Welcoming SmackDown / Rantu vs. Aiz

Welcoming SmackDown / Rantu vs. Aiz

Welcoming SmackDown — Rantu vs. Aiz

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by skwid

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Global Moderator
# 18   Posted: Dec 7 2020, 10:34 PM

I’m with Rikun who mentioned that this throwdown harkens to the void of old where characters see each other and start swinging. Its the tried and true recipe of battles since the dawn of Void!

I know pencils are your comfort zone so its great to see you going outside of that and trying inks and digital work! I’d love to pick your brain to know how you found the experience and whether you want to continue experimenting. If there’s any place such a thing can be done, its definitely here.
I love your nods to some of the Void baddies lurking here and there with the mass of wanted posters Rantu picks up. It shows you’ve done your comicky homework and want to plug this guy into a community established world beyond just your opponent and I think thats really neat
While you’re in the neighborhood I’d encourage you to try your hand at spot blacks or more of the graphic style you attempted on your first two panels. I was really hoping for that look throughout, but as we went along panel to panel, your backgrounds got a bit sparse. It’s only apparent because your characters are so expressive and detailed! Seems a shame to have their hijinks primarily in blank space
Midway down on your 2nd page you have what I assume is Rantu’s hand holding the wanted poster for AIZ, but your paneling doesnt clearly indicate we’ve moved onto a different scene. For a minute there I thought she was holding up her own wanted poster and it threw me
You have such a great handle of character and form I’d love to see you mix it up with your paneling and get creative with it. It’d make other aspects of your comicking shine and perhaps have you think of some creative solutions on placement and composition


I really liked your halftones, it added to the grittiness of the comic
This fight was fun?? It really was. From the trash lid head lopping frisbee, the grossout of Rantu’s skin skin coming off when Aiz bites him. This actually felt like a hobo battle, just cranked to a void frequency. It also offered both characters a chance to shine and didn’t feel grossly skewed for either person. I honestly didn’t know who was going to come out on top!
Your sound effects were a hoot. I especially loved the YEET into the trashcan on page 7. I’d just really encourage you to, like American hip-hop girl group salt n pepa to push it
You had backgrounds, you had angles, you had freakin tread on the bottom of Rantu’s shoe. Just chef’s kiss

Happy January 23rd! -Reecer6
# 17   Posted: Dec 6 2020, 12:15 AM
DANGIT i'm too late to vote again

still!! this was a sweet battle! you two are both very good artists who definitely live on the same wavelength, as evidenced by the fact that you wrote the exact same script :V would it be too forward to suggest you collab?

# 16   Posted: Dec 5 2020, 11:46 PM
Both of these were really fun and excellent first fights from new characters.
Skwid you're off to a strong start with Aiz and I hope to see more from you.  Your work has a good kinda grungey look that also feels clean at the same time.   And it's always good to see Rantu getting hit in the face.

Ran2, good too see that you're still as strong as ever.  And the digital inking works really well with your strong sense of style.
We need more of Rantu getting punched in the face tbh.

# 15   Posted: Dec 5 2020, 07:43 PM
I've re read both these comics a few times before being able to vote.
Both had fantastic jokes, trash goblins fighting, all the good stuff!!
I wish to see more!!

# 14   Posted: Dec 5 2020, 11:15 AM
It's great to see two Voiders who are dead simple: they see each other and start swinging. I like how both of them are impulsive disasters and I get the feeling they're going to be nothing but chaos incarnate. I don't have much to say that hasn't been said already, but I'm excited for both Rantu and Aiz and I hope we get to see more of their disaster energy in the future!

# 13   Posted: Dec 5 2020, 06:14 AM
This is the true meaning of hobo besties!

Ran -  You really have a knack for storytelling. I noticed this ever since I read one of your comics in the past.  While I always loved your pencilled style, these strong confident inks def showcase your art skills much better. Would love to see a shaded comic from you someday or even colored if you can manage it. There is just one panel that made me do a double take and that was in page 2 when Rantu was holding the Wanted Sign. I thought Aiz was the one holding it instead of an independent (close up) panel. Curious about what will happen if/when Rantu finds Stein though! =O

Skwid - Ayyy welcome to Void! What an impressive first battle! It's fascinating how you and Ranzombie chose a very similar inked style. Interesting use of screentones for shading. On certain cases I was wondering if the tones can be varied a bit more to indicate depth but that is just  really a nitpick as it didn't really take a way from the story.  

I really enjoyed both comics. Humor, banter are all on point. I can't wait to see more of these Dumbass Badasses :D I love them!

Community Manager
# 12   Posted: Dec 4 2020, 03:00 PM
Ran: Great comic and i love Rantu's idiot energy in this, the whole situation was pretty funny. The action is great as you tend to have a knack for it. while the lack of backgrounds isn't too much of a problem during the fight it's a little jarring in the first page. Since you have such good establishing shots you should try to add little simplified elements of those shots into your other ones to keep the characters grounded in that setting.

Skwid: This is a fantastic first battle 9 completed pages in two weeks is a great amount of content to do. this is above an average page for void of around 3/4 pages a week. Your arts really clear and clean overall though there are a couple pages with compositional issues. It wasn't clear what was happening to rantu in the first page as his head isn't moving in reaction to being hit by the bag. There is also the part where rantu gets the glass bottle in his hand, i think the angle you chose just didn't work too well for it or the throw before. This was also a funny interaction between the two characters and showed their personalities well.  Great comic and look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

# 11   Posted: Dec 4 2020, 12:18 PM
oh my gosh, this was such a fun battle to read on both ends, they compliment each other so well!! No critique here, but I do have a lot of things I loved:


The PACING here is great and I love how you flowed between the action and conversation throughout. By the way, did I mention RANTU IS SO HILARIOUS? His expressions are so believable and add so much to his dialogue- I can totally hear him. I am absolutely in love. Of course, your fighting panels were very clear and the whole thing was fun to watch. You also nailed Aiz's personality so well.  


SO FUN!! And so polished!! This style with the screentone-shading is so pleasing to the eye. The chemistry you built between these two was very nicely built up and gave way to a fun pay off :).  Aiz's expressions really stood out to me, they add so much character when we zoom out to see the action!! I also adore how you implemented your SFX in your pages, the environment was well established and it was clear these two would make great use of it. Awesome job!

# 10   Posted: Dec 2 2020, 01:33 AM
Let's hear it for my favorite new hobos!

# 9   Posted: Dec 1 2020, 05:34 PM

BROO, IT'S SO DAMN GOOD TO SEE YOUR DIGITAL INKS!!! If you had more time I think it would have been wonderful to see your work inked black and white (like what you did in the first two panels, but applied to the whole comic unf), but this is definitely a step up! Your fight scenes are always incredible and such a treat for the eyes. Some of the panels lack background and they seem a little empty, but it doesn't take away from the whole thing itself. Rantu and Aiz's chemistry is so damn fun too! Loved how we got a whole lot of good shit in this: humor, action and a very nice friendship at the end

THAT INKWOOOORK. Those are some good lines, and the halftone pattern makes your art pop so nicely! The moment I saw Aiz I KNEW she'd have great interactions with Rantu, they share a very similar energy and I'm so happy to see the two interacting in a gritty urban setting. The panel in which Aiz is crouching in the alleyway and Rantu comes up to her looks absolutely MARVELOUS!! On with the crits: the anatomy at times is a little off, and some of the quick action movements seem a little stiff, they lack a little -oomph-. Maybe adding speed lines or a sort of blurring could help you out next time!

This was such a fun match to read! I'm so happy these two met and formed a trashy trashy friendship!!

# 8   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 09:00 PM
God, the chaotic feral energies radiating from these comics was amazing. Loved both of em! Also find it funny as hell that in both comics, each of your characters bit the other XD

Ran - I love your humour dude. The Voidboard, the guys taking a video, Rantu being a blind goddamn idiot, I loved all of that. I’m also a sucker for scenes where people just rifle through/look over stuff and comment to themselves about it. Didn’t expect the truce at the end, but Rantu’s thought process behind it made sense, and I’m glad to see them become chaotic friends. The only downside to this comic I think was the empty backgrounds, a lot of the time it was literally completely white and empty.

Skwid - Congrats on your first battle! I think you did really well here, despite not being coloured it still felt pretty polished. You use screentones really effectively imo, you have crisp lines, good poses, the panelling and general layout was very good too. Story-wise though, I feel like your side was weaker. You and Ran followed a similar structure - characters bump into each other, fight, then call a truce, but your reasons felt a little more contrived, and despite your side being longer I felt like more happened in Ran’s side (due to the pacing I think)? The difference was honestly marginal though and this was still a great first showing, it’s gonna be hard af to vote on these OTL

# 7   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 12:12 AM
It was really fun to work with not 1 but 2 trash goblins!
This time around I tried to ink digitally my entry for once, but it still takes quite a lot of time out of me. Sadly the backgrounds are a lil spares as I tried to focus on making sure the important bits were finished.
Still though, I hope you can enjoy it as is!
Thanks again to SKWID for accepting my challenge!

# 6   Posted: Nov 14 2020, 09:31 PM
Aiz found someone more crass than her.

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# 2   Posted: Nov 13 2020, 08:01 AM

# 1   Posted: Nov 13 2020, 07:17 AM
Eyes emoji.

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