Dawn of Extinction / Oleander vs. Wendigo

Dawn of Extinction / Oleander vs. Wendigo

Dawn of Extinction — Oleander vs. Wendigo

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I took on too many comics. Sorry

by kubo

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Community Manager
# 12   Posted: Nov 16 2021, 10:44 AM
I'm finally getting around to reading the Oleander comics, and I gotta say that I like the little nods to pre-existing media in these.  Fluff, your two pages were pretty funny!  I like that Wendigo is this cocky dude and Oleander shuts him down immediately.  They have no time for his shenanigans.

STG, any time someone puts an Utena reference in their story, I get weak in the knees--but it has to be done well.  Kubo's posing during the sword fights and the slash shot with flowers raining from the wounds--it's worthy of a Chef's Kiss, and I thank you so much for being this indulgent.

These were both a joy to read!

# 11   Posted: Jun 16 2021, 08:39 AM
Thanks everyone for the comments and to Fluff for fighting me in this match. Writing dream sequences and poetic comics is pretty challenging, especially when trying to be subtle or illusive with details. As always I end up cutting at least three pages from my comics due to timing or other matters. Nevertheless, I'm really satisfied with the end product of this comic. If I wasn't in the process of moving and traveling around the world when making this comic I would have delved into why and how Wendigo entered Oleander's fate realm and how he came out of it with such a unique homunculus. I guess you'll have to wait for my next comic to learn that ;)

Shen - I assume you are referring to the silhouette shot? I think a little of the effect is lost due to the scrolling nature of the presentation but I really wanted a full page shot to go with that Utena homage.

Snager - "Shade" was just how Oleander was referring to Wendigo since was not really there, but some kind of projection or echo.

Cy - I wish I could have added that in but unfortunately had to cut it for time. I know leaving mysteries is risky unless you plan on following through real fast so I promise to answer this real soon! :D

Kozi - The sparseness was a choice, however I do agree that adding some level of reality distortion would have made things more interesting. I think I was more concerned with keeping the fact that it was a dream a secret to the end that I held back on anything that would betray that reveal. I hope to explore this setting more in future comics and go crazy with the imagery :)

Thanks again everyone!

# 10   Posted: Jun 11 2021, 01:11 PM
KUBO- Gorgeous GORGEOUS. The concept of HOW wendigo meets and is influenced by Oleander was really creative. It also lends itself to the fantastical nature of what the Extinction threat actually is. Seeing what design these homunculi end up with has gotta be my favorite bit of your Wendigo comics because its such a loveletter and 'thank you' to your opponent. Oleander-culi has to be the neatest one yet. If I had any critique to give, it'd be your fight and action scenes. While dynamic, the majority of the events felt so sparse and spacious. Elements of the city and their surroundings I feel could've been featured more or influenced the fight. OR considering its a dream(?) had fun with the background elements by warping them perhaps.

FLUFF- A rogue caliber quickjab to the funnybone to amusing effect. I'm left wanting more but happy for the chuckle. Oleander is so formidable, its nice to see a bit of tongue in cheek.

# 9   Posted: Jun 11 2021, 09:11 AM
Fluff:  This is the best looking comic you've made yet.  You seem to be absorbing coloring powers from Shen now.  Much like Wendigo

Kubo (the artist not the immortal fox man):  I need to know how you did the cityscape.  Those were fantastic panels.  And the sword fight was Utena as heck.  Oleanders dream powers make her even more dangerous.

# 8   Posted: Jun 11 2021, 07:01 AM
Fluffs - WOW YOUR ART LEVELED UP HERE!! It's a shame that you weren't able to finish  as I love where you were going with this. And yes more Wendigo in hot pink crop top please. It matches his tight leggings ;)

kubo - Thumbnails are so gorgeous! I just wanted to stare at them. And then I clicked on the comic and was even more blown away. The quality you put up in such a short period of time is astounding. The city dreamscape was so well-executed. Oleander looks lovely in your style. I *almost* felt bad for Wendigo sleeping in that dirty little corner then I remembered he's the bad guy. Looking forward to what this new Oleander homunculus can do!

# 7   Posted: Jun 10 2021, 01:31 AM
Fluff - You really have to think twice before taking on multiple battles! What you have so far was looking good though. I don’t think I’ve ever seen full colour from you, that got me pretty excited!

Kubo - Rad cover and imagery in general throughout this comic! The flower field was really cool, I like that you used white ones specifically; it almost gave the feel that they were fighting in heaven (especially with Oleander’s true form), great visual oxymoron. The new homonculus looks cool too. Honestly I don’t really have any crits, except maybe a little more explanation as to how Wendigo got the homunculus if it was just a dream?

# 6   Posted: Jun 9 2021, 01:49 PM
I actually laughed at Fluff's two page comic lol XD Good one!
As for Kubo, the art is amazing omg
And the action!!! Wow!!! You should publish comics or something, this is on another level of high quality comics!!!

# 5   Posted: Jun 9 2021, 09:50 AM
Fluff: I clicked Next on page two and when it didn't move- GOTTOM.

got me. got me good. I laughed. no battle. seems in-character for Oleander.

Until I read Kubo's side: Kubo, that was fantastic. IDK who Shade is or why Oleander recognizes them, but it was a wild ride. I Love stories that take place in dreams. and also, I love a man with a vulnerable side. A+

# 4   Posted: Jun 8 2021, 03:55 PM
Fluff- would have liked to see this finished but i loved the expressions and wild decision to give Wendigo a pink crop top
kubo- BROOOOO this was so beautiful!! You really build that dreamworld as a Flower Apocalypse, it was beautiful and so eerily EMPTY. Wendigo's Oleander form was an incredible design, and that flip on page six is like, the coolest shit (though maybe it didn't need to be THAAAT big of a panel). The fight was badass, though my favorite panel may have been the one where hes asleep in a pile of bones and li'l homunculi and its weirdly adorable! XD looking forward to seeing what he does with this new one~

# 3   Posted: Jun 8 2021, 01:20 PM
Kubo, your rendering in this comic was out of this world! I really enjoyed seeing some of the new methods you implemented here and it looks stunning. Love the new homunculus design. I wasn't sure about the fluff around the neck, but I see you made it flowers and I friggin' love that.

A shame we didn't get to see more from the other side, but I don't know how you managed with as many as you did, Fluff!

# 2   Posted: Jun 8 2021, 12:04 PM
Fluff, this comic was very cute. I love that ripped pink crop top you put Wendigo and it really has a great range of facial expressions.

 I've never shown where Wendigo sleeps or what he does outside of battles so I'm glad you enjoyed the little homunculi nest :)

# 1   Posted: Jun 8 2021, 10:10 AM
Kubo you fuckin knocked this out of the park! Gorgeous comic!
I didn't notice till my reread through, but Wendigo sleeps with all his homunculi like a big mama cat!

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