ReNew Beginnings / Miller and Xia

ReNew Beginnings / Miller and Xia

ReNew Beginnings — Miller and Xia

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Comic Credits:

Script- Pyras and Skulls
Thumbs, Colors and Lettering - Skulls
Pencils and Quality Control- Pyras
tags: Miller, Xia

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# 11   Posted: Sep 18 2021, 11:15 PM
I like a ponchos. I'm crying cuz I don't get to have a poncho like that.

# 10   Posted: Sep 3 2021, 03:32 AM
Fantastic comic!
The action scene and generally super dynamic and expressive art were rather inspiring, but it was the well-written character interactions that stole my heart.
This comic has sold me of these two and their friendship- I cant wait to see more! Oh and I loved the ending

# 9   Posted: Sep 2 2021, 05:35 PM
I’m quickly becoming a fan of these two! As a story it’s a great read about two friends hanging out. The pacing is great and the tone and art style compliment each other very well. Great job!

# 8   Posted: Sep 1 2021, 04:56 PM
I love how this turned out! This was such a lovely comic, I'm happy to see more of these character's stories and can't wait for more. I really don't have any critiques, I just really like how your styles worked together. : )

# 7   Posted: Aug 30 2021, 03:20 PM
Sorry for being a sap, but this comic got me emotional. This is so good. It got me thinking about what it means to be a good partner and not knowing what to say in the moment, but having the confidence to act on it later. Xia knows Miller well enough to know when he's being cagey and not dealing with his emotions, and you handled that so beautifully. The conversation between them felt real, and I found myself thinking about ways my husband has supported me throughout the years when I was being cagey. It got me thinking about that feeling when your partner knows what you need better than you do, and that's what happens when Xia gives him the dog. He's falling apart whether or not he wants to admit it, and she's there for him.

Y'all know how beautiful your art is, and this affected me personally. Thank you for making this <3

# 6   Posted: Aug 30 2021, 03:14 AM
This was a really sweet comic. Xia was the highlight for me, I love her high energy and how she just kicks the door down to meet her thought-to-be-dead friend. It’s fun seeing her being like “I’m going to Aggresively care about you, nerd”. It was also great to see Miller on the job again! For a detective, there’s a weird lack of actual detective work in his archive; I was actually planning to go into that in the potential battle so this was really cool to see.

Visually this was very nice, I dig the texture and the pencil-like inks, and there were some bangin panels like the spider shadow one on page 7. There was a good use of colour for mood, I really liked the somber purples and blues throughout, then the burst of warm colours on page 8 when the dangerous “deal” is struck. I also noticed the same muted purple behind Miller on the first page, and then orange when Xia bursts in and the overall more saturated, warm colours. Really matches their energies/overall demeanour, very neat.

And now we’re onto the more dreaded portion of the comment, haha. When I first saw this comic pop up as “being drawn”, I was really curious about how Xia would deal with Miller being alive, especially when she saw/had a vision of him in VCV. But the reconciliation happens in one page and then the comic moves on. I really think seeing the conversation would have been more impactful. Xia’s inner monologue is fun and has a distinctive voice - I particularly enjoyed “This is me, happy to see my friend alive” - but on page 2, I don’t think it should have been used to tell the reader what happened, rather than showing it directly. A lot of her monologue was actually pretty redundant as well. For instance on page 4 she says “his scars were evidence of it [not reeling it in]” and then in the next panel verbally comments on the scar. Cutting some of her lines would’ve streamlined the comic imo.

There were a lot of panels where the characters were shaded but the environment wasn’t. You can get away with it on darker surfaces but sometimes it was quite apparent. On page 7 none of the characters cast shadows on the floor until the cool spider panel, and on page 12, the sofa is just a flat colour. Pages 4 and 10 were missing shadows on the ground and desk respectively. Immanuel’s anatomy was also noticeably wonky compared to Jeb and the humans (ish) in the comic; he was sort of floppy and formless, sometimes even lacking toes like on page 8.

Speaking of though, Jeb was really cute and I appreciated the philosopher pun name for Immanuel. The thumbnails were also super cute :) Great job overall!

# 5   Posted: Aug 29 2021, 05:34 PM
Quite the interesting tale indeed, so many things at work and not enough time to list them all.

Color me interested with these characters and hopefully we see more things soon in the near future

# 4   Posted: Aug 29 2021, 04:53 PM

Not only did it show so many sides and facets of these two characters, but was equipped with the most adorable companions. I was originally concerned about the amount of text, but you guys made it work and I found myself beaming through the second half. The lesson is so personal too, it's something a lot of us struggle with, which was a nice experience since Miller is regularly condemned by /others/ for being unrelatable or some other BS. This blossomed on his inner struggles in a way that was so meaningful and relatable. And of course, you both knocked it out of the park with the art, your styles lined up so well I think the thing to note is the page textures mixing with the textured pencil brush a bit too much at times so that the overall image becomes a little fuzzy - but I only noticed this on one page.

I also looooooooove love love seeing Xia like this, and for me I really got to see how she and Greece (who's not even in the comic) are so compatible; couple'a rowdy dorks!

Amazing job the both of you! One of my favorite comics here!

# 3   Posted: Aug 29 2021, 03:11 PM
Fantastic work! I'm so happy to finally read this! The art is gorgeous, you two work well together, I loved the colours on the page where hes seeing the cat's experiences, and the image of Miller's spike through the guy's skull. Their friendship is good and important, love seeing Xia helping him. And her blasting her way through all those guards? Chefs kiss. I love my wife. Her opinion of Gray is so low! Weren't they best friends~? 8D Fantastic stuff, you guys, happy to see them reconnected!

# 2   Posted: Aug 29 2021, 01:06 PM
Hell yeah! JEB!

# 1   Posted: Jul 24 2021, 02:49 PM
oh ho! whats this? I'm interested~

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