24 HR Rave to the Grave / Sidae vs. Lucifer (Luci)

24 HR Rave to the Grave / Sidae vs. Lucifer (Luci)

24 HR Rave to the Grave — Sidae vs. Lucifer (Luci)

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tags: lucifer (luci), sidae

This comic has been rated suitable for teens and up by its creator(s)

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# 13   Posted: Feb 5 2021, 04:24 PM
Much like everyone else, I can't help but love this battle on the merit of it being a 24 HOUR SCAR MATCH?? That's extremely cool to see and I applaud you both for being so daring.
For a 24-hour match, I think the art and attention to detail are super solid in this battle. Even though I have some crits, I think you both tackled the deadline/scar challenge decently.

Fluff- I loved the Shinning Reference panel, (great thumbnail choice) I also adored the scar, it felt brutal without being a total gorefest- though honestly, the bit with the fingernails made me shiver more than the actual finger chopping. As usual, your expressions are wonderfully animated.
Bit of a nitpick- Sidae suddenly appearing at the start felt too sudden and jarring.
I would have cut the throwaway exposition panel in the middle & replaced it with one at the start actually showing what Sidae was up to. It would have set the scene nicely- in fact, his shadowy figure could have been stalking the background on that first panel.

Buggy- I love your choice of brushes and pallet, it gives the comic an old-timey feel which matches Luci's Au nicely- whether you intended it too or not, the art feels like a creative, conscious style change, which I found very cool. I also enjoyed your handwritten font & I think generally you've improved at writing Luci's dialogue in a less distracting manner.
Crit wise, I think its a shame that the corners were cut on what is arguably the point of the comic (the scar occurring and the reveal) the choice to leave these out visually felt strange for such a short story- you probably would've gotten away with that fade to black if you'd have more pages showing the aftermath, in fact, it may have been very effective. But in a short comic with very little meat on it, to begin with, that middle page fell flat for me.

Community Manager
# 12   Posted: Feb 5 2021, 01:57 PM
Doing a 24 hour scar match is crazy and i love that you both went for this.

Fluff: the expressions you do are great even under tight deadlines they still shine through. I also like the gray midtone you used here, it's working and on longer comics push with more with specific highlights and blackspots on characters. also the scar was gnarly.

Buggy: I love your time piece comics, there's something about your style and the sepia tone you use that captures the time piece perfectly. unfortunately the scar wasn't too clear but this was still a good one day comic.

# 11   Posted: Feb 4 2021, 10:17 AM
Gosh, y'all mad lads doing a 24 hour battle and a scar match no top of it. I LOVE that level of YOLO and I think th time constraints and stakes made for some interesting directions.

I'll agree with the previous crits that the scar Luci netted in Fluffs side was gnarly. Way to give us the money shot of showing us exactly what was lost. Again, I don't wanna harp too much on overall style and theme due to the time crunch, but I was surprised to find Buggy brought that in spades. You had a vision and that was old school and you delivered. Aesthetically, I felt transported back in time. Unfortunately the results of the scar match are pretty unclear and are written out in a newspaper rather than shown.

# 10   Posted: Feb 1 2021, 07:09 PM
i'll forgive the lack of spider children this time.

Fluff- Dang this was a gnarly scar, but i think the fingernails is what got me going "ooooo"  Pacing issues what Don mentioned aside this was pretty effective in getting us to go "aaeaghuh"

Buggy- Really cool look going on here not just with the ye olde void au but the newspapery artstyle and look of the comic.
The 2nd page kind of lost me for a bit since much of the actual action taking place off screen with just text.  Definitely could have used a lead in and out with the whole incident.

# 9   Posted: Jan 30 2021, 03:09 PM
Holy hell you both have so much guts to pull a 24-hour scar match, hats off! The results were pretty good too!

FLUFFS - Your sense of humor is always on point- that shining easter egg made me lose it. Luci's fate makes me shudder, that shot with the nails sent shivers down my spine, well done!! I really adore Sidae, reading anything involving him is always such a treat!

BUGGY - I'm a sucker for Luci, so seeing her in action was again was very nice! I got a little confused over what happened- we get an idea in the last page, but it left me wondering how Sidae fared. The art is very very nice and newspaper-y!

# 8   Posted: Jan 29 2021, 07:06 PM
Gonna be hard to wield that scythe effectively with three less fingers, shoulda tried harder mate

Global Moderator
# 7   Posted: Jan 29 2021, 10:55 AM
I will always hold those who do 24hr battles to some higher respect— Doing even 3 pages within a one-day timespan is always such an undertaking, and the fact that you two were able to create complete stories within that is impressive! And with consideration that you guys were working under 24 hours, I'll keep any possible criticism about the visuals to an absolute minimum.

However, I would say that both of these comics suffer from weak middles in their writing. Following the quite literal beats of of the first page being the introduction, the second being the middle/climax, and the third page being the conclusion— Both comic's second pages weaken the dramatics of their writing for similar reasons of "I can't tell what's going on", just in varying degrees of that confusion.

FLUFF: This introducing hook of this comic (Being the reveal that Something went down between Sidae and his siblings) definitely makes me more interested in who he is as a character, and I look forward to seeing you explore more of what hint you've given us to Sidae's backstory!

It's hard to criticize this comic for the fact that you two had undoubtedly set the limit to three pages maximums, and under a 1-day time span— But I'm inclined to agree that for the story you wanted to write here, introducing what I'm guessing is to be a critical point to Sidae's character, it is unfit for a small 24hour and thus negatively impacts the comic in terms of just making it too short. Sort of bridging upon what Miguel says when they state "It feels like something was missing after I finished reading," I equally came out of this comic feeling like the events were pretty rushed, that I didn't have time to swallow what you were introducing, which is a shame because I really feel like if you were to introduce and expand upon these elements in a longer deadline, it would've come out great! This interaction between Sidae and Luci feels like a /very/ awkward 5 minutes (Perhaps even less) and doesn't allow the hook to the middle, the middle fight itself, and the tense conclusion to carry its intended weight.

I would totally recommend in perhaps a future battle or BB, you only need one really, to just continue Sidae's reaction to this particular meeting. Having a future comic where he directly references to this interaction and still has some sort of feeling or learning from it will make any possible timeline you're creating for Sidae more linear, and gives this battle a more resolute ending in terms of Sidae actually taking the interaction as an /experience/ and not just a "Well, that just happened," mannerism.

BUGGY: Absolutely LOVE seeing more Void comics set in their own individual AU's! I hope to see more if this in the future, I'm totally curious about what happened with Luci! And I do enjoy final line from Sidae in page 1, and would love to see more parallels between Luci and Lucifer!! Totally feel bad for those two with the whole textile incident though, haha.

Going into some more depth about what Cydork says about confusion in the story, and returning to the topic of the issue with the middles of these comics, this comic has no middle in the first place. We're just given the introduction and the conclusion, and this is sorta bound to make anyone confused on what happened. That second page, being just text and sound effects (Which all look quite pretty by the way), totally could've worked if the introduction incited some sort of gradual buildup early-on, but it seriously only seems like the comic just works 'implications', which is some very risky lines to tread upon since what a creator thinks, sees, and understands within their own work will never meet eye-to-eye with the audiences own viewing of it.

And once again, this shot of executing the climax through implications, through telling rather then showing, TOTES would have worked if you cranked on that build-up as quickly and as obviously as possible, giving us the clues in a way that lead up to the final moments rather then just throwing the elements at us for one panel each(Luci sneaking the Foreman's alcohol for them to drink, and the establishing shot of the Loom facility) and then just 'getting right to it'.

Congrats on finishing your comics, and once again major props for finishing within 24 hours! And for a scar match as well!!

Miguel The Drawtist
# 6   Posted: Jan 29 2021, 08:58 AM
I think both comics were too short. Felt like something was missing after I was finished reading.

Luci seems like an interesting character, though. She was my favourite of the two in both comics. However, Fluff's comic was a bit harder to follow.

# 5   Posted: Jan 28 2021, 09:58 PM
You mad lads, 24 hr scar match crew rise uP

Fluff - Ohhhhh we getting some Sidae Lore (TM)? I lovee that imagery when Luci sees his soul, very creepy and dramatic. Pretty gruesome scar too, and that last shot of the fingernails scraping on the coffin *shudders* finger stuff always gets to me haha. On the crit side, Luci's accent was understandable but didn't really read as Cockney to me and was pretty exaggerated. If anything it brought to mind Harley Quinn's accent with the "mista". This was a 24 hour match though, so I can't really fault you for not being able to get reference.

Buggy - I too, love Victorian Sidae! With those sideburns and the suspenders, it kinda works for him tbh XD This is also some really great script, I thought it was a font at first! It fits the vibe really well and definitely evokes Victorian-era text, as does the pencil-y texture. Idk, it just really felt like I was reading an old sketchbook and I love that. The story was a little lost on me though, and I had to reread it a few times to figure out what had happened. Since we don't see Sidae and Luci amongst the looms, or the accident occur, they're kinda disconnected from the incident. I'm also not sure what Luci produced that led to the accident. I'mmm gonna assume that la'e is latte, and that the flask was filled with alcohol? And that being drunk, they did something wrong with the machinery and that caused the accident? There's a few too many blanks the reader has to fill in mentally, imo. Still a pretty good turnout for a 24hr battle though!

# 4   Posted: Jan 28 2021, 09:30 PM
I love his face at the end!
Buggy! I finally got to fight you and I'm so happy!
This was a blast to do today!
I love Sidae in ye ol victorian times!

# 3   Posted: Jan 28 2021, 03:08 PM
Footini: Loser gets pregnant
It was gonna be a surprise!

# 2   Posted: Jan 28 2021, 08:07 AM

# 1   Posted: Jan 28 2021, 07:34 AM
Loser gets pregnant

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