Impending Extinction / Oleander vs. Morgan Maruyama

Impending Extinction / Oleander vs. Morgan Maruyama

Impending Extinction — Oleander vs. Morgan Maruyama

by snager

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I hope you guys like how I portrayed the characters and the additional little shadow pilot intro for possible future void fighters. This is the longest non-shit-post, non-forum-adventure comic I've ever made and I feel like I learned a lot. I have story ideas in mind if I ever again fight an Oleander that might continue what I started here, but y'all know how it is with ideas. Please, I know my water colors are good and I never get tired of hearing about it, but let me know what else is good or bad, too. Love y'all. And Energy, thanks for letting me fuck up Morgan.
tags: charlie rosenberg, kurdis, morgan maruyama, neassi, off screen violence, oleander

by Energy

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# 7   Posted: Jul 23 2021, 08:09 PM
Snager - I wish I understood what was going on in this comic dhsjssh I was very confused as to who the characters were and what was happening beyond the basic gist of “Morgan calls Oleander, gets framed for murder and is going to be next”. What is the significance of the glass and sermon, and who is the person in the coma? I do like the imagery here though, like Fluff said the shelf=wings for Oleander was very cool. “St Shen’s Hospital for the Soap Opera Afflicted” also made me chuckle.

# 6   Posted: Jul 23 2021, 01:40 PM
Snager- Another unique and memorable comic, I thought the ending was particularly strong. I love the absurdist humor in your story, everyone acts in such an obscene way it's hard for me to not crack a smile.
That being said I think there is a pattern to these scenes and it can be really samey. The set-up is often a scene showing one extreme emotion abruptly shifting into another. It's pretty jarring and like I said, can be amusing, but when scenes like this happen back to back they lose their punch.

Energy- Well it's a big step up on what you submitted last time. I could follow the scene clearly.  

Pizza Man
# 5   Posted: Jul 23 2021, 09:13 AM
It's nice to have a frequenting traditional artists on this site maybe I'll join you in that boat one day Snager! Idk why but Morgan was giving me serious cntrl-alt-del vibes (having it take place in a hospital certainly helped with that lol) but given the nature of the comic it didn't really bother me it was kind of adding to the humorous side. I like the ongoing trend of having Morgan stim during conversations it's a nice subtle character trait. Minor crit some of your panels have white gaps while others don't and personally I think a comic works best when it's either one way or the other. Good shit though!

# 4   Posted: Jul 23 2021, 06:26 AM
Snager - wow this must be one of my fave comics from you so far. The colors are really nice and I love how you drew Oleander. There is a craziness to your storytelling that is reminiscent of the Egg Dealer's comics. Trippy but entertaining.

Energy - grats on submitting another comic. However, I feel that this is a step back from what you have accomplished so far. It feels very incomplete as opposed to some of your recent submissions.  I do understand that life happens though. Hopefully you bounce back next time with a vengeance!

# 3   Posted: Jul 18 2021, 03:02 PM
Snager- I liked how crazy this was. High energy and off the wall gags. To quote g0t "This is the Snager Experience" Iliked how page 8 you gave Oleander a savior like set up with the flowers and shelves forming wings.

Energy- Glad to see you back to doing comics. It could use a bit of cleaning up, but you got it finished with ink a text!

# 2   Posted: Jul 17 2021, 08:39 PM
Snager - I can't say that I understand what's going on in your comic, but the watercolors look nice.

Energy - I think you could do with a little more variety in your storytelling, I am glad to see that you're improving though!

# 1   Posted: Jul 16 2021, 11:52 AM
snager i cant always say i know exactly whats HAPPENING in your comics but they FUN to look at, you have this amazing frantic energy thats like... such a contrast to what i usually see done with watercolours, mostly i like, see nice landscapes and still lifes in that medium so your style has such a unique draw, and bless anyone in this day and age whose primarily a traditional artist lol. Hope to see more!
Enery i dont know if you changed what brush you use to ink or just your technique but its looking cleaner.

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Ended: Jul 23rd, 2021
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