Impending Extinction / Shaw and Leonore Phyre vs. Oleander

Impending Extinction — Shaw and Leonore Phyre vs. Oleander

by Cab

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PLEASE read MY side FIRST before you read Oleander's side.

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Like always life gets in the way so I found myself struggling to finish but I decided something is better than nothing

Critiques & Comments
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# 7   Posted: Aug 19 2022, 09:38 AM
This was a fun read, I enjoyed that Cab added in some backstory for Oleander! And Lord Drakkon, I’m sorry you ran out of time but I really enjoy your comics and I hope you make more soon!

# 6   Posted: Aug 18 2022, 08:42 AM
This was a pretty good read, as others commented, was super interesting seeing the battle used to tell a 2 story part. Pretty smart tbh. Liked a lot the fighting scenes.

# 5   Posted: Aug 18 2022, 12:15 AM
I didn't expect Oleander to be tied to the distant past of Void comics, so that was interesting and unexpected to see play out. Sorry that you didn't do as much of what you wanted to Drakkon but hopefully this invigorated your spirits.

# 4   Posted: Aug 17 2022, 08:42 PM
Cab-I was thoroughly engaged and entertained by your visuals and storytelling. Great work!
LD- Maybe consider using a comic scans font so its easier to read, the writing is kind of blurry like the art work.

# 3   Posted: Aug 16 2022, 09:32 PM
I thought the way the battle was presented was clever, though I've always found it hard to rate these sorts of battles accurately since no one is really "winning," and the story is split into the two sides. Because it was all the same story, I've rated the entertainment and creativity the same for both sides.

I really liked the cage fighting in yours Cab. Thank you for including my character, though her personality was portrayed a little out of character. I'm always impressed by how much you can get done in your comics. Lord Drakkon, your anatomy is getting a lot better, and your layouts are nice! I would recommend using a ruler if you continue doing art traditionally, it really helps make the panels look 'cleaner.'

Nice job to both of you, though!

Community Manager
# 2   Posted: Aug 16 2022, 12:38 PM
I love the idea of using a battle to tell a 3 act story.

Cab- I found this pretty entertaining! I could tell you had fun with the writing especially when it comes to dialogue. There were some decent action sequences as well.

LD- I really liked your panelling and page layouts, you've got a great sense of when to do big impactful spreads to push a moment in your story.
A quick presentation fix- buy a more effective rubber and properly clean up your line work. Other than that just keep practising! I look forward to seeing what you make next.

# 1   Posted: Aug 13 2022, 02:06 PM
Had to wait till I got into town to read over and vote.
 Love that you guys turned this battle into a 50 page story.
I love Shaw and Rickter have a rivalry now! Thank you for including mah boi! This was a lot of fun to read.
LD: Be proud you got through this battle! 11 pages is still a really good amount. Some panels were stronger than others. Page 3 panel 3 whether the blur was on purpose or not it really helped add to it. Page 5 last panel, really choice eye close up!
Your quality stays pretty consistent through the battle. Near the end it could use a bit of cleaning up, but otherwise the action reads fine.
Always gotta respect someone that works in traditional! Congrats you guys on a wonderful battle!

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