Gods and Monsters / The Cryptid vs. Nagore

Gods and Monsters / The Cryptid vs. Nagore

Gods and Monsters — The Cryptid vs. Nagore

by Footini

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Every Petrichor character lives in my head rent free.
tags: nagore, the cryptid, wamen

This comic has been rated suitable for teens and up by its creator(s)

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tags: ellie, footini, nagore, petrichor, ramunas, sammy, the cryptid

Critiques & Comments
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# 10   Posted: May 21 2021, 05:40 PM
These were fantastic! I've been wanting to see more Nagore! Her reaction to getting into void was wonderful.

Footini! Those fight scenes were so god, all those spot blacks really working to add to the creepyness of Cryptid

# 9   Posted: May 21 2021, 08:33 AM
Just dropping in to say these were both fantastic & extremely entertaining comics. I loved the action, humor, and how both of you portrayed your opponent's characters.
Thank you for scratching my itch for more Nagore content & honestly the more I see of Sammy the more I love her. Great work!

# 8   Posted: May 18 2021, 09:01 PM
I swear to god every time I come to comment on this battle, the Lana del Rey song starts playing in my head and I get distracted lmao

Footini - Pretty ambitious story, good job for banging out this number of pages and completing them all! Great use of spotblacks, I especially liked page 3 with Nagore being framed by the light from the doorframe and then the windows. Sometimes they did get a bit cluttered though; something that could help is thumbing with the spot blacks in mind. You can use strips of black or white to lead the eye, whereas right now a lot of the panels seem to have spot blacks in place of shading, and then black to fill the background. Speaking of backgrounds, they were pretty bare here, a lot of panels were literally just the piece of furniture the character interacted with and then a gradient. When there is background, the perspective is very loose, so the characters often feel ungrounded and as if they are floating in space. This is something that goes hand in hand with character proportions as mentioned earlier - a clearer environment gives clearer “landmarks” for characters heights etc.

Petrichor - “Imma legally drain this man’s entire bank account” I love this line so fucking much XD And that exchange from the very last panel haha. I adored this comic - the pacing and flow is great, Nagore and King Ramunas are such enjoyable characters, and the art as usual is *chef’s kiss* Cryptid looks great in your style and just, damn I’m forever impressed by how you draw muscles and give character volume/weight. Also love the little details you included like glass shards stuck in Nagore’s skin after she falls onto the car!

# 7   Posted: May 18 2021, 11:32 AM
No complaints to be found. Footini you did some really incredible stuff and the leaps and bounds your comics have been making lately bring joy to my cobweb filled heart.
Petrichor, there is a level of professionalism present in this piece that is just -chef’s kiss- I only saw a couple of instances of grammar being off.
Both of you are perfect tens across the board, and will continue to be so if the level of craftsmanship is maintained or increases.

# 6   Posted: May 18 2021, 07:59 AM
Man these were power houses of comic creators and I love reading both of these. The interactions between The Cryptid and Nagore is pretty interesting. I don't know what else I can say so I will just leave it as me enjoying these incredible tales.

Footini - The Humor is there and on point! Love the ending as well.

Petrichor - Love the nod and wink of how odd Void can be, and I really enjoyed how Nagore's personality shines through

You both did extremely well and I can't wait to see your character's next adventures and what is in store for them

# 5   Posted: May 15 2021, 08:21 AM
Footini: That was an amazing and incredibly funny comic.
Seriously, i had to stop reading at some parts to just laugh (if i could vote i'd give you a 10 for entertainment alone).
The inks and spot blacks on this are on point and makes the fight scenes and night environment really stand out.
It's also so wholesome that you made Nagore and Sammy neighbors who care about eachother, you developed their relationship real smoothly in a way that just makes me crave for more interation between them and the others.
Thank you so much for battling me Footini! It was so worth it!

# 4   Posted: May 14 2021, 10:56 AM


I love this character. And I love how human you make their circumstances feel, despite being this demi-god. Your storytelling is solid throughout and it never overstays its welcome. The comic sis exactly as long as it has to be.  I loved how the story starts from the outside of void to begin, building on her last comic.

Honestly, just a real solid, real good comic.

# 3   Posted: May 14 2021, 10:51 AM
First of all: These are both super sollid. Gonna do this in to parts. Footinis first.

Footini: YOu have really improved A WHOLE LOT since I last read one of your comics. That paneling and use of spot blacks were fantastic in some places. REally playing around with and using the format to it fullest. Especially that second page with the silhouette and the drop onto the car?! Great stuff.  Your use of ink and negative space is part of this. This style of noir like paneling is really nice and reads really well. I hope you keep working on it becouse I think you found something great you can  work with.

I think the thing I'd personally like to see your work on is anatomy. That's possibly the thing where you are the least consistent.  In some panels, the fluid, soft shapes work. But sometime the charachters are noticably differently sized panel to panel or a character is generally too big for their environment. That said, This got more noticeable in later panels, so I don't know how much of this was time constraint.

# 2   Posted: Apr 19 2021, 07:41 PM
keepin my eye on this one!

# 1   Posted: Apr 10 2021, 10:15 AM
Clash of the Monster Women!

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