, with the flames getting more intense with her emotions.

But yeah like I said these are just Extra Thoughts and not really crits! This was an excellent comic, you guys are an extremely powerful team!

Defenders: ShowHide

Okay so first of all, you did an amazing job producing a fully coloured, complete comic! I know there were issues behind the scenes so you should be proud of this. The comic was also very clear visually, which is honestly not something I encounter often. I didn’t have a single moment of confusion around what was happening or which panel/speech bubble my eye should go to next, which speaks to your compositional skills.

I thought the chapter covers were lovely, and Vidia’s introduction was great. She had a very graceful and ethereal air, while also feeling dangerous. That first panel on page 9 is so pleasing to look at and I want it as a poster tbh. Her energy in general is also very good, I love her smug smiles. The drippy, almost candle wax feel of her domain slowly swallowing the city was very cool too. Really enjoyed page 50, with the orange clouds, and page 61, which felt very emotionally raw.

I was a little let down on the writing side though. The story was basically “a group of people is prophesied to defeat a threat, then they defeat it.” There’s nothing wrong with a straightforward story, but to still be compelling, the other elements must be really tight.

More than half of the comic was planning and waiting for people to show up. Every time I thought the action was going to start, somebody would go “stop, we gotta wait for X first”. When the action does start, most of it is viewed from the sidelines, compressed into small panels without the chance to fully appreciate them. Which could have been an interesting direction! Say some of the defenders are unable to fight for some reason, and are forced to watch in horror as their friends risk their lives. I really wish somebody jumped in regardless, or at least tried to enter the fray and needed to be held back, because the characters were oddly willing to just sit back. I loved Dairyu snapping when she thought Nagore died, and I wish we could’ve seen more of that.

A lot of these characters also already have connections, so having Ancelin recruit them all rather than them coming together on their own was surprising. Nagore, Dairyu, and Rae are all friends. Saal knows Rae. Most of the cast have links to the divine. I think these connections could’ve been played up more.

I do want to make it clear that these critiques are not directed at any individual writer. Collaborations are hard at the best of times, let alone when there’s six of you and you didn’t even choose each other. There were also individual moments I thought were great! Like on page 17, when Sukri says one needs to submit to chaos and we see Saal’s castle in the background? Excellent. Foreshadowing AND reference to Saal’s abilities and personality. Also, “biblically accurate Regina George” got an irl chuckle out of me, which the Threat’s side never managed to do.

Great job again, both teams <3

# 21   Posted: Sep 22 2022, 04:54 PM
this was MASSIVE and you should all feel so very accomplished! it was nice being so familiar with each of your individual work that I feel like I can pick out who did what where!

if anyone want individual con crit, just dm me!

# 20   Posted: Sep 21 2022, 05:14 PM
I enjoyed both sides of these comics, you all did a great job and deserve some much earned rest.

# 19   Posted: Sep 21 2022, 05:07 PM
This armaggedon is really special.

There is two propositions.
One is a victory, that continue the statute quo

The other is a defeat that open us to new possibilities. Tabula Rasa.

And one of those options, I absolutely want to see happen.

# 18   Posted: Sep 21 2022, 02:59 PM
OKAY ive taken some time to read, re-read and digest and heres my squealing;

THREAT: Holy shIIIT I DIDNT EXPECT like ANY of that!! Vidia had a collar on her in the first ten pages, that blew my MIND! By 30 she was already friends with the defenders, I'm looking at the page count going "...theres no way they're gonna... are they?" and then you DID you swapped it to NAIALAH that was SO FUCKING COOL!!!! I expected it and STILL was blown away when it happened!! That Judas Kiss page was DELICIOUS, then that sick-ass monster form omgggg. I love the concept of a machine that copies, stores, and replicates defenders and threats past- seeing Gray as both a threat-ghost AND a defender-ghost amused me, thanks for those cameos XD I can't believe you guys really ended all Armageddons forever, damn.
Now after a couple re-readings I will say the one minor critique I have is that this was more like a DEFENDER comic than a Threat one. In the end the final showdown that ended the machine wasn't with any of the defenders but between the two threats. I'm not saying the defenders didn't do anything to create that moment obviously, every choice Naialah and Vidia made was based on the actions of the defenders but in the end the Armageddon STOPPED, it was finished, and both Threats just went back to living in the world. So... not sure what to think of that.
But STELLAR art- sick ass fight scenes, ovbiously between the two of you you'd choreograph some rad shit, beautiful delights and compositions, no complaints on the art front. I liked how you characterized all the defenders, I liked Saal's star-hair and Nagore's baby arms lmao. I ship Rae and Blue now, thanks. You guys did a badass job! GOOD THREAT!!!

DEFENDERS: Beautiful colours!!! Gorgeous layouts and lots of really unique compositions and panel layouts! I like the Holy City designs, and the rise of a cult. My favorite thing though was Naialah's part- making her Vidia's herald was awesome and clever, but then at the end making her role cyclical to the intro comic was BRILLIANT. On my first read I thought they spent too much time gathering defenders, but subsequent readings actually helped pace it fine, everyone had a good sense of urgency but also character growth. I will say I wish there was a little more peril for the Rooftop Team; they got spotted once but the danger passed pretty quickly, I would have liked a more desperate moment while they were doing the ritual. But the final batal was fucking badass, all these Gods and monsters wrecking shit, and the tag team decapitation was hella fucking cool i was surprised to see that severed head like whoaa!! They did it!! lol. Wheres Ancelin, though? She vanished into a cloud and didn't appear again.


# 17   Posted: Sep 18 2022, 02:25 PM
Pyras and Don: I think i'll never get enough of reading your side of arma, it was such a memorable and well written comic. It was as fun as it was moving, the action had me on edge with such visually stunning and well executed scenes, the plot was unpredictable and each page had me gripped with anticipation for more.
All the characters were so well written and expressive in their own ways!! I feel like all of them were pretty well represented and had equal moments to shine.
Oh and it's so interesting how some moments happened in opposite ways in our comics, like when Vidia stabs Naialah with her staff and has a downfall at the end in ours, it happens the other way around in yours (it's also funny to me that Nagore befriends Vidia in your comic while in ours they literally kill each other lmao)

Oh and what an apotheosis was that ending! That final battle had me literally on the edge of my seat!! And i have to admit, those final pages made me quite emotional.
I remember having to wait till 4am for the comics to go up and when they did, i was so amazed by yours, paying attention to every detail, and laughing at every joke. That when i finally finished it, the sun was shining through my window and i realized it was 6am! XD
You both worked hard to deliver the best comic you could make and it definitely shows. We defenders worked hard as well, and i really hope you liked our work as much i liked yours.
This event and especially your comic deserves to stay relevant forever in void's history, and i couldn't be happier for having the opportunity to be part of it.

# 16   Posted: Sep 16 2022, 10:01 AM
Awesome work from both sides!

Threat: the composition and the story was pretty good!!!

Defenders: the colors, the angelic corruption and the fight against Vidia was super cool!

Thank you both teams for telling such good and lengthy stories!
The hard work you all poured into this really shows!

Global Moderator
# 15   Posted: Sep 15 2022, 02:15 AM
Team Threat: As you both probably know, going into this I was uncertain how an Arma against Vidia would even work. I was also entirely unsure how Naialah was going to play into being a Threat, especially since it was established in the lead-up comics that Naialah seemed to be working *against* the threat. As I was reading the comic, though, every choice, every turn of events felt like it made *sense*--so much so that by the end of the comic I felt like it was a wonder I didn't see it coming to start with. The story beats all felt inevitable, in the best of ways. Honestly, you two are such powerhouses together--you've obviously worked together in the past, and you've knocked it out of the park each time. You also managed to juggle the absurd number of characters extremely well, all while never feeling like you were sidelining anyone. Each character felt like they were treated with such care and understanding that I felt myself utterly sucked in. And, honestly, the story you told is one of my favorite kinds of stories--where friendship, love, and compassion ultimately wins over the potential threat. I love that you addressed that even in a place like Void, there is *good* in people, and that makes them worth fighting for. Honestly, I didn't even really mind it not being in full color--the grayscale was enough, in my opinion, and while I tend to prefer color that doesn't make grayscale inferior in any way. The only thing I can really say was a detriment to the quality was the occasional loose lines--though that was very minor, because usually that looser lineart led to things feeling more dynamic and energetic.

Defenders: God, your visuals are all so TASTY. Your comic is, honestly, total eye candy. There's certain scenes that I could just stare at all day. Funny enough, going into this I thought I'd have a better idea of the story y'all would tell, but I ended up being more surprised at the story beats and details y'all added than I was with the Threat side. That's definitely not a bad thing! It was just amusing, lol. I'll agree with Putrid, too, that the more somber tone of y'alls was another (pleasant) surprise, like it was the flipside of the Threat's. I liked all the moments where you focused on the interpersonal relationships between the Defenders, highlighting how they knew each other and how they worked together--and I also really liked what you chose to do with Naialah, with her essentially haunting Vidia's ass and then closing the loop at the end. OH ALSO I loved the fight scene at the end, I was bouncing in my chair. Yessssss big dragons do big dragon things >:D I think my only real complaint is that Vidia's dialogue felt a little Cartoon Villain-y at times, but you were working with limited knowledge on her so I can kinda excuse that. OH ONE MORE THING I LIKED was the design of the angelic "corruption", that was super rad.

ALSO THANK BOTH TEAMS for the cameos :D they made my silly little heart happy

# 14   Posted: Sep 14 2022, 02:02 PM
Damn good battle on both sides!
I can absolutely see how much time and effort was invested in the whole event! Loved how different the outcome was in each. Gotta say I was blown away that the threat side had a good ending, while the defender's ending had an omnioius feel to it. Both sides had really nice and clever title cards for each chapter, the dialogues were great and the flow of the story was nice and easy to follow.
Page thumbnails were absolutely adorable on the defender's, and Riv's work on the threat's was very delicious
Regardless of who wins, I'm eager to see what happens next!

Also... Thank you sm for the Enoch cameo! I'm really honored he popped up in both!!! ;A; ♥

# 13   Posted: Sep 13 2022, 10:35 AM
Both sides have me blown away!
I'm excited to see how this arma affects future comics.
I'm gonna try and write up a bigger comment later on.

# 12   Posted: Sep 12 2022, 05:25 PM
That was an amazing fight! I'm really impressed by all the amazing and talented stuff you all did- nice job!

Cracking Skulls
# 11   Posted: Sep 11 2022, 12:46 PM
I will write a proper response/critique when I've gone over these amazing entries a few more times, but I wanted to say that everyone who participated did such a fantastic job for not only giving us an amazing story to follow, but having every character involved their own time and development to really bring out the best in Armageddon, something that isn't easy to pull off. Congrats to all of you, defenders and threat.

# 10   Posted: Sep 10 2022, 03:39 AM
These were both great, I'm speechless.

Global Moderator
# 9   Posted: Sep 9 2022, 03:17 PM
Amazing work on both sides! Thoroughly enjoyed both stories!

# 8   Posted: Sep 9 2022, 01:42 PM
I'm so happy
These where some monumental pieces of work and I hope y'all are proud, this stuffs baller

# 7   Posted: Sep 8 2022, 10:56 PM

Creator Notes will have credits and such

We hope you enjoy our tale

# 6   Posted: Jul 26 2022, 09:57 AM
Good luck to all of you in this.

I imagine this singular battle will change Void forever.
Can’t wait until it comes out!

# 5   Posted: Jul 24 2022, 06:40 AM
I’m going bonkers in fucking yonkers

# 4   Posted: Jul 20 2022, 04:53 PM
ARMA 2222222 LET'S GO!!

# 3   Posted: Jul 20 2022, 04:34 PM
I may have been born stupid but I will not die hungry!

# 2   Posted: Jul 20 2022, 09:49 AM
Let's gooooo! Good luck to both teams!!!

# 1   Posted: Jul 20 2022, 05:15 AM
This is gonna be so hype!!! I can't wait!!

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