Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Final Round / "Scav" vs. Handrew "R.H.M" Fish

Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Final Round / "Scav" vs. Handrew "R.H.M" Fish

Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Final Round — "Scav" vs. Handrew "R.H.M" Fish

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R.H.M actualises.
tags: Frazzler, LSDT 2021, r.h.m

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# 10   Posted: Oct 10 2021, 11:27 PM
Both Artist here have shown their incredible creativity muscles and their resilience to push through this hyperspeed death tourney.

Take a bow you two because you more than deserved it!!! and honestly in my eyes you both are winners in my book for getting here. I wish you two well and hope to see more things in the near future from you two

Global Moderator
# 9   Posted: Oct 6 2021, 06:22 PM
Congratulations to both of you making it to the finals! Both stories were great!

# 8   Posted: Oct 5 2021, 10:41 PM
both of these where killer finales for the tournament.
Great work you two!

# 7   Posted: Oct 5 2021, 05:06 AM
I had a blast reading both of these. You two were major contenders straight out the gate and you kept the quality high throughout each round.

Franken- I love Scav and I really like how you've built off her last round and fleshed out your character even more, regardless of what happens here, I'm invested and hope you continue her story in some way.
There were some excellent visuals here as well, page 4 gave me chills.

Frazzler- This was a delightful style change, you're really proving that you're a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to your art. The visuals were fun and admittedly a bit jarring, in a "wow Fairy Odd Parents got dark" kind of way, but I still found the whole read enjoyable so great job!

You're both winner to me. u_u

# 6   Posted: Sep 30 2021, 10:55 PM
found a great song for this battle

but it also fits and hits different for everyone who took part in this light speed death tournament. this felt special, everybody.

Franken, you've done a lot to establish your style here on void with this tourney and should feel proud to have made it to the final round. the scene were Joan dies and then RHM the monster comes down the hall was truly horrifying.

Frazzler: the following screen grab is from before all the character submissions were even in

I was half kidding, but said this based on the fact that RHM's character sheet made me laugh out loud. "settle a bet"

I do indeed wish I had bet real money for RHM to win the whole thing. not in the tos and also not ethical, but it feels good to see the dude make it this far and super good to see how many iterations they went through and how wholesome their personality is. and watch in real time how someone gained so many ridiculous powers. and got so weird looking. and somehow, be attached enough to suspend my disbelief.

I think it was a good call to switch styles with the tone of each story. it obviously helped you to pace yourself while also giving you your desired crash course in comics. that's the perfect attitude to have. i'm so damn proud of you.

# 5   Posted: Sep 29 2021, 08:53 AM
This was really fun. I can't believe I have completed 16 pages in the last few weeks. I hadn't *finished* a comic page, really ever, before this. I've lurked and done horribly for basically a decade I think*. So getting this far has been a pretty mad experience.

I took another hard left turn with the look. Stylistically I had this idea to treat it as the comic version of a CN cartoon.

Franken, your art is amazing. RHM looked fierce and I loved the touch of Tom and Torca's features breaking through so much. And our plots were parallel, which was cool!

Here's to more rad battles.

*edit: I just checked and I registered 14 years ago today. Which is spooky, and has turned me to dust.

# 4   Posted: Sep 29 2021, 05:42 AM
These two comics that you guys made are absolutely darling!! Lovely!! Beautiful!! Keep it up guys!! Y’all are awesome!! 🤗

# 3   Posted: Sep 29 2021, 04:51 AM
that suit though... hmmm >.>

handy (amazing, handsome young man) making those heartbreaking parallels...

Some good shit yall, some very very good shit.

# 2   Posted: Sep 28 2021, 11:31 AM
Hello, everyone!! Sorry for the decline in quality in some pages.

During the tournament, I harshly overworked myself to the point of burn out and horrible health decline. I was sick, in pain, just in a overall shitty physical condition so the quality dropped hard as my health did. It was in an effort to at least give my opponent a good show and so I wouldn't let anyone down, including myself. I know it was very irresponsible of me, and I definitely learned the hard way how that reflects in my work.

Rant over-- Thank you so much to everyone that's supported me, looked out for me, and has cheered me on through the Tourney!! And of course, big thank you to Frazzler for being such an amazing opponent and doing my girl so much justice!

I absolutely fell in love with the saturday morning cartoon vibe presented in the artstyle right away. RHM's new form, feeling guilty for even using his friends abilities, and them still retaining that dorky personality is sucha sight to see! The small moment between him and Scav too pulls at the heartstrings <:"o And speaking of Scav, down to her design and accent, and personality, I'm obsessed with how you portrayed her!! Tysm for the care and attention to detail you put with her in your battle. Of course, theres how polished and high quality everything looks, this is just all amazing!!

Either way this turns out, I count myself lucky getting to battle you!!

# 1   Posted: Sep 23 2021, 12:15 AM

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