Saal vs. Kurdis

Saal vs. Kurdis

by Footini

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by snager

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tags: Llaana, oleander, pepper mini, sneakers

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# 10   Posted: Jan 21 2022, 05:50 PM
I'm like half-drunk from lack of sleep but I'm doin my best here
Footini: ShowHide
Vivid colors, creative paneling, fun composition, excellent comedy. I love how Saal and Kurdis are such a perfect pair of interdimensional ships passing in the night. You brought out both of their personalities—Saal's depth contradicted by their melodrama and Kurdis being both a straight man and a living meme—and gave them a shared spotlight even though Saal spent most of the comic ignoring Kurdis. Just two strangers lost in their own worlds, except one of them has the power to create a new world and the other one just wants to correct some clerical issues or whatever. I had a grand time with this one. I also think your speech bubbles have improved! I wish Procreate had better tools for them, but it seems like you've gotten good at positioning and sizing speech bubbles despite technical limitations, so well done on that!

snager: ShowHide
I'm so conflicted about this art style. On the one hand, it's got silly and goofy poses that are fun to look at. On the other hand, everything looks minimal effort and character shapes and sizes vary wildly from frame to frame. And the sketchiness combined with the single background covering the entire page rather than coloring in the characters made the text stand out much more by contrast. I found myself almost ignoring the art because all of the interesting stuff was written rather than drawn, and the interesting stuff that was drawn blended into the background a bit much for me.

I like that you're working Oleander into non-Extinction plots. Creates a fun coherence to your narrative, which is great in light of a character who can just reality shift at will. Ultimately, it's Kurdis' continuity that's most relevant to his comics. I also love how you never drew Oleander's face, representing her inhumanity and otherness. She might _look_ human, but we know differently.

I found a lot of the dialogue humorous, and I'd say this works well as sort of a halfway point between an illustrated storybook and a classic comic format. I think you could have edited down a decent amount and spent more time giving us eye-catching images to go with the written portions of the comic, though. I think it was really fun how you tied this story to FTL. I apologize if him getting electrocuted and falling into a coma was portrayed in a past comic and I just didn't read it, but I'm seeing this as the hidden story behind your FTL comic that we finally get to see. We didn't _need_ to know how Kurdis ended up in the hospital, but it did leave us with that question, and now we have the answer! And ending with abridged panels from your FTL comic brings it full circle. Very fun!

# 9   Posted: Jan 18 2022, 04:20 PM
I was actually specifically referring to your 24 hour battle--yes, it was shorter, but it was also fully colored and, imo, cleaner art-wise. It is definitely respectable that you did that on top of this battle all in one week, I just personally think there was a bit of a sacrifice on quality which may or may not have been related. but hey, you learned something and you still produced an entire comic, so. ye. take it with a grain of salt I suppose

# 8   Posted: Jan 18 2022, 08:38 AM
hey, Bat! Nice seeing you! thanks so much for the reviews!

But it's a real head-scratcher trying to figure out what comics you mean when you say i've done cleaner work with less time. i've done 2-weekers and 1-weekers before, concurrently, but even if you combine the pages i did for my light speed death match and cowbell v. kurdis, that was only 8 pages.

footini and i did this match in ONE week :O and we both were having to go to work at the same time, and I also had a 24 hour comic where I did 4 pages DURING this battle.

this is the most comic i've ever done in the span of one week.

when i realized this dream battle had to happen during my dream-tournament, I invented a strategy I thought would help churn out finished work faster.

but if I had to do it again, yes, I would have properly scripted and thumbed like I usually do. but i'm always so keen to try out new work flows to see if it generates more creativity or makes me faster. this time, i doodled and scripted at the same time, and re-worked things to fit the art better. and it seems this paid off! so even if the art looks less quality than usual, i think i've learnt something : my art tells a story better than my stories tell the art.

# 7   Posted: Jan 17 2022, 06:50 PM
Footini: Well that was certainly an interesting turn. I love the palette you used on this, it feels somehow both saturated and muted at the same time, which feels fitting for a Saal comic of this nature. Still got crazy Saal colors, but more muted and somber. However, I did notice quite a few instances of the colors not meeting the lines completely, leaving a small border of white pixels between lines and color. I'm assuming you used the paint bucket tool to color? either way, I think some cleanup on those would have really elevated this comic to feeling a lot tighter. Also, while I do really enjoy the expressions you do, and your strong grasp of squash and stretch and comedic expression work... I think this comic could have maybe used a bit less of that? The juxtaposition of the somber tone with humor can be a good mix, if done right--but I think you were a bit heavy handed with the humor, which distracted from the somber mood. It was hard to take Saal's grief seriously when over half of the expressions were almost looney tunes levels of goofy. Finally, the story itself--I can't say I was expecting this turn, if only because it feels like it directly contradicts Saal's comic vs Lily. I understand canon in Void is funky, and I'm assuming you went the route of adopting Shen's side as canon, but I guess this still felt a little out of nowhere for me! That said, putting aside any previous knowledge, this is a pretty solid setup for Villain Saal and I'm v interested in seeing where things go from here. Especially interested to see what the flute ends up doing!! You did a v good job setting up a cliffhanger with plenty of plot hooks, I just hope you follow through with them! :3

Snager: I think, story-wise, this might be my favorite comic of yours. I still don't entirely get Kurdis's whole Deal, since it seems to be constantly changing, but this did a decent job at sort of explaining some of the wildly different versions of Kurdis we've seen. Saal and Kurdis having History, apparently, was a really fun and funny way to go with this.The line about curb stomping boots was Excellent XD
The art, on the other hand... feels like it doesn't really live up to the writing. I know this wild, loose, kinda whacky style is a large part of your style in general, but you've definitely produced tighter and more defined work before--and in less time, too. So admittedly I'm a little baffled about why the art in this feels so... unpolished, for lack of a better word? It does, unfortunately, detract a little bit from the writing. That said! I do really like the blue and pink wash you used for the background in the dreamscape, I think it really sold the soft and dreamy vibe.

# 6   Posted: Jan 16 2022, 07:02 PM
Wow Snager I do have to say that this is one of my favorite works that you have released here on Void.I am digging this whole Multiverse thingy that you're setting up. Great job on this one and I hope to see more of Kurdis in the near future!

Footini, The way that Saal goes from being sad over Llana's death to Determined to get Their family back is quite something to read in a few amount of pages that ya did. Each page is wonderfully crafted with Line detail and color as well as the expressions that both Saal and Kurdis had.

You both did great and I hope to see more of these characters in the near future!!!

# 5   Posted: Jan 14 2022, 05:56 PM
A good show from both parties.
Footini, you are pumping out very impressive work. Everything you submit looks better and more professional than the last.

Snager, your style isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, and you tend to do a lot of high concept stuff that is hard for me to personally follow. However I really like the weird multiverse stuff like this and your watercolors and inks are very cool.

# 4   Posted: Jan 14 2022, 06:14 AM
So this is Saal's super villain Origin story I see.

# 3   Posted: Jan 14 2022, 12:44 AM

Actual last page
Sorry 😐 😔

Strawberry Pepper
# 2   Posted: Jan 10 2022, 03:39 AM
*minis prepare snacks for frens*
Good luck and big bles for art flow. X3

# 1   Posted: Jan 8 2022, 12:54 PM
Snager I enjoy your comics, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I bust out laughing and fall out the bed laughing, and sometimes I’m in complete Awe! I’ve noticed you grow in your recent comics, so much life and love, keep on rocking Snager! 😊

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