Ripple Effects / Charlie Rosenberg and Zhanic Hanalei

Ripple Effects / Charlie Rosenberg and Zhanic Hanalei

Ripple Effects — Charlie Rosenberg and Zhanic Hanalei

by Badger and Heavenbat

This comic has been rated suitable for all ages by its creator(s)

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques
This comic takes place between Retribution: The Sky Falls and the Election Royale. The Sky Falls is recommended reading for context!
Heavenbat- Script, inks, colors pages 7-12
Badger- thumbs, pencils, colors pages 1-6
tags: charlie rosenberg, collab, zhanic hanalei

Critiques & Comments
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Community Manager
# 8   Posted: Jan 20 2022, 07:56 PM
I missed seeing Zhanic and Charlie, so this was an unexpected surprise!

What I appreciate the most about this comic is that Charlie is actively admitting that her workplace is corrupt, and she does the job anyway because it's what she believes to be the right thing.  And Zhanic--baby boy!  I only want good things for him. ;;

# 7   Posted: Jan 20 2022, 09:03 AM
This is a pretty sweet comic!!! I enjoyed the colors and the characters as well!!

# 6   Posted: Jan 18 2022, 06:19 PM
This was super good! The colors were really lovely, I don’t really have any major criticism honestly. Do more collabs!!!

Strawberry Pepper
# 5   Posted: Jan 18 2022, 05:35 PM
I know this is supposed to be something like an 'after math' thing I guess... But it really feels like some solid set up for things to come and call me hooked. XD

liked the feel and consistency as far as I could tell, I didn't feel like two separate artists worked on it, but one person with a solid idea of where they were going.

Great work.

# 4   Posted: Jan 16 2022, 07:06 PM
These pages on really done. nice line work along with color and panel pacing is done really well. It really seemed quite grounded in realism (well as real as you can get in void) and especially with how Modern Law Enforcement has been, it is nice to see that not all cops in Void are corrupt and genuinely want to help folks. This is nice and I really hope to see more of these characters especially with now how the new mayor and her royal decrees

# 3   Posted: Jan 14 2022, 11:34 AM
THIS WAS GREAT YOU GUYS!!! An excellent response to the Sky Falls comic, which creates some nuanced commentary on the role of "good cops" in a corrupt system. I admire Charlie's willingness to accept looking like a bad guy in order to do what she can to protect people who need protecting. And I love how Zhanic becomes an example of how someone can have powers that the average human wouldn't have and still become a victim; you don't have to be weak to be abused. I especially liked that the human supremacists were able to exploit his weakness with the comment about staying to his right. That's such a neat attention to detail, and I feel like it's easy to forget with characters who only have one eye that they'll have a bigger blind spot.

At first, I thought these human supremacists showing up out of nowhere to beat up Zhanic felt cartoonish, but I think ultimately if you had a group like the Proud Boys irl who were empowered by a controlling government leadership, they would probably do exactly this kind of thing. The ways various cops responded to Smile's demands feels unfortunately realistic too, with most of the ones who actually care about protecting people quitting while the ones who delight in power and violence gleefully hold onto whatever power they get. I'm sure there are some like Charlie who would also put themselves at risk from both sides of the conflict because they feel like that's where they can be most useful.

From an art perspective, this felt solid and nice to look at. I love how the sunset goes from an angry orange-red when Zhanic is in danger to a healing pink as Charlie takes him to safety. And the shadows seem to move to cover everyone involved as the human supremacists attack. Everything overall just looked really clean and polished, and I love that! The only thing that kinda stuck out to me was the lettering of the Elder Apothecary. I think it would have looked better if you had at least traced over it by hand so it meshed more with the rest of the art. I'm guessing the font comes from previously established designs of the place, but I'd look at how businesses display their names irl and draw inspiration from the placement, font size and kerning, line spacing, and the 3-dimensional nature of a lot of lettering. Sometimes it's painted on on vinyl clings, but a lot of times you have signs or metal plates or other kinds of lettering/signage that stick out from the wall. All options are valid, and if the way you portrayed it feels right to you, that's cool! Just food for thought in case something else speaks to you, because that's something that I really like paying attention to personally 😊

Awesome work, and I'm always anxious to see more from each of you! Seems like you work really well as a team, so I'd love to see more collab work too :D

# 2   Posted: Jan 14 2022, 09:20 AM
What a pleasant surprise! You guys worked really well together :) When your jobs changed it wasn't too noticeable, thanks to Badger's pencils and a clear visual direction.
I was honestly so excited to see these characters pop up! I found the insight into Charlie's character very interesting, it got me even more invested in her story. The interactions between these two were very sweet, it felt believable.
Also good job on making me feel genuinely bad for Zhanic in that opening scene.

Minor crit for Batty- I think you need to change up your shading technique. Currently, it makes everything look like a similar texture. I found this most noticeable when comparing the hair and skin.
I think messing around with different brushes and just experimenting with your rendering, in general, could be good, or alternatively take a similar approach to Badger, who mimics texture with shapes and blocking. I think Zhanics hair on page 2 panel 2 is a pretty good example of this.

# 1   Posted: Jan 13 2022, 03:52 PM

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