Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Round 1 / Tom Brimstone vs. Kalkyza

Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Round 1 / Tom Brimstone vs. Kalkyza

Light Speed Death Tournament 2021, Round 1 — Tom Brimstone vs. Kalkyza

by Reecer6

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only rated t for language i'll have you know
tags: bonathan jones, kalkyza, tom brimstone

by kubo

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques

Critiques & Comments
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# 9   Posted: Sep 6 2021, 12:19 AM
Kubo- I liked how you incorporated the accidental matchup Reecer had into the comic.
Reecer- excellent new style.  do mmore!

Mister Kent
# 8   Posted: Sep 5 2021, 10:07 PM
REECER - A great showing of Kalkyza's considerable assets, her big...guns and bouncy...uh hair. Very nice colored style!

KUBO - An unexpected stirfry of death! Enjoyed the coloring here as well, and Tom's very laidback style.

# 7   Posted: Sep 5 2021, 09:55 AM
Oh my god, these were both really good! The humor is even similar!

Cro: The style is so bouncy and interesting to look at! I love how you guide the reader's eye from panel to panel. On the first page, when Tom Brimstone takes over the PA system, the way he pushes the conductors face is a brilliant panel! The speech bubbles also guided through panels that would have been confusing, but the speech balloons made it super clear. Awesome comic, with a lot of great ideas!

Kubo: I love that you introduce the other two characters as a light in the sky while Tom and Kalkyza are talking. The dynamic between them is executed wonderfully, they're very funny together. I think the ending is fantastic and the energy of the drawings always matched up with the energy of the plot, and that made for some awesome comedy!

# 6   Posted: Sep 5 2021, 06:03 AM
Cro-- i love this comic and how dense it is and how the colors pop. I really enjoy this style and I hope you do more with it! Kalkyza is a really cool character and it's not fair that you ended up having to write two comics for this first round

# 5   Posted: Sep 4 2021, 03:00 PM
Those colors were really REALLY good! Loved how whacky and unconventional the things in space were! Story is nice and simple, the pose in which Tom was pinned to the wall was really great! The action scenes felt a little bit stiff, and I felt the gorgeous space colors stole a bit of attention form the characters every time they were in front of a window. But other than that, this round looks very very tasty!!

I adore Tom as a character so much. The way everything tied together was extremely clever and incredibly funny. Unintentional deaths like this will never stop being funny, and you portrayed all 3 of them perfectly. I didn't expect more than one character to get snuffed out, really really impressive!!

Both this comics are very polished! I'm in awe both of you could finish something so detailed and colorful in such a small amount of time!

# 4   Posted: Sep 3 2021, 10:02 PM
Cro - Holy shit?? Dude, this new style looks amazing, I want to eat this comic. The more geometric shapes and bright colours really play to your strengths and hide your weaknesses. The characters feel much more expressive and lively. The writing did feel a little basic compared to your usual stuff though.

Kubo - I love Tom’s attitude, and how you incorporated the accidental 3-way matchup into the comic with Kalkyza being scheduled to murder the other two. Solid comic.

Global Moderator
# 3   Posted: Sep 3 2021, 07:27 PM
Cro: Woah woah woah, Cro Cro Cro! This is a serious level up! I'm in awe, great job! I think your usually sharper writing suffered a tad here in that it's just not as punchy as normal, but it's great to see this glow-up regardless!

Kubo: Good stuff as usual and I dug the tone use, I think you can do a little better with word balloon design, there's a few spots where the shapes or tails could be better built

terrific work all around guys

Corn Of The Breads
# 2   Posted: Sep 3 2021, 02:53 AM
If you were a couple would your ship be called Crobo?

So Cro you really pulled yourself up art wise. I liked the setting in space, but I felt like much didn't happen and I honestly felt like your writing has been better so I wonder if you invested too much mental energy into your previous false opponents and then psyching your self out about fighting Kubo so decided to focus on art. You did an amazing job and your colors are supreme dude!

Kubo good stuff as always it is very laid back in approach in a lot of ways, I liked the conceit meta joke of your comic but I felt outside of the inside joke there was not much drawing me in. I think you are an amazingly skilled artist and your sense of humor is really great!

Over all I feel these comics in terms of tone are extreme in their approach one with a sense of bombastic colors in space in a wacky setting, while the other is laid back and fairly chill. I feel it all comes down to a matter of taste of the individual reading these comics. Good job to both of yalls and good luck!

# 1   Posted: Aug 30 2021, 08:17 AM
I hope you're wearing your brown pants...

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