Speed Dating 2022, Round 1 / Cyrus Crestwood vs. Gwen & Regi

Speed Dating 2022, Round 1 — Cyrus Crestwood vs. Gwen & Regi

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by Gregly

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# 10   Posted: Feb 9 2022, 02:59 PM
BUGGY- You draw so cute! Cyrus is so handsome O_o Now get out there, boy, or Gwen will make you pay lol

GREGLY OLD GWEN IS WONDERFUL OMG. I love her vague, spooky fortunetelling, the way the wine became blood, and obviously the punchline at the end XD cant wait for more during the other rounds!

# 9   Posted: Feb 9 2022, 08:35 AM
Buggly: ShowHide
I love your style, it's so pretty and soft and kind. Old Gwen looks so sweet and lovely 😭 It would have been nice if you'd had a little more time to color, but this was still a really cute comic. LOVE the idea of using different kinds of love as a theme for this tournament. I can't wait to see what you do with the next two rounds!!!

Greggly: ShowHide
LOVED THIS! Your humor is always on point, and this comic is no exception! Also love the colors you used; they stay the same, but somehow feel different as the context changes. They start off feeling like warm lighting, perfect for a date, and turn into the colors of danger! The only thing I was mildly disappointed by was the speech bubbles. I miss your handwritten dialogue, and if you don't have time for it, I'd recommend creating a font based on your handwriting. You can use calligraphr, although the free version limits the number of characters you can use. I think it's worth it to pay for a month and then make a few fonts (I just download the template, write a regular weight font, then trace over it with different brush sizes to create a bolder font, etc.). Regardless, it's a great comic, and I'm so hyped for your next two rounds!!!

# 8   Posted: Feb 7 2022, 03:34 AM
Gregly- I could sing your praises all day- still one of my favourite art styles on the sight, it was so lovely to see your pages full coloured and polished! The page layouts were fantastic and flowed really well with the dialogue. That first page with the spilt wine had me taking notes.
Ageing up Gwen really is a stroke of genius, that I don't think many people could have predicted. I love how you capture the confidence and sass that a lot of older women have.

Buggy- A very cosy comic! Art wise I love how soft and smooth your line art is, Gwen's smile on page 2 radiates such warmth! I want to share a pot of tea with her. ;_;
I also second the chibi appreciation, that's a top-notch chibi style.

# 7   Posted: Feb 5 2022, 07:12 PM
These were cute! Can't wait for a chance at you two!

# 6   Posted: Feb 3 2022, 04:29 PM
Buggy: Your lines are really tasty looking in this hehe, and I love the lil chibis at the end. so cute :3 t'was a cute little interaction as well!

Gregly: GOD I love Old Gwen so much. just her being a kooky old woman. I loved the setup of the spell, and the really cool visual of the wine flowing like blood into the panel of Crestwood surrounded by flames. It's v visually appealing! and then the whole last page with the dramatic poof to nowhere and then "it's a no from me" was GOLD. love it.

# 5   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 10:40 AM
'it's gonna be a no for me' hjahaha that's so sweet XD
giving him a little nugget of development for his troubbies. i'd date her.

and cyrus having gwen as a roomate? to set up the rest of the tourney, her giving him a reason to get out more. very clever.

both of these were very sweet. good job, guys.

# 4   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 07:22 AM
LOL pay rent or go on a date. That's an easy choice. Last part made me laugh Buggy.

Gregly -  Gwen is savage is AF. Love her attitude and humor. This old lady version is really charming her way to all of our hearts as much as the young one. I hope  Crestwood finds the answers to his past...but not from Gwen apparently lol

# 3   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 07:10 AM
These were both so cute and fun, I really enjoyed them. 🙂

# 2   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 04:10 AM
Great job you guys!!! Y’all did amazing!!!

# 1   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 03:54 AM
Aww buggy pumpkin thats an interesting take on old Gwen, so precious!
Greg: wow so witchy so mystical I love it! Joke at the end HIT

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