Speed Dating 2022, Final Round / Wendigo vs. Beo

Speed Dating 2022, Final Round — Wendigo vs. Beo

by kubo

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just some swearing
sadly the whole story was a lil too long for a week! keep an eye out for more?
tags: beo, speed date 2022, wendigo

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# 6   Posted: Mar 13 2022, 02:49 PM
kubo: ShowHide
This was such a cute and silly romp. The three rats in a trench coat made me cackle irl. Love how much personality you put into this story, from the two little gremlins forming the main cast to the silliness of their shenanigans. I enjoyed your comics throughout this tournament, and am so ready for more Wendigo in the future!!!

Lucky: ShowHide
Damn, just as it was getting good. Love that you're taking advantage of Wendigo's dreamwalking abilities to bring us into Beo's mental landscape. Definitely hyped for more!!!

Global Moderator
# 5   Posted: Mar 10 2022, 09:14 PM
Kubo: Well, huh. That certainly wasn't an angle I was expecting to see! I admit I was looking forward to seeing Wendigo and Beo themselves a bit more, but at the same time I've been kinda wanting more insight into the little homonculi, so this was a nice lil treat hehe. I love the way you drew all these critters, and the three dead rats in a trenchcoat had me giggling XD I think the biggest crit is as Gregly pointed out, there's a couple instances of camera angle confusion with the homonculus and Fragment seemingly going in the wrong directions down the alley, and then when Lup was reacting to Fragment's eyes bleeding it took me a minute to realize that's what he was reacting to because at first I thought he was still looking across the street at the trench-rats.

Nothin: I love the way you draw Wendigo omg. Actually I love the way you draw people in general, you have such a distinct style! And, man, Beo's dream is so relatable :( feeling like everyone hates you and not really knowing why--but I'm really glad that things seem to be looking up towards the end? Hopefully we see the conclusion to this and hopefully Beo's brain really does start being nicer to him :( It's a bit hard to crit when it's technically unfinished, though I will reiterate that I do very much like where things are going hehe

# 4   Posted: Mar 10 2022, 07:56 AM
Lucky: "I think everyone here has a reason to hate me" is a perfect line. This comic captures the feeling of being depressed and holed up in my apartment, feeling like reaching out to people is pointless because everyone is sick of me. Or being at work and being afraid of talking to people because you feel like you have nothing of value to say, and even if you did, it wouldn't matter because it came from you. I love this part of the comic because it shows his own brain being very mean to him. It's very cathartic to see this in your comic, and it's satisfying that you don't provide a neat solution for it, because it doesn't work that way. Feels like waiting for the universe to convince you that it isn't real, and hoping it doesn't take too long. I'm happy that Beo has someone to help him through this.

(Granted , I might be missing the point and lacking context, but this is how I read it!)

Kubo: I love the sarcasm from Lup! Was getting Sebastian from Sabrina the Teenage Witch vibes! This was really playful and fun, and reminded me of a playdate between two pets. I like the look at the end too, like theres much more to the "protecter" title than Lup realizes.

# 3   Posted: Mar 9 2022, 05:40 AM
Kubo- Cool idea focusing on their little furry friends instead of the 'proper' characters- wendigo probably would have tried to bite him if they had met for real. The disease-y rats in a trenchcoat look great. I have one 180degree critique, we see Lup look left down the alley at wendigo and fragment looking right, but on the next page lup goes right and fragment goes left so i thought at first they were going to each others' masters... but that's just nitpicky. That they both looked back at each other is cute and a great ending to this.

Nothin- The establishing shot up top is really beautiful with your soft lines and the blotchy patches of light. I love the way you draw Beo and I hope we can see what you had planned soon. The dream panels with the curvy borders and the little inset of Beo's eyes darting really telegraphs his discomfort here- great work!

# 2   Posted: Mar 8 2022, 08:45 PM
this is SUCH a creative idea, Kubo! You didn't have to do much to make me sorta wanna ship these two magical side kick pets. I don't think Figment has ever gotten its own story before, so this is super cute for any Beo fans out there. very clever way to make sure you depict Beo correctly too. XD

LuckY: you always bite off so much! liked how sassy you have Windigo. I'm keeping an eye out for more. take your time, this lil contest was a bit grueling @_@ I

# 1   Posted: Mar 6 2022, 08:43 AM
Kubo: much different angle than expected and I'm really impressed! Excellent work, colors, pacing, and emotional appeal! Such a sweet ending too!

Nothin: this was so cuuute!! Really vibes with me dunno why but wow so many character cameos!! Wish it was a little cleaner, but I understand it was hard to find traction this round. I want moooore!!!

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