Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Semifinals / Torca vs. Tom Brimstone vs. Handrew "R.H.M" Fish

Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Semifinals — Torca vs. Tom Brimstone vs. Handrew "R.H.M" Fish

by Flytee

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I got very attached to this story despite knowing it was far too much for a 3-page comic- sometimes you've just got to ignore your common sense for fun. xD
It was a pleasure to use my talented opponent's excellent characters, thanks for the battle!
tags: LSDT 2021

by kubo

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Brought to you by the colour green.
tags: Frazz, Frazzler, lsdt, LSDT 2021, r.h.m, RHM, Right Hand Man

Critiques & Comments
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# 7   Posted: Sep 20 2021, 02:52 AM
Flytee: More sadness U_U But a very clever twist for the end!

Kubo: Solid skills still! Unfortunately I think you may have raised expectations more than intended with your inspired filter use in the last comic. This comic was still super fun and functional, but didn't have anything inspired in its craft that elevated it above the prior round.

Frazzler: Holy shift in both tone and style! Very unexpected but successful execution!

Genuinely great job all three of you, you all deserved to be in the semi finals

# 6   Posted: Sep 19 2021, 11:15 PM
Thanks for all the comments everyone.

Flytee: What a brilliant story. So impressed that you got it in three pages. RHM was perfect. Obviously the end was brilliant. Really cool to see loads of extra scientists in there. And I can even spot one of mine in the toasting panel!

Kubo: You drew RHM and Torca so well. I like the angle you took connecting their back story. The real great stuff here are the poses and comps. Especially on page three. I cannot stop thinking about short, polo-shirt RHM. So thanks for that.

# 5   Posted: Sep 19 2021, 10:21 PM
flytee:  one of the cutest comics where nearly everyone dies.

Kubo: Tom is a mood.  also your version of R.H.M keeps me laughing.  His big hand head is just to perfect.

Frazzler: Where you been all these years doing art this good?  Heck of a void comeback

# 4   Posted: Sep 19 2021, 10:46 AM
Wow, these were great! You all gave the characters a ton of personality, and the humor was really hitting!

Flytee: Loved that Tom and Torca were so friendly and cute together while RHM is talking about killing them. The juxtaposition was wonderful, especially when Torca hands Tom the feather and Tom is so happy about it. The A.I. shutdown was also great, and this made for a very entertaining story.  

Kubo: This is a gorgeous comic! It was very straightforward and easy to follow, and I love the humor. I kept imagining Tom with a Skeletor voice, especially the "abomination!" panel. The ending was very creative and that bow and arrow pose looks difficult to pull off!

Frazzler: This was so much darker than the other two! It reminded me of "I have no mouth, but I must scream." Insane level of polish on this comic, and telling it from the perspective of someone who's being kept company as their body fails is so much heavier than I came in expecting.

Great work everyone, these were awesome!

# 3   Posted: Sep 18 2021, 01:34 PM
I love your lines an environments so much. Nothing feels empty or too cramped. Tom BBQing is something I had no idea I needed to see, but it was such a treat! Torca's and Tom's interactions were very sweet- the RHM's timing was sudden in a good way, and how Torca just...popped up again leaves me wonder what else the little bird is capable of. Really sweet round!

Love how different Tom and Torca's interactions are from Flytee's. This round reminds me of old-school cartoons in the best way, RHM's dialogue was incredibly funny, and the way Tom finished both of them was very clever and brutal. This was such a treat to read!

The colors and rendering on your round are STUNNING. The visuals are disturbing and the lighting is incredible, the dialogue is clever. It's both heart breaking and incredibly eerie how RHM just...absorbed his only 2 friends. It hurts in the best way to see a character deteriorate into a mostly mindless monster. RHM is incredibly scary and I can't wait to see more of them!

Fantastic job everyone!

# 2   Posted: Sep 18 2021, 01:42 AM
Aces comics all around guys, fantastic job on the three-way!

Flytee - Idk why you were worried about the story here because honestly I think it’s great! Really complex story for such a small comic, but you managed to keep it coherent and imo inkeeping for all the characters. Torca reforming instead of Fish is a really clever way to “kill” him. Great stuff! My only gripe would be that some panels feel a little crowded, especially on the last page.

Kubo - Man, talk about killing two birds with one- uh- bird? XD This was such a creative round, I loved your take on RHM’s new form and the way Tom made a bow and arrow! I feel like Torca is kind of shoehorned in, but then again it is difficult to bring all these characters together.

Frazzler - Woahh the style and atmosphere change here is wild! I’m loving this sudden dark turn in RHM’s story. The rendering, especially on RHM’s metal parts, is great. The heavily shadowed, green environment was so atmospheric and the ending was wonderfully gruesome, A+

# 1   Posted: Sep 17 2021, 08:12 AM
feather gift best gift UuU

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Speed Death Tournament Match
Drawing Time: 1 week
Ended: Sep 19th, 2021
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Winner: Frazzler

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