Speed Dating 2022, Final Round / JaJa vs. Nyasuu

Speed Dating 2022, Final Round — JaJa vs. Nyasuu

by Footini

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by Julz

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# 8   Posted: Mar 13 2022, 10:02 PM
Footini: Amazing work man!! The visual gags had me laughing and the way they speak is so natural. This a gorgeous comic with beautiful color palettes and tons of polish. The movement from panel to panel felt exactly right, the mood felt perfect in every panel, and it flowed seamlessly and naturally. I love how it ends too, this is a really beautiful story drawn beautifully.

Julz: Whoa with that ending! XD Took me by surprise! I really like the cutting the credit card and crying part, that was super funny.  I also love the way you drew Jaja, the long from legs look super sleek! Also really great color palettes! You made them look super natural and super stylized, and that's some witchcraft! Awesome work!

Lady Jade
# 7   Posted: Mar 13 2022, 08:26 PM
Footini: ShowHide
Wow, it really was the friends we made along the way after all!

The way you ended both this comic and the whole tournament was really sweet, and meant a lot to me, both because it's my girl Tiffany and also because having good friends is such an important theme to me! Jaja's whole journey through this tournament has been really interesting, and exposed a lot of vulnerability that I didn't really expect from her badass exterior! Makes me really interested to see where she goes next! :3

Julz: ShowHide
SIZE DIFFERENCE VERY GOOD 😳 Also thanks for the lil cameo!

What a twist! I did not see that ending coming at all! I love how you've managed to make this tournament both sexy AND focused on a specific drama going on in Nyasuu's heart atm. I really love how fun your art is. It feels so expressive, adapting to the needs of each panel to be either more realistic or more cartoony depending on what you're trying to communicate. Everything is pretty, with excellent color choices, and Nyasuu is just a cutie in general. I can't believe you left us with such a big cliffhanger though!

(Sorry my crit isn't more in-depth; I've had a busy week and a rough day so I'm just trying to do what I can! 💖)

# 6   Posted: Mar 11 2022, 06:55 PM
Footini: Ay, you fixed the white pixels thing! Just that little detail really brings the comics up to a whole nother level of polish.You really swung for the fences with the back-and-forth nature of the panels and dialogue, interposing past and present on one another, and I think you pulled it off really well! I think the only point where it started to get a little confusing was right at the end of the story, when Jaja starts lying? about what happened. And I think the reason this threw me for a loop is that, up until this point, Jaja has been an exceedingly reliable narrator, so the reader has been led to believe that whatever Jaja says must be what really happened--so, honestly, on my first read, I was more inclined to believe Jaja's words than what you showed in the panels. I think the other reason it didn't quite work is that it doesn't really feel like there's a *reason* for her to lie like this? I mean, I guess I can kinda see her lying about herself being the one to leave instead of being left, because it makes her come across as the one who took initiative rather than being left. But I'm not sure why she would lie about getting a text from Nyasuu? Especially one that seemed positive?
All that aside, you did a great job at conveying Jaja's feeling of loneliness and lowkey desperation, and I LOVED the ending with Tiffany. such a good friend aaaaaa

Julz: Your art is so cuuuuuute :D And the colors are so pleasing, especially on page 3. Also I love how you draw werewolf form Jaja!
Story-wise, there were parts that felt a tad rushed, ye, but at least in the first part the rush felt intentional--like, it's rushed because Nyasuu is rushed after having seen Miller mysteriously alive again. Side note, I love the idea of her just fuckin yeeting off to the woods and cutting up Miller's credit card in the process XD The only other part where I felt like the pacing was off was right at the end--because the panel where Nyasuu yells at Tiga is focused instead on Jaja, we don't get to see how Nyasuu's actually reacting here, and it feels really sudden and out of nowhere. When I first read through, it kind of threw me off because I didn't get that Nyasuu had figured out so quickly that it was Tiga's fault, so I thought she was just yelling at Tiga out of nowhere. I think this could've been fixed by adding just a quick little panel or two showing Nyasuu connecting the dots before realizing Tiga was to blame?
I'll end this by saying your humor was on point this whole comic XD the panel where Jaja realizes Nyasuu doesn't know she's pregnant was so, so good, and then that last panel with Jaja just noping out was excellent >XD

# 5   Posted: Mar 9 2022, 12:36 AM
These were both fantastic!
Footini been stepping up his game and going hard!It really shows!

Julz you drew Jaja so cute. I'm not great at critiques but I enjoyed the twist a lot

# 4   Posted: Mar 8 2022, 06:59 AM
Awesome colors Footini!

# 3   Posted: Mar 7 2022, 08:55 PM
Spoiler: ShowHide

I know i talked to you on the VC for like hot second Julz, but here i shall make testament.
COLORrrss. so pretty. and Tiga's faace in the second to last panel. the faces are esp. cute, esp. Jaja's little puppy lips when she's human. very nice drawings all around. nice environments. I think it's a staple of your comic style to do this sort of story-book layout: no hard upshots, hard down shots, always keeping the subject's torsos plainly in shot. It would be interesting to see you experiment with more extreme close-ups for emotional shots esp. you gave one to Jaja when she didn't know if she should tell Nyasuu, but wasn't the biggest important part either the reveal itself OR Nyasuu's reaction to it? we don't really see her response. but Tiga's little guilty face helps sell it. out there, skanking it up with sea cucumbers. I really like the attention to pay to food- helping us imagine more sensory details than just visual is something useful we learn in school and forget a lot. I'd very much like to lay in the cool soft grass, eating campfire veggies and cuddling with a cute girl such as this.

I think you could have paced yourself some by doing the restaurant scene as a BB in the interim week before the actual battle began, but I also know people tend not to back-read.  I'm learning a lot about comics, but it's all stuff i just learned like actually two days ago: but basically. you have to tell the audience the things 3 times: you tell us that miller is alive and this is upsetting, and you tell us Nyasuu is preggo. but what is the relationship between these two ideas? what is the commonality between this battle and the previous two O3O (miller is not the father?)(hehehe)

i'm so pleased with the character direction of Tiga and Nyasuu. not least of all because I feel like i had something to do with it. Nyasuu gaining sexual agency and testing it out, Tiga just being in need of some understanding/humanization. it's all coming together! it feels like Nyasuu is going through a soft reboot, but in such an organic way! I'm really excited to see where things are going with this (and? maybe be in on it again?)

Footon 3000: we once again have direct evidence that the most important part of comics isn't anatomy or drawing skill (though you've really pushed yourself hard in these last battles and should be proud) but story. and you use your toolbelt well to describe key themes and emotions. the way you chose which panels to be soft and which to have energy, when to do a close up and when to do a wide shot: these are subtle ways to tell a story in a comic. you're mastering the art of the emotion-driven story. i'm so impressed you took the same story through not just the tourney proper, but took up a extra one (the ghost battle) just to add a little more to your plot. its like if finding nemo was a cautionary tale and each adventure the fish go through is a speed date.  this one is definitely your opus. I'm really interested to see which characters get to use your abilities . oh and the color pallet [chef's kiss]

I am uncertain why
- nyasuu batmanned jaja
- but also texted her
- but also jaja lies about it

i would say also at this point, as a characterization thing, Nyasuu isn't introspective enough to tell a partner something is just a one night stand. but, she's going through a lot of character arc right now, so maybe she'll get to keep this level of maturity for next time? and for the story beats, we do need to be told 3 times that this was a one night stand. so it makes sense to have Nyassu say as much up front.

good jobs you guys. and good luck. I salute you.

# 2   Posted: Mar 6 2022, 12:47 PM
Crits appreciated

# 1   Posted: Feb 26 2022, 12:17 PM
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