Lovechild Tournament 2021, Round 1 / Vanya Mikhailov-Shark vs. Abbadon ("Abby")

Lovechild Tournament 2021, Round 1 / Vanya Mikhailov-Shark vs. Abbadon ("Abby")

Lovechild Tournament 2021, Round 1 — Vanya Mikhailov-Shark vs. Abbadon ("Abby")

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by Jade★ and neens

This comic has been rated suitable for teens and up by its creator(s)

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# 18   Posted: Mar 16 2021, 11:18 PM
Ballet is hardcore! Death! Deception! Loved them!

# 17   Posted: Mar 16 2021, 01:18 PM
Black Swan

# 16   Posted: Mar 15 2021, 01:28 PM
It's really hard to get my mind wrap around these two adorable characters  in a death match...but here we are lol

BuggyBang - whoa what  a cute style you both have and those colors are too damn pretty. Love how it progressively got darker and more menacing towards the  end. Vanya's expressions are really good and the kill shot at the end was delivered at such an impact.

BoboNeens - I love the premise of school rivalry! Reminds me of Mean Girls Gone Wrong. Abby's friend setting Vanya up for a trap was so devious and I still can't get over how cutthroat these students are. I wanna point out how I LOVE the green tint you used on page 3. Really accentuates the mood of 'envy' if you know what I mean ;)

For a minor crit, I think both comics just suffered from a bit of a rushed climax. Not a lot of build up to justify how they all ended up taking each others lives. But with that said, I still really enjoyed both comics and very happy with what both teams were able to put out this round! Congratulations.

# 15   Posted: Mar 14 2021, 12:51 PM
I enjoyed both of these a ton, what a fun match-up.

Buggy/bang-  Oh my, The art is so soft and pretty- I adore how your styles look combined, this was a really nice surprise because I wasn't sure what to expect! For the page count, I think you both did a good job establishing the characters relationship and giving the ending an emotional punch. This was a great showing.

Neens/Bobo -I want to watch a cartoon about this school- the slice of world-building we got was really solid and I loved all of the background character-designs. Art-wise, I straight up have no complaints, the bright colours and the chunky lineart were lovely, the big crowd on the final page was fun too. Maybe it's my dumb sense of humour but I mentally inserted someone in the back going "aaawkward."
Anyway, this was cute and an enjoyable read, great job!

# 14   Posted: Mar 13 2021, 12:48 PM
BuggyBang: The tone is much more serious, and the resulting conclusion more dramatic. The promise of a battle-royale like game of death make me curious

Bobeen: A lighter tone, making the death appears much more violent. I can also dig this kind of setting.
Also, are the other kids the other participants? Because if so, this version of Llaana is very cute. They are ALL cute. Except Vanya. She's dead.

Global Moderator
# 13   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 12:50 PM
Both comics were strong showings but both left me unsatisfied with the final climaxes/conflicts, not because they were short but because they were both resolved with just a single basic spear thrust after pages of build-up :(

Team Vanya: It's clear you guys loved drawing these characters, the attention to them in every way was aces. The color *choices* work real well too, but the shading/rendering still needs some work. There's also a few places here and there where panel layout isn't as well composited as it could be (see: page 3 panel 1, lots of needless empty space). The story left me a little confused: Did both ballerinas get a letter saying Vanya's brother was in danger or is the implication that Abby has a brother of her own? It also felt rushed that given the emotional bond being presented that the two were so quick to draw spears instead of take a moment to at least talk it out first before finding they may need to inevitably fight.

Team Abby: Love the worldbuilding of this cutthroat ballet school, I think you guys worked real well with that. But likewise the switch from students to lethal enemies felt rushed without enough reason to jump to such bloody lengths. That being said though y'all nailed your visual style and cohesion, great work on that front

# 12   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 11:59 AM
BUGGBANG- Gosh your art styles <3 I didn't know I wanted this level of candy floss dreamscape until I opened the first page. The colors are so nice and Bangs signature pointy noses and extremities made for a nice little bit of edge in this otherwise cutesy scenario. The story was straight and to the point. You have your hook with the mystery ransom letter and open that up to something bigger when its revealed Abby got the same note. I personally loved that you chose a full body panel on page 6 for that reveal. It gives us a chance to see the size disparity between them and what each character is suddenly up against. I loved LOVED that blood summoning sequence. It was a cutesy take on a grisly power. I think opting for it to be pink instead of red was a good edit as well. Made it fit the world.
The cracked glass was a great last page. A literal reflection of how Vanya feels doing what she has to do. I really dig this character and I really wanna see more!

BOBINA- Right off the bat I freakin loved the designs of the ballet students. Whoever took point on their hellish inspiration I gotta doff my hat to. The teeth eyes girl had to be my favorite. Your environments and overall look felt loosey goosey. Kind of toonish which at least for me fit the overall look of your comic. It tickles me to see aspects of the characters Abby is borne from manifesting in her personality and dialogue. The temper, the overconfidence and scheming. she is definitely lil Lily's kid.
I was a little thrown by Vanya going to hide out in the bathroom after such an impressive performance in class. It felt like such a switch in tone considering y'all established her to be self assured despite being new.
I think Vanya's demise was uber dramatic- I mean it was showcased to a whole audience, but the escalation ramped up in a manner that had be going back pages wondering HOW Vanya was a threat to the whole class. It leaves me wondering where Abby stands. Is she selfish and feels her stardom threatened, or is she murdering for the classrooms greater good? The answer felt up in the air. Who knows, maybe that was the intent?

# 11   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 06:18 AM
Bang/Buggy, this was a short and sweet comic that got right to the point and I loved your use of soft colors. It was a very good read.

Jade/Nina, this comic OOZED style and I absolutely fricking loved it. The thick lines, the vibrant and changing colors, the designs of the characters themselves, all wonderful. If I have a critique it’s that it just ended very abruptly.

# 10   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 03:57 AM
Love how these started with the same setting and went two completely different directions! I really enjoyed both of them, this is gonna be a tough vote.

Bang/Buggy - I love this shiny pink bubblegum look in the beginning, and how it shifts to a dark purple when the fighting starts. Same ballpark of colours while conveying a totally different tone. The Abby redesign was great, I can clearly recognise elements of her original costume while being a more suitable one for ballet. And that last page! I loved the shattered glass and the silhouette with Vanya’s words, very impactful.

On the crit side, after the first few pages the background seems to disappear, and the gradient look doesn’t cut it when there’s so much space behind the characters. I also found the reason they ended up killing each other a little random.

Jade/Nina - Your styles mesh together so well! There was never a point in the story where I could clearly tell one person or the other was mainly working on it, and the overall look was super cute. I love Abby, she’s a brat in an endearing way. I love the way her neck fire is almost like a puffy collar and changes colour with her emotions.

Okay thoughts on colours: I’m with Fearn, the use of yellow for Vanya clearly marks her as out of place and unwanted in the studio. Meanwhile at the end, I notice Vanya’s hoodie matches Abby’s fire in colour, I read that as them becoming more similar to each other as they’ve both resorted to violence. The fuchsia in the background during the kill is also a nice middle ground between a cutesy pastel pink, and the red of blood. Perfect for a murder by a cute character. However, I’m also on the fence about the bathroom colours and not sure those worked out too well.

# 9   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 03:11 AM
An excellent battle of ballet!

Vanya: A cute little story! Although I feel like it spreads onto a lot of pages, I think you could tell the same thing in half the pages and make it more snappy. Good work!! And these blood powers are giving me heavy oldschool void vibes :3

Abby: Since you requested the colours feedback... It definitely shows that they have been thought through. Your use of pallettes is excellent, especially the first page, with the blues and yellow that just jars so beautifully. And then on pages 5 and 6, the teal-red-purple is SO unsettling. One I am not sure about is maybe the muddy green tones on some of the bathroom sequence panels. If you wanted green, sure, but perhaps there is a better shade of green? Like a light tealy or mint or something else. I also loved the final reveal that she is on stage and has this huge audience, it was great!!!

Approval Committee
# 8   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 12:39 AM
real quick, we both ended up sharing a bit of everything in ours due to time constraints on both parties! story, thumbs, pencils, and inks have both our hands on them. all color work goes to jade though! should we be lucky enough to survive I think we’ll be in much better shape next time. love the comic, bang and buggy!!

# 7   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 12:32 AM
OH I wanted to mention that I'd specifically like feedback on the coloring! I'm trying to experiment a lot with coloring for mood and aesthetics and want to know what worked and what didn't, especially in terms of matching the colors to the vibe of each scene.

# 6   Posted: Mar 9 2021, 12:11 AM
AAAAAA YOU GUYS MADE ABBY SO CUTE!!! I love her dramatic attitude. I guess I don't want to spoil anything for other readers, but you sure did take that extra step to make me more sad about this death. It was really fun fighting you guys, and I hope you enjoy our comic too!

# 5   Posted: Mar 8 2021, 09:31 PM
Credits for Bang and I’s side!!

Writing: Both
Thumbs: Bang
Pencils: Buggy
Inks and Flats: Bang
Rendering and text: Buggy

Thank you Neens and Bobo for the battle!!!

# 4   Posted: Feb 22 2021, 11:09 AM
This is going to be so wholesome until the murder starts

# 3   Posted: Feb 22 2021, 10:50 AM
Let the best undead girl win!!!

# 2   Posted: Feb 22 2021, 08:34 AM
Battle of the cute undead-type girls :>

# 1   Posted: Feb 22 2021, 08:16 AM
demons and bloodshed, oh my!

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