Tag Team Tournament 2020, Final Round / Winslow Osbow and Lev Dzhambul vs. Ancelin and Gwen & Regi

Tag Team Tournament 2020, Final Round / Winslow Osbow and Lev Dzhambul vs. Ancelin and Gwen & Regi

Tag Team Tournament 2020, Final Round — Winslow Osbow and Lev Dzhambul vs. Ancelin and Gwen & Regi

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by Jade★ and Gregly

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Critiques & Comments
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# 16   Posted: Dec 16 2020, 01:04 PM
Congratulations! What a heartwarming end, with good messages scattered throughout. You two made a powerful team and I'm so excited to see what you make next! n-n

# 15   Posted: Dec 14 2020, 10:54 AM
This was a fantastic final to a seriously solid tourney, you two gave me such a hard time when it came to voting- I had to think about it for days after my first read xD.  Both of these were delightful, well-crafted comics, that honestly just made me happy.
Big congrats to everyone involved in this round <3
& Bravo to the winners.  

# 14   Posted: Dec 14 2020, 12:26 AM
CONGRATS MAGS AND POMO! It was an honor losing to you. I loved your comic, and I loved battling you guys. Your boys are precious beyond words.

I appreciate everyone who left a crit; feel free to leave any comments you'd like if you have further thoughts. I feel like some people came into this with expectations that just weren't the story Gregly and I wanted to tell, but I hope it was still enjoyable nonetheless. I know we're really proud of what we did and accomplished what we wanted to with this comic. Footini definitely hit the nail on the head about this at least partially being setup for something else (namely Election Royale). I hope the future stories each of us tells with our characters can springboard off of this tournament and bring you guys more of what you enjoyed from us!

Huge shoutout to Gregly for being a pleasure to work with. Also want to shout out Snowy and Red, who were patient with me as I freaked out all week about how things were going to go. It was a close one, and I consider that a personal win because of how much I admire Mags and Pomo as artists.

Thanks again to everyone who's read and commented on all of our comics during this tournament and everyone who gave us kind words and support to keep going even when it was overwhelming!

# 13   Posted: Dec 13 2020, 10:23 PM
Both of these are wonderful!
A perfect climaxes to the end of this tournament!

# 12   Posted: Dec 13 2020, 06:41 AM
With such precious characters being in the finals, it is no surprise that this round is such a feel good and heartwarming story. I really don't have any crits tbh aside from the side of me that always looks for the high stakes drama which I didn't get from either comic this time around. It definitely feels more like a winding down scenario of the whole tourney for me after the climax if I look at the overall  picture which is not a bad  thing! Especially that both teams have a continuing story all throughout. It just makes perfect sense! The tourney is like a movie for all characters of both teams. [mind blown]

Magipo - Hey you two should publish comics/webtoons , just saying ;) I am just blown away by your work every round. It's insane.

Bogreg - You two really up your game this time. Wow, what a great time. My favorite page? :drumroll:   Page 3 - Queen Ancelin!!! [screams]

# 11   Posted: Dec 13 2020, 04:56 AM

Stay precious you four.

Tho I think The Mayor isn't gonna be happy knowing there's leadership competition in void.

# 10   Posted: Dec 12 2020, 11:31 AM
I've been watching this Tourney for some time and I know I usually don't comment a lot but hot damn these four artist Really have been preforming through the whole tournament. I don't know who will be the one to take this but both teams are winners in my book!

Community Manager
# 9   Posted: Dec 11 2020, 08:40 PM
this is prolly the most whole tourney finales i have seen on the site in my time here.

Mags/Pomo: This was super cute and very well done. Everything about this was really good, the only crit I have is the bubble tails are really short and stubby which makes it hard to see who's saying what sometimes. But besides that this was a fantastic comic and a cute finale for your two characters.

Jade/Gregly: Ancelin is really great in this and her whole idea and plan for the city is enjoyable to see unfold for how over the top it is. also the colors and backgrounds in this comic are really good.  However the story and theme in this comic is a little confusing. It partially feels like it wants to be foreboding and foreshadow future events, but at the same time it undercuts that with this happy optimistic view and pretty much all the characters showing genuine happiness with everything going on. If you're going to have a character doubting the whole thing there should be some kind actions or elements that lend credence to that but in this comic there's nothing besides Regi saying Ancelin is delusional. What is she delusional of when this comic shows everything going her way and everyone clearly enjoying it? Though I am interested to see how far this queen of void Mayor thing Ancelin is doing will go.

# 8   Posted: Dec 10 2020, 06:51 AM
Mags/Pomo - This was a really sweet ending to Winslow’s arc! That first panel on the last page is lovely. I really appreciate that you kept it subtle, silent, and gave readers time to really sit and take the moment in. We don’t need flashbacks or words to shove the emotion down our throats (a pet peeve of mine in way too many pieces of media). And though every comic from the tourney fits together in a pretty cohesive story, this one led on especially well from the last one. Another small detail I love that Regi picks the tiniest brush despite being the largest of the group XD

The only issue I had was the speech bubbles. They often got really wordy AND numerous, with the connecting lines  twisting around each other in a way that was distracting for me. Meanwhile the tails were short and squat so in group scenes it wasn’t always clear who was saying what.

Jade/Gregly - Ancelin continues to be absolutely iconic. The red carpet being laid down for her MALL killed me. The palette was lovely here, the transition from light pink to a richer one mixed with orange as the sun set was great. I also just noticed how things turned red after Winslow breaks something, and then lightens back to pink as he’s reassured. Good stuff.

I feel like Winslow got woobified here though. Page 8 came across as almost a parody to me with the way he instantly burst into tears and said he ruined everything. Overall this also felt like a regular battle as opposed to a tourney finale. The story seemed too blasé? Idk, nothing much seemed to happen and I didn’t get a sense of resolution from any of the characters either.

# 7   Posted: Dec 9 2020, 08:48 PM
Even felt like more of a setup to future stuff.
Quote from: Footini
:thinking emoji:

# 6   Posted: Dec 9 2020, 08:15 PM
Like how both of these stories ended on a pretty upbeat note.

PocketStelle- as with the last two rounds the art here is top notch.  Even with the anime af styled characters you have the destroyed city rendered with astounding detail.  Keeping the quality up all three rounds is a feat itself.
I found it interesting that instead of a big action climax you spent the final round on falling action.  This comic is so chill and warm especially with the ending.  This certainly feels like the Winslow Show.  Much of the story in these rounds was spent more on his development with Lev being the support.  With some of the foreshadowing to Winslow's true nature in the last round I figured it would go more into that but that's not the case.  All together these rounds feels more like an extended introduction to these characters rather than a full arc.  Still see plenty of potential in both of them for future stories.  It feels good to have at least two (2) good aligned characters around.

Greglapoot-  There's an interesting contrast in styles between these two comics.  Pomo's lines have tons of detail while Gregly's have a more simple style.  However, this relatively simplified look still allows for dynamic compositions and boils characters' designs down to their most important details.  And along with Jade's colors it gives the lines an extra level of texture that feels smooooth and sweet.
The story here, similiar to the other round, felt less of a climax but more of a falling action.  Even felt like more of a setup to future stuff.  However here it seemed to be less of a complete story.  Like, I was left expecting another sequence where there's a better fitting resolution to this Mall Queen arc.  The last two pages seemed like a too quick of a wrap up to this story with Gwen and Regi just speeding through what could have been the real conflict with this story.  As of now it feels like this tourney arc just kind happens.  It shoud have given us more in the end.

# 5   Posted: Dec 7 2020, 10:35 PM
This was such a wholesome finale. To often we see battles that result in the city taking a building crumbling hit and that’s where artists leave it. It’s rather nice to see something of an epilogue, but utilizing your opponents story concept yet again and making it work for your narrative

(Bernie Voice) I am once again asking you to tell me how you rendered that building rubble. I’m still not certain if its a special brush, texture or you are really painstakingly adding that extra oomph to your ruins. I couldn’t get enough of it in round two and I can’t get enough of it now.
I saw the reasoning behind the clean up, but I feel it dragged a bit and left me wondering if this could’ve been better served as a montage. The meat and potatoes of the comic I really wanted to see was Winslow post painted cell. Does Lev swing by? What’s the end of all this mean for these two pals?
Speaking of, that painted cellblock was such a breath of fresh air. The established pages where you set the scene of the dreary apt block and even drearier apt interior was a great way to dazzle us with such a visual depiction of cheer and friendship. I was left as open mouthed as Winslow was with how utterly heartwarming the gesture was


Your styles really sang on this final round. You found your groove on cute and cuddly and I’m here for it.
I have to say your whole choice of color palate round to round has definitely been my fav so far. It would’ve been so easy to make the city a forest a series of dingy post apocalyptic greys, blacks and greens, but you really let the surrounding reflect your characters. Really brightened the place up
Maybe it’s Void itself coloring my perception, but I kind of love how you aren’t really sure?? Maybe?? That Ancelins rule is going to be a benevolent one? A model deciding she’s just queen of the city is powermove enough, but Gregly’s concerns peppered throughout was not lost on me. She is delusional, but I’m intrigued to see where it goes.
I also noted of the two battles, your was the one that actually included a populous in the background and foreground. I felt there was a following organically forming from Ancelins soapbox to Winslow worrying he offended the workers breaking a homeless house pod

# 4   Posted: Dec 6 2020, 02:44 AM
Magimouse: What a perfect ending to these two's little mini arc in the tournament!! I love that Winslow got some more support from more than Lev, and I LOVE that you didn't go the route I thought you would with Lev, Gwen, Regi, or Ancelin being upset with Winslow. I was expecting needless drama but instead got care and understanding and I'm ALL FOR IT. Lev is such a precious bean I love him. I desperately need h im to be friends with Zhanic especially with that long winded rambling on page 2. they'd never stop talking it would be great. or awful. depending on who you asked lol. ANYWAYS. Honestly story-wise I don't really have any critiques, it felt like it all flowed really well! Also I absolutely LOVED the panel with the four paintbrushes, that was such a neat visual. Critique-wise I think the only thing I can really find to point out is a bit of a nitpicky thing: on page 1 Ancelin is approaching from the left, but then in the bottom panel she's looking heroically up at the sky... facing the opposite direction. It felt like the helper droids were going the wrong direction tbh!  Other than that though, kickass comic hehe

Bobegly: Man yours was ALSO such a good endcap on the TTT arc!! I also feel like this is the round where both of you really found your groove with collabing; it feels like just the right balance of effects and detailing. Not as extreme as in round 1 but more than round 2. And the colors are *super* pleasing to look at!! The backgrounds were also all very excellent hehe. You also had quite a few really good page layouts-- pages 3 and 4 especially were VERY cool! Story-wise, I felt like some of the pacing was a little bit off, if only because the 'argument' between Ancelin and Regi went on for a bit too long and didn't get adequately fully addressed. It felt like mostly Regi was talked over without the chance to explain himself except to Gwen at the very end--and he had some, in my opinion, valid concerns which Ancelin needed to listen to and actually address, to feel like a narratively satisfying story. BUT in the end that was just a minor thing; overall the story was very fun and I'm so jazzed to see Ancelin try for mayor--I mean QUEEN--of Void hehe. Final thoughts: Lev's face on the bottom left of page 6 is the best damn thing, and also thank you for all the cameos!! really made me smile hehe

Global Moderator
# 3   Posted: Dec 6 2020, 12:27 AM
WILL POSSIBLY CRIT LATER BUT FIRST AND FOREMOST: GREAT WORK FROM BOTH TEAMS HERE, i absolutely love the shared themes of "the power of friendship" here and it makes me feel are warm and fuzzy inside to see such warming, and still interesting  comics that are absent of much dramaticism— especially as tournament finales. the visuals are greats and the stories both left a smile on my face, and Gawddamn Everyone gets a PAT ON THE BACK HERE

WONDERFUL STUFF and i REALLY hope to see more of each y'alls characters- they're just so good and i actively yearn to see more of them!!!

# 2   Posted: Dec 6 2020, 12:12 AM
I'm like slightly delirious from lack of sleep and the stress of all of this, so I'll have to give your comic another read when I'm more myself, but I just wanted to say that I'm IN LOVE with how you drew Ancelin, and your whole comic made me feel happy in my heart. I love Lev more and more every comic he's in.

Win or lose, I'm glad we got to fight you guys! <3

# 1   Posted: Nov 20 2020, 12:30 AM

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