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Intro Story — MEGRE

by Reecer6

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Lady Jade
# 7   Posted: Feb 16 2021, 12:00 PM

# 6   Posted: Feb 7 2021, 02:54 PM
I love the setting for this! Can't wait to learn more!

Community Manager
# 5   Posted: Feb 5 2021, 02:02 PM
congrats on getting him in, i made a full crit on the approval as well as junkcast but it's great to see comics outside of void city and look forward to seeing how you use other characters in idaho.

# 4   Posted: Feb 4 2021, 09:44 AM
I already love the Twin Peaks recognition from the community
Fun idea to set this outside of void and in its own universe. Allows for a whole new discovery of world rules and anomaly’s.
Pairing MEGRE’s dialogue to a sleepy crawl of the elements of the town is a nice cinematic nod (like why is there a furry cook in that diner? What animal owns that odd alien animal skull??)
The dynamic of deep introspective detective and plucky partner is evident on page three

I think as far as just comics go, this definitely is a stand out to your usual work. I hope you keep exploring this direction.

# 3   Posted: Feb 3 2021, 06:27 AM
I really like the direction of this detective you have here. I'll admit it is a really solid entry and makes me super psyched for you character and his potential match ups. I'm sure you will be able to find someone who would want to battle ya.

You're backgrounds are pretty solid and the economic use of colors in some of your panels are pretty effective. Good Luck in your future battles mate!

# 2   Posted: Feb 1 2021, 08:47 PM
yo I was watching Twin Peaks the other day!

So first, this is like the best artwork I've seen from you. You nailed the earthy color palette and the lighting on the 2nd and 3rd pages.  The little lights coming through the leaves is A+ from me.
And this is a super interesting character and concept to me.  Robot detective and small town middle america and maybe some weirdness are a good mix.  Like, the AU is not only a unique direction but also the fact that you're going with a specific genre is what really catches my attention.  Give me that new weird hard boiled crime stories!
This concept already got me wanting to battle this robot with comics.

# 1   Posted: Feb 1 2021, 07:53 PM
Really enjoyed this intro. I love the way you did the environment; the first panel on page 2 was my favourite, the autumn colours and the head draped almost artfully across the branches. Also it’s really interesting how normal Idaho is believed to be the corrupting influence that caused the murder, if I’m reading that right.

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