VCV: Date Like the Wind / Crikey Dile and Black Swan

VCV: Date Like the Wind — Crikey Dile and Black Swan

by Goldie and JCee

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right before the start of Speed Date!
tags: black swan, crikey dile, speed date, vcv, void city valkyries

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# 9   Posted: Feb 2 2022, 04:57 PM
The backgrounds in this are so prettyyyyyyy aaaaaaah. so are the outfits. and the characters. god you two just make everything so pretty >:U Loved the background interactions too! cute lil moments. I don't really have any critiques, cuz this felt like a good setup for the Speed Date tourney. didn't need to be a big sweeping story or whatever, was just a fun little prologue that did its job of setting things up for the future rounds!

# 8   Posted: Jan 31 2022, 10:32 AM
you guys collaborate so FLAWLESSLY, its gorgeous! These two are so fine they wont have ANY trouble finding a date~ the real question is 'whose GOOD enough for them'? Wish I could fight you both. Looking forward to seeing your rounds!

# 7   Posted: Jan 31 2022, 05:43 AM
Wow, the lighting, the poses, the COLORS! It’s so Gorgeous! Specific poses can really bring out a character and tell a story as well, I’d say you used posing well!! Great job! And it’s only three pages! It’s awesome!! I feel like you told a lot on so little pages! That’s just lovely! Well done!! We all enjoyed it on my end!! ☺️

# 6   Posted: Jan 29 2022, 03:41 PM
Everytime I see the VCVs together I metl a little- I love their interactions!
This was very cute and sweet! The art is amazing too!

# 5   Posted: Jan 29 2022, 11:40 AM
This is beautiful Goldie and JCee!

# 4   Posted: Jan 29 2022, 09:39 AM
How did you guys make such a perfect comic so fast 😱

I love how all of you VCV artists have jumped onto this friend group, and how you portray all of their interactions both as the central plot of your comics and as background flavor. I love seeing them have fun with each other and support each other. Anyone would be lucky to have a friend like Crikey, and these two ladies are gonna kill it on the dating scene! Love the outfits, love the framing of these panels, love how you drew the little speech bubble tail when Crikey is teasing Swan. So fun! And I love the colors you chose for your limited palette. Some of my favorites ☺️

# 3   Posted: Jan 28 2022, 06:34 AM
Crikey and Swan shouldn't be looking for dates yet here we are! Lovely collab put together in such a short time. The VCV hanging out at Crikey's is always such a great thing to see. I miss these girls. Raven kicking ass in video games I guess is canon now (I'd wager it's cos of her dumb luck). Love Xia and Wizzie's reactions :D

That last panel is GORGEOUS and so does Crikey and Swan! LOVE  THE OUTFITS.  I wish both of you the best of luck in the tourney!

# 2   Posted: Jan 27 2022, 04:48 PM
Love seeing the Valkyries hanging out. They're outfits are killer! Perfect hype for speed date!

# 1   Posted: Jan 25 2022, 11:19 AM
I am sufficiently hyped!!

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