Roommates Round 1 / Tix Thundersong and Kit and Jade vs. Saal and Mythra Cosmos

Roommates Round 1 — Tix Thundersong and Kit and Jade vs. Saal and Mythra Cosmos

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Icon for Tix ThundersongIcon for Kit and Jade46.4%
375 points
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Crit level: No critique desired, comments encouraged
writing, sketches: Brabbit
inks, colors, shading (pages 1-4): Heavenbat

tags: action, adventure, collab, kit and jade, mythra cosmos, saal darkmalice, tix thundersong

by Footini and Selevan

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Crit level: No preference
Script/inks pgs 1-8- Selevan
thumbs/pencils/inks pgs 9-11/lettering-Footini
tags: kit and jade, mythra cosmos, rats rats, roommates, saal, tix thundersong, we're the rats

Critiques & Comments
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# 7   Posted: Jun 4 2022, 03:38 PM
I guess I didn't comment on any of the roommater.
Brabit and heavenbat. This was still really cute. I loved the humor.

Footini and Selevan you guys did a fanatstic job on this comic! Nice colors, fun humor!.

# 6   Posted: May 31 2022, 10:10 PM
These were very fun! I won't parrot what the others have said before, so here it goes

The pencils were very clear and the character interactions were super sweet! the shading was great in making emphasis on certian situations, great job all around!

I love Saal and Mythra as housemates, kind of a match made in heaven! I liked the elimination process on who gets the part, tho sometimes I get lost in the action- nice dialogue and ending! Specially liked how each character had an assigned color, it's a very tasteful way to save time, I think

# 5   Posted: May 30 2022, 05:32 PM
aaaaaaaaaaaaa so many cute characters.

# 4   Posted: May 26 2022, 10:54 AM
bat and brabbit: that's a nice color pallet you chose for the first few pages! I def think it's wise to establish why the characters are living together and give them a little argument: a couple other teams did the same thing and it does tend to draw us in, well! good luck to you both~!

foot and sel: didn't notice it till Juulz pointed it out, but indeed, pages 1-4 are very strong, then after that they get more flattened. a few of the frames with the flower battle stand back out again, though, so I honestly didn't think it was a big deal. y'all tackled a lot of story beats for just 2 weeks 11 pages. but the simple concept (Saal picking a new apprentice and why they chose Mythra) reads so well. you guys' styles of art clearly mesh so well and your characters have great chemistry as well as a reason to stick together! Can't wait to see what adventures they get up to, next!

also: ShowHide
  footini, please dont critique my critiques in voice chat or I won't feel comfortable giving you any comments at all, which won't be fair to anyone you collab with in the future. thanks for your feedback on my team's comic in vc the other night, though, I appreciate it. would be nice to have a record of it under the comic.

# 3   Posted: May 24 2022, 06:00 AM
Heaven and Brabbit: Uh holy crap this is aggressively cute, it should not be legal but somehow it is. I was very entertained by this and you even progressed Saals personal story arc in an ominous way without compromising on your more lighthearted and cutesy tone. Wowie.

Foot and Sel: This comic is eye candy, you pooled your combined strengths and made something visually special together. Team up more often, that's an order. I liked all the bits with spell casting and discussion of magical stuff the most.

# 2   Posted: May 24 2022, 04:38 AM
You both started really strong but lost steam.. either way they were both a good read.
Heaven/Brabbit- Started out strong with all of the character depth going to  Kit and Jade, where the rest of the characters feel thrown in and disjointed. Regardless the sketches are beautiful and every character had so much love put into them.

Footini/ Sel- Very strong first page, I was shaken, but then as I kept reading the lines became looser and the anatomy of characters became a little broken and awkward. The first panel of page two the characters are super off the plane, perspective is thrown away. The story was cute, Mythra going ham was a treasure, and the composition I found to be masterfully arranged!

# 1   Posted: May 21 2022, 09:49 AM
THis is going to be one hell of a gardening episode

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Type: Tournament Match
Drawing Time: 2 weeks
Ended: May 31st, 2022
Votes Cast: 19
Page Views: 456
Winners: Footini and Selevan

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