Speed Dating 2022, Round 1 / Wendigo vs. Avie Lanche

Speed Dating 2022, Round 1 — Wendigo vs. Avie Lanche

by kubo

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# 10   Posted: Mar 18 2022, 11:37 PM
Kubo - This slapped extremely hard. The imagery was great, especially love page 3 and wendigo simply taking off Avie’s fur to wear as a coat. Quality is amazing for a week. I do wonder what this has to do with dating though.

Pita - Saving your crit for the finale!

Web Dev
# 9   Posted: Feb 9 2022, 10:48 AM
lowercase kubo: ShowHide
First off, I lovingly call you a coward for not shipping Avie in her beast form (lovingly).

But for reals, beautiful comic omg. I'm intimidated 😆 I haven't kept up with Wendigo's lore, so I'm excited to go back and read his backlog before we fight! I like his attitude here; the grumpy mentor type is excellent. I don't even know what to say other than I enjoyed this a lot!

Pita: ShowHide
I think I've done myself a disservice by not reading Wendigo's backlog prior to this, because I think there's some context I'm missing, but this was still a nice read! I love how you wrote Avie; she's so bossy and demanding, and perfectly justified in her right. Her blasting that gross smelly thing was a highlight for me. Love how you draw her as well. Makes me want to give her pets 🥺

I guess my only gripe with this is that it felt like Wendigo didn't have a ton of personality? Like he seemed pretty complacent for the most part. Maybe that's also something I missed by not reading his backlog. I just expected more conflict, I guess.

Overall, my feeling on this is that it's a really pretty comic, I love your style, it looks very polished, I'm not even gonna dock any points for your "I'm tired hhhh" panel because I thought it was funny and cute, and I can't wait to get my ass kicked sometime in the next two rounds XD

# 8   Posted: Feb 9 2022, 07:24 AM
kubo- Amazing...I really have no words to describe how impressed I am by your output in such a short time. Art and writing are stellar. I kept looking at the sidebar to check if this was really all done in one week.

Pita - as others already said, don't be so hard on yourself. You also made a good comic with colors and everything to boot. Wendigo looks good in your style and the Avie homunculus is so darn adorable!

Global Moderator
# 7   Posted: Feb 6 2022, 04:53 PM
Kubo: Holy hell this is. I'm. Wow???? I am both jealous I didn't get to go against you and also glad because you would have decimated me. Good lord. Everything is so gorgeous, and the SYMBOLISM, just -chef's kiss-. I was really curious how you were gonna make Wendigo at all appealing in a shipping sense but you have soundly answered that question. I want the King in Gold to dance with me and give me a magical laser sword with which to fight my demons. ok I'm getting off track UHHHH honestly my only critique is p minor? The second to last panel of page 9, with Wendigo running and the cape flowing, ends up kind of looking like he's turning into a cherry blossom tree instead of running. I did have to kind of squint at it for a few seconds before figuring out what was actually going on, lol. I understand you were probably going for a very Anime-esque pose, but I think it would've benefitted from a slightly different angle or something? But, I mean. That's one panel out of many, so. Excellent job my man

Pita: Don't be so hard on yourself, the art is just fine! I love the way you draw Avie, she's so floofy hehe. And for a comic with such few words being spoken, you still convey the story really well imo! It's a surprisingly quiet little moment between these two, despite being largely them not getting along great XD I do think, however, that Avie's reaction of getting super pissed and attempting to roast the rag felt like a bit of an overreaction, but at the same time, I realize the reason you did that was so Avie could show off her powers and therefore get Wendigo interested in chompin her. and tbh I don't think I have a good alternate suggestion, so, y'know, it is what it is. Sometimes you gotta break character just a little to make the story go where you want it.

# 6   Posted: Feb 5 2022, 06:50 PM
Loved both rounds! The little Avie Munculus is so cute.

This battle legit had me go out and start watching Utena!

# 5   Posted: Feb 3 2022, 09:37 AM
These were both wonderful, great job!

# 4   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 11:22 AM
Damn, Kubo. slamming it out of the park and raising the bar for all of us, as usual. I love how you gave Avie floppy luck dragon ears so much. and that pelt is so cozy. here we learn that actually , Windigo DOES know how to wear a coat. he just refuses to contribute to capitalism. must hunt the coat from the wild, but also refuses to contribute to the depletion of earth's natural resources. coats must be taken from the dream plain from other consenting adults with extra hair. I really wonder how much Avie has been freed by the events of this comic? will this badassery stick?
Jealous bitch voice: don't you have enough cool swords and utena references yet, come on, man. >:,(

Pita: I love that you chose Avie for this tournament, getting to see her when I've never seen her before is a real treat. I like how you draw her. I'm not sure what the stinky rag is but I thought for sure she was going to have to fight windigo. I guess this was just to show Windigo a reason why he should take a bite of her and have another 'kitten.' this is a windigo who truly should not be slept near.
I'm eager to see if you'll adopt anything from your opponent's side for next round: the floppy luck dragon ears, maybe. and to see if Windigo gets to keep his actual new kitten in future comics? of course he does why not.

# 3   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 10:16 AM
Pita! Great comic! Don't stress too much. I loved it! That stroke that Wendigo gives Avie is just too spicy! XD I always struggle with writing Wendigo standing still so it was real nice seeing someone else take a crack at it.

Kubo:  you killed it. Amazing quality and story was wholesome af. I might be bias because normal avie naked body make me happy and so creative using her fur in that way. Wish it could have been longer but it got the point across. Made me want to use her more!! Boo it was all a dream waaah.
Quote from: Julz

The King in Gold travels through dreams so this doesn't need to be the only time they bump into each other ;) I really love Avie and desperately hope you do more comics with her.

# 2   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 07:00 AM
Holy cow both of these blew my mind.  Uh uh uh

Kubo:  you killed it. Amazing quality and story was wholesome af. I might be bias because normal avie naked body make me happy and so creative using her fur in that way. Wish it could have been longer but it got the point across. Made me want to use her more!! Boo it was all a dream waaah.
Pita:wowowow you crushed it. I loved the end I didnt see that one coming. I hope it sticks around?? Seemed like avie got defensive really easily, must have really wanted a tussle ;)
Loved both of these so so much.

Pita (Slowly getting back into it)
Approval Committee
# 1   Posted: Feb 1 2022, 09:08 PM
OK listen, my entry looks like ASS, but I hope I got some cool ideas in this.  Thanks for the battle, Kubo!  I'll do better in the rematch.

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