Speed Dating 2022, Round 1 / Ancelin vs. Beo

Speed Dating 2022, Round 1 / Ancelin vs. Beo

Speed Dating 2022, Round 1 — Ancelin vs. Beo

by Jade★

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# 8   Posted: Feb 9 2022, 05:38 PM
Jade, this was SO CUTE, you're really killing it with these lately. Lucky, I ADORE how you drew Ancelin!! Your first page was so cute and funny. Great job both sides!!

# 7   Posted: Feb 7 2022, 06:58 AM
Wow I love both comics! Ancelin's workaholic nature staying true on both sides hahaha. I love that.  And Beo's too damn adorable. WTF

Jade - SUPER CUTE! uggghh your chibi style is so good. I find it extremely clever that you got them both to go with chaperones. I was at the edge of my seat when Beo revealed they're a meta (I was anticipating some Phoenx Coalition stuff lmao)  then you hit us with the 4th wall. I mcfuckin lost it lol

Lucky - Those mini interactions with other speed daters are so good. You got great delivery as well. When I saw the thumbnails I thought they weren't super finished but upon reading I realized how everything worked well together too. Always admired your clean lines and inks. The way you do expressions is also very impressive.

# 6   Posted: Feb 7 2022, 03:45 AM
Nothin- Your art really is fantastic, I love the style and expressions- This might sound odd, but I found myself looking at how you drew hands a lot (probably because I am infamously bad at drawing them) From Beo nervously fiddling with his glass to Ancelin's elegant, confident gestures, for me, they emphasise emotions and personality really well. This was a delightful comic, it made me want to read more Beo comics.

Jade- I wasn't sure if the meta jokes/ discord spillover would filter into your battles but here we are, and I'm totally ok with it.  I hope you push it further!!
As usual, your art is cute as hell, It's also impressive to see 3 fully coloured fun pages produced in a week.

# 5   Posted: Feb 6 2022, 04:32 PM
Jade: omg Ancelin never change. I love her outfit in this, it's so prettyyyyy :D and I feel like you've really hit your stride with this art style, which is really fitting for these shorter comics with shorter timeframes. It's cute, the sketchy style works, and it lends a sort of fun whimsy to the events of the comic. I don't get why Gwen has become a ghost? but y'know what, I like it because boy Ancelin does need someone to rein her in lmao. Though that said, on the last page, I *did* read the bubbles out of order, accidentally reading Gwen smacking Ancelin before I got to the "and add me to your hitlist" part--which I think is largely because, flow-wise, the eye goes straight from the big text bubble down to the next item of interest, directly below it, which is Gwen smacking Ancelin. This could've probably been fixed by just a bit of rearrangement, like maybe bumping the Gwen panel down a little and putting the hitlist bubble above it?

Nothin: Your lines are so TASTY. Crisp and bold, and the places where you use spot blacks and grays make it so I don't even really find myself wishing there was color? which is saying something because I love color lol. Love the setup with Beo just striking out four times in a row, excellent. And then Ancelin's introduction is excellent as well--and of course, the punchline was great as well. Got a good giggle out of me XD Perhaps a bit more time could've been spent on the setup/establishment of the events, BUT, honestly, I think it was kind of a smart use of time to forgo that and jump straight to the action--since, due to the nature of the tournament, the reader can kind of imply what's going on. I think my only real critique is that on page 2 I'm not sure what that fluffy thing to our right of Beo is supposed to be? at first I thought it was his hair but then by the last panel it's way too far down to be hair, and it doesn't show up on the previous or the next pages, so I'm just like. is the chair fluffy? Tbh this is probably a minor nitpick but it did distract me for a solid five minutes as I tried to figure out what it was, so. XD

# 4   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 12:40 PM
these were so sweet, in a funky way, guys.

Jade giving Cornelius some space was my fave

and then Kurdis cameo in Beo's side. SO THEY HAVE MET! it is written.

A+ recycling jokes from the discord servers guys XD that's what we do it for

# 3   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 08:59 AM
These were both so dang funny. Jade, your jokes SLAP

# 2   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 07:07 AM
These were both so good, I loved them!

# 1   Posted: Jan 25 2022, 05:15 PM

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