Faster Than Light Tournament, Round 1 / Art Mishra vs. Egg Dealer vs. David Birch

Faster Than Light Tournament, Round 1 — Art Mishra vs. Egg Dealer vs. David Birch

by Flytee

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jarring tone shift ahoy.

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This was the hardest challenge yet for me. But it was fun! :):):):)

by Orion

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tags: art mishra, David Birch, egg dealer

Critiques & Comments
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# 10   Posted: Jan 16 2022, 07:10 PM
you 3 did great with the 24hrs that you had for your rounds and having to include 3 characters which is quite hard. great job you guys

Flytee, your writing is simply astounding and quite smooth with how you managed to fit in everyone and still fits the NDA Verse without going way out there. Great job!

Orion, Great Stylistic choice you went for in this one. these lines had a lot of weight to them and it gave the comic motion

Boodidibzdo, 24hr comics can be rough and I get that, but I still like what I saw and I just wanna say that you did good for the time permitted. Rest my friend you earned it!

# 9   Posted: Jan 12 2022, 10:21 PM
That was an eggsxhilarating 24 hours! Flytee, Orion you did awesome!
I wanted to try this one day match thing for a long time and now I tried it, and it turns out I am a very slow person haha! A 24 hour 3-way, that was an adrenaline rush.
This rare time I try writing a script and trying to carefully plan out everything I realized too late I should have used the stream of consciousness technique! XD
I just got valuable learning exp points out of this one!
People who can do one day battles are amazing.


# 8   Posted: Jan 12 2022, 07:19 PM
24 hrs and you guys did awesome!!

Lady Jade
# 7   Posted: Jan 12 2022, 05:19 PM
Flytee: ShowHide
From the moment this comic starts to the moment it ends, the writing is just perfect. I'm immediately invested in everything going on here, and I'm pretty sure it's not just because I'm involved in NDA stuff haha. Everything flows so naturally, and nothing feels slow or wasted. Everything is either advancing the plot or establishing character—and each of these characters is so lovable and exciting (or horrific and grotesque as the case may be). The tonal shift was the perfect punchline to this comic, showing how the NDA is an eclectic mix of typical office drama and otherworldly threats.

I πŸ‘ HAVE πŸ‘ A πŸ‘ CRUSH πŸ‘ ON πŸ‘ ART

How can you make this man so lovable in literally every way? So unfair πŸ™„

I love the ending. David's expression in the penultimate panel is understated, making his decision ambiguous. He's clearly nervous, but he's not necessarily panicking. He's making a decision, one that we'll have to stay tuned to see. But the important thing is, aside from being a hook for next round, showing that the NDA is not something for the average joe, that it's something only a special kind of person would willingly get involved in. Someone brave, self-confident, or perhaps mildly insane.

AAAAA I just love all your NDA stuff!!! I want to do NDA comics with you, but I feel so inferior in terms of writing, especially writing in the intended genre. You do it so well and I really look forward to everything you make AAAAAA okay I'll stop

Boogi: ShowHide
I wish we had more of this; I'm a fan of your comics and was looking forward to where this was going. Not a lot here to really critique since you ran out of time, so I'll just say I'll be keeping an eye out for the next chapter in Egg Dealer's story!

Orion: ShowHide
Your comic so perfectly captures the visceral experience of encountering Egg Dealer for the first time. Something so strange, so out of place in modern society. A creature beyond our reckoning, his motives furtive, with no telling whether he'll let you go, stamp you out, or irrevocably change you with his eggy powers. The way Art brings in David as a sort of contractor/external expert feels right at home here, and although it's hard to read, your dialogue shows how both Art's and David's expertise is relevant to the situation. No one feels forced in, everyone belongs. And considering the shortness of time, what you did with coloring/lighting was superb! I knew we could count on you!

Strawberry Pepper
# 6   Posted: Jan 12 2022, 12:54 PM
I think this one was the hardest to comment or vote on. The three of you had to deal with a bit more then the rest of us. Trying to keep that in mind as I went through all of this.

Flytee: Of the trio here, your's was by far the most complete.
{edit} while I still stand by my original statement in general, realized it was such a small nitpick that I figured it was not really worth it. Erased for now. Sorry about that.

Boogi: Things just kinda... happened. You set up a possible conflict then just kinda... forget it? And then the comic ends. The heavy quailty drop is understandable given the time limit, but the story just kinda clunks and confuses a bit. The first page did show some promise, but maybe having Art and David maybe finding the egg friend together rather then there be this sense of tension between them might have helped?

Orion: The color helped make some of this comic clear, though I think the two spots where I got stuck most was the text being squished and the sketch lines intersecting them heavily (mostly on the first page), and landing on the eggs on the second page. it took me a few read throughs to catch what was going on. At first I thought they had found eggs that were already hatched or something, but then in the next panel with a wider shot, all the eggs looked fine.

Overall, given the challange set before all of us, and more so you three, I think you each did fairly well with what you had on your plate. Good luck on the next round and in the future. X3

# 5   Posted: Jan 12 2022, 08:53 AM
Flytee: Awesome story, got me super hooked.

Boogi: It's always super fun to see Egg Dealer.

Orion: The last scene gave me the chills! Good work!

# 4   Posted: Jan 11 2022, 09:46 PM
Flytee: looking damn polished for just 24 hours!! And even though it technically ended on a cliffhanger, it still felt like a complete story. V enjoyable hehe. Also Art is lookin fiiiiine :P

Boogi: the first page was looking pretty good! The other pages suffered a bit, though :( still real impressive for only a day! Though it would've been nice to have maybe spent less time polishing that first page and more time giving the story a proper conclusion?

Orion: my biggest complaint is the text unfortunately <XD it was pretty hard to read in places, partially because some of the lineart bled over into the text bubbles, or else the underlying pencil was still visible. The addition of that two-tone green was a smart choice, though! Really sold the atmosphere hehe

# 3   Posted: Jan 11 2022, 10:05 AM
Flytee - very impressive that you fit so much story into this little time period. I thought you did a great job, and I always enjoy your panel layouts

Boogidi - Looks like you ran out of time at the end there, but the first page looked great. Always a huge fan of the egg dealer.

Orion - I am so glad you didn't default, I was gunna kill you lol. I thought the lighting was very clever and simple, a good little 3-pager! Excellent work for a 24 hour comic.

# 2   Posted: Jan 11 2022, 10:00 AM
flytee: "haha. movie magic, right?" Art is so good and pure i love him and thanks for the Missy cameo! I love awkward nervous David at a job interview lol surprisingly I think he'd actually fit in well there XD and Egg Dealer as this SCP horror is PERFECT. Everything about this is wonderful!
boogidi- a bit rushed but thats okay i understand why XD I like how you made david look heroically handsome lol
Orion- That last page was so spooky??? GREAT job on the atmospheric lighting! I think some stark shadows might have helped too but i understand the time constraint.

Strawberry Pepper
# 1   Posted: Jan 10 2022, 03:36 AM
*minis watch as three enter the circle. They ready the popcorn*
Free for all! Good luck!

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