[OCT] Azlantec Audition / Tyidid

[OCT] Azlantec Audition / Tyidid

[OCT] Azlantec Audition — Tyidid

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# 8   Posted: Dec 12 2020, 03:07 PM
You commented in the Tyidid vs Dr Hoang comic that you use red text to highlight important words in the comic ala Ace Attorney, and i don't think there's anything wrong with that in practice, but in this comic, "whip" is repeated in red more than any other red word here, and I didn't see any whips in the comic, nor did Tyidid land on a BDSM planet which would have been the payoff to that setup. Most everything here in red is a set up - the woman asking for medical supplies and then getting promptly squashed is a set up - payoff. Now, this is only a round one comic, so not everything has to pay off in one comic. However, if later on the whips are just a plot contrivance, a thing to sell, it wouldn't make much sense for them to be in red, because they're not really important - he could be selling anything. Instead, if there is a payoff to them regarding them being specifically whips, then you've justified them being in red. I think you should continue doing this font choice, but just remember that by doing so you're explicitly instructing the audience to make expectations, and now they must be met. Excited to see more!

Happy May 14th! -Reecer6
# 7   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 08:36 PM
indeed, the red text is meant to emphasize what things are important, like in the video games :V i'm still trying to figure out when it's best to use it, and it might be more liberal here than it should be, because i've been doing it for short enough that i still want to establish it is an intentful choice, especially in the oct where it's my only comic! "whip" appears three times, i highlight two of them, and i think it was fair to leave out the one because it was on the same page as another, and just didn't feel right. i'm not going for "certain important words are always highlighted," i'm just going for "relevant words worth keeping in mind are highlighted."

also, @kozi: the click is my least favorite sound effect in the comic and the trapped is my most favorite sound effect, in terms of how they came out u_u i do not know what to say

# 6   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 11:42 AM
It's nice to see Tyidid again! I still dig his design and salesman gimmick. The particularly callous gag on the last page got a chuckle out of me...I didn't know he was so ruthless!
Your art is nicely polished, I thought you did a good job with the underwater effects on page 4, that big establishing shot in the middle is particularly nice.
Your writing has a very distinct style and sense of humour to it, It might not be for everyone, but I think its uniqueness is one of your strongest points.  
I look forward to seeing more of these :)

(side note- is there a reason why you highlight some dialogue in red? I couldn't work out its purpose since the red words seem kinda random.)

Global Moderator
# 5   Posted: Nov 25 2020, 07:04 PM
Ooh an OCT comic on void- how neat!

I'm always jazzed to see character set ups outside of the void universe and weirdly, I find this underwater city totally fits Tyidid. A hawker of rare interstellar wares just lends itself seafaring and pirating almost, so seeing a nod to Atlantis was an intriguing nod. You have some great opportunities for some sound effects here that were missed and some that landed. The 'click' on the city goer stepping on the trap tile was a win while the stone block smashing her I feel was a miss. I get the trap is a trap and perhaps that was the joke, but it just seemed redundant to label the sound effect for a trap 'trapped'.

I do gotta say I loved your environments/design for the interior and exterior of Tyidid's spaceship. Considering earthly Atlantis and an aliens craft, you'd think they would clash, but you did a great job of making the designs harmonious.

Community Manager
# 4   Posted: Nov 24 2020, 08:48 PM
This was a funny comic and really on brand for your style of humor. I do like using the little arrow brackets to indicate him talking in a different language. The red dialogue is interested but I think you need to be more narrow when using it. It's used in different types of instances it lessens the emphasis it has, the "very recently" and "abandoned" being the weaker uses of it. You should save the red letters for when Tydid is either talking about a product like "Whips" or making money, like instead of saying and bolding all "a whole thriving city" you could have changed it to be like "A thriving wealthy city" and only bold the word wealthy to show that tydid is all about making that money.

# 3   Posted: Nov 22 2020, 04:52 PM
This was a really fun comic omg. I'll admit I don't always jive with your humor but this one was on point imo! Got several chuckles out of me, especially the moment with Tyidid considering throwing the device into the ocean, and the panel layout on that page was really clever! The Wet Floor sign was also p funny :P I think my only gripe is that I'm not sure how I feel about the colored words; it feels a bit like it was a stand-in for  using bold or italics, but imo bold or italics would have worked better because the red words kept making me wonder if they were supposed to be something super important as opposed to just things Tyidid was putting emphasis on in his speech. Which then led me to wonder why "whips" was red on page 4 but black everywhere else.

# 2   Posted: Nov 21 2020, 01:30 AM
I think this is a great “prologue” comic. It’s clearly setting up for an arc and I have a good idea of what the tourney’s going to be about without you simply infodumping. I like the parody of tumbleweed rolling across a deserted plain with the beach ball on a deck. The trap scene was a little weird for me though, bc all this blood splatters out but the woman is mostly intact when the trap raises again.

Happy May 14th! -Reecer6
# 1   Posted: Nov 20 2020, 02:10 PM
I don't know what the etiquette is in regards to posting comics from external, non-Void OCTS on Void is? Hopefully this is alright! This is a non-elimination tournament, so over the next... half a year, I guess you'll see three more of these.

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