Speed Dating 2022, Final Round / Gwen & Regi vs. Bones

Speed Dating 2022, Final Round — Gwen & Regi vs. Bones

by Gregly

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This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Lady Jade
# 8   Posted: Mar 13 2022, 09:36 PM
Gregly: ShowHide
Squealing at Tiny Rejji! All of these Old Gwen comics have been spectacular. I love her whole mystical vibe she's got going on, and this FUCKING CLIFFHANGER is killing me! We better get an epilogue or follow-up or SOMETHING!!! Great job on this tournament, and I can't wait for what's next!

Fluff: ShowHide
This comic is so REAL. I can just feel that dread that comes from casually bumping into an old acquaintance, only to find out terrible news that you had no idea to expect! Fun and cute little comic! ALSO GET SOME FUCKING REST YOU DESERVE IT!!!

# 7   Posted: Mar 13 2022, 03:01 PM
Gregly: I continue to be a huge fan of Old Gwen and am very sad we didn't get matched up because the sass levels would have been off the charts. I really gotta commend you for giving these two an actually intriguing amount of common ground, and I loved the alternate fates thing--when Gwen first said Bones would have a choice coming up, I thought it was something big and vital, and then the waiter popped up with the red vs white wine question and I was like "lmao oh maybe it was Gwen being goofy" but then I decided that probably wasn't the case and it was just a coincidence, but THEN you pulled the rug out from under me and went "a-HA, it WAS the wine choice!!!" which tbh delighted me. I love when stories pull that double switcheroo like that. I think my biggest crit would be that it felt like Gwen flip-flopped on her stance on necromancy too much; there's twice where she comments that what he's doing is wrong but then immediately goes on to say something along the lines of 'but I respect ur abilities'--which isn't bad, it's mostly just that it feels repetitive. She can respect his powers despite what he's doing all she wants, it just probably didn't need to be brought up twice, if that makes sense? On a more positive note, though, I love the smoke effects you used to fill in the background and give it visual interest despite having being relatively sparse otherwise!! Really smart use of bg space tbh.

Fluffs: God dAMN you came right for my heart with that second page, good lord. I LOVE the three-panel sequence in the middle of page 1, Bone's expressions and gestures are so good XD And I love how you gave Gwen and Bones history, as a way to reveal more about Bones. Truly did not expect to be feeling sorry for Bones but here I am, feeling sorry for him :( Crit-wise, I think maybe a bit of spot blacks or some rough shading (or even maybe just some gray tones tossed in? like maybe as the background color to make the characters pop out a bit more) would have really given things dimension and brought things to an even higher level. Your lineart is so smooth and crisp tho that everything was still perfectly readable :3

Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Mar 10 2022, 04:34 PM
Excellent comics!

GREGLY- I don't know if you deliberately tried to emulate a 2000s webcomic aesthetic with how pixelated the linework was, but I found it oddly charming.  I would have preferred a different font choice other than what looks like a default selection, but the comic still reads quite well.

FLUFF- Damn, Bones is going through it, and the dialog really helps illustrate some things about this character I wouldn't have picked up from his previous comics--especially that implication that he's immortal or ageless to a degree.  I want to see more of his guy's baggage, and I hope it comes.

# 5   Posted: Mar 10 2022, 06:49 AM
Great job you two! The writing felt very natural in both, and the way they talked to each other successfully communicated that despite their appearances, they are both very old, and they have a history.

Gregly: Love the twist ending! I like that you didn't over-explain what was happening to the audience. This ending was a little mysterious, and made me question whether or not the characters were aware of this timeline split / alternate reality. If not, it opens the larger plot of your work up to a lot of multiple universe play, and that's very exciting. Either way, you've introduced an interesting concept while keeping the characters feeling natural. Great work!

Fluff: I loooove that opening! The way he responds to Gwen's orders is both adorable and relatable. It makes me think of times I've been emotionally murdered and got snapped out of it by an angry boss or a manager, just to fall back into it later. Very human, I like it a lot!

# 4   Posted: Mar 9 2022, 12:19 AM
Gegly this is awesome! I really like the twist of fate with the different choices!
I'm glad these two got matched up for  the final round

# 3   Posted: Mar 8 2022, 08:28 PM
well fuck me.

Bones has.. a SOUL? they warned me this would make me feel but if i had gone in blind i might have cried. this is a lot of lore for just two pages, Fluff.

gregly! thanks for the kurdis cameo
I'm not sure what the deal with the wine was about. did gwen know the outcomes of both universes? did the wine choice have anything to do with those outcomes? HMM? >:Tc HM

# 2   Posted: Mar 6 2022, 03:09 AM
Gregly: Wow did not see that one coming!! The 3rd pages really through me for a moment but it was hella clever 👌 colors and linear are so super tight and finished, I remember when your work used to be sketchier. Regi so damn funny I love that concept. Great jobbu.

Fluff: this was so sweet, I wish he would give the old lady a chance though xD maybe she's looking for love??

# 1   Posted: Feb 26 2022, 11:06 AM
god im so stoked so see what deep secret gwen has to reveal about this absolute hatoful boyfriendu oc of a man. ( i know he's not really a Pidgeon just go with it)

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