Fruits of the Regeneregg Cocoon / Egg Dealer

Fruits of the Regeneregg Cocoon / Egg Dealer

Fruits of the Regeneregg Cocoon — Egg Dealer

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# 7   Posted: Nov 10 2020, 07:49 AM
Thank you, you guys for the comments and tips! :)
I work hard on the next one :)
Joyous day!

# 6   Posted: Nov 9 2020, 07:32 PM
I love the Eggdealer comics! I can't wait to see more Boogie!

# 5   Posted: Nov 8 2020, 09:53 PM
The coloring style on this was really interesting to see, it looks a lot different than your other coloring experiments! I think it really suits your line style! It's always interesting to read Egg Dealer comics, thanks for making them. ^^

# 4   Posted: Nov 7 2020, 09:38 PM
Hey this is my first Egg Dealer crit!
I'm excited because ever since introduced, your work has intrigued me. You have a an interesting knack for drawing your subjected with a ton of unique idiosyncrasies but i can tell you're putting a lot of love in the art and the writing.

Im gonna go in depth for a bit so we can talk about your strengths and weaknesses. Feel free to always take what I say with a grain of salt as Im basically giving you my perspective solely off how your comic is registering to me.

On the topic of the art, you do a lot of interesting things that makes me curious if its done intentional. Lets start with your page compositions.

 while you do go more free reign on your shots and angles of each individual panels, you feature a lot of panels that carry drawing that would lead the eye from one panel to another. That's something I encourage you to push more. I will say be careful when you do panel breaks for dramatic efect. there was one on the bottom half of page two that confused me a big but I always recommend that if you want to do stuff again, keep doing a lot of trial and error because it didnt really read as you intended it to read when I first glanced at it.
Also I love how you experiment with your style. You really made sure to give your pages a naturalistic feel dispiute it clearly being digital thanks to the use of pencil lines, the painterly quiality of your colorwork and even the deliberate use of hand painted black gutters. I wish you would have followed through with the speech bubbles if only to add to the cohesiveness of your pages, buit if you intend on doing speech bubbles the way you're doing, I suggest you keep experimenting with ways to make the bubbles feel like they're a part of the page and not something you just slapped on top of it.

I know that going from one way to drawing to another way of drawing a few pages in wasnt  initially a deliberate choice but something you simply wanted to do for one reason or another.  if you ever run into that scenario again, I encourage you to execute those changes in techniques to fit the story. That'll make your choices feel way more deliberate.  

Going back to those first pages, the colors and moods really complemented the strange atmosphere, however sometimes your lines would get lost. What comes to mind too is when you see the flash back scene with the tiny egg. Sometimes it was hard to notice him unless a speech bubble was pointing at him. two ways you can go about it would have been to darken pencils or bump up the contrast specifically on the character you want to focus on. I say these things so that the drawing can be more readable. Especially when using these harsher high lights that you decided to use. Which btw I really did like

Same thing when that long haired egg went into Egg Dealer's folds. dont be afraid to darken the background or slightly change the hue justfor a bit so you can add more contrast and make your characters more readable. Dont be afraid to even zoom out and squint to see if you can make out your characters from their surroundings.

And speaking of that scene, going back to my previous comments on linework and readability. A lot of that shower scene and egg dealer itself, I love the way you exaggerate that character, but i feel like you should use some changes in line weights to separate bigger broader forms, such as the chest from the stomach, of the forearms from the arms. you can use thinner lines for the details. if that doesn't sound appealing, I'd say experiment. At the end of the day, I just encourage you to make the characters more readable.
Im not going to tell you how to improve your forms all I can say is be careful when you exaggerate to the point of distraction.
The sequence when Egg Dealer comes out the cocoon had some cool moments. You have a real good eye for the dramatic. Like I legit want to know what happens next, especially with the priest character. It did take me a while though to piece together that Egg Dealer was still in his shell before you do that wonderful shot of his hand smashing though.

Overall, I know I said a ton but you have an enormous amount of love put into these pages,  I want more. I want more battles with MR PR, hell I wanna battle you. If you got something out of this crit, I hope it helps you out. If any of this confused you, feel free to let me know. Again good job, cant wait to see more soon!

# 3   Posted: Nov 6 2020, 11:29 PM
I can’t really comment on the story or style since neither are my thing, but I think you could benefit from referencing real fat people for your Egg Dealer comics, or if you already do, reference more often. He often looks like an expanse of flesh with no form, and on page 6 his legs seem to be backwards. I also agree with Arts in that the first colouring style looked nicer. The pencil-like lines suit your rounded shapes.

Community Manager
# 2   Posted: Nov 5 2020, 04:29 PM
I have mad respect for your sheer insanity and ability to do whatever you want. In terms of coloring I kind of prefer the first method you did but would like to see stronger lines with it. Speaking of your lines in the later pages you go over curves with multiple lines when instead you just should use one line with varying pen pressure. So practice your line art a bit and working on cleaner bold lines. Shine on you crazy diamond.

# 1   Posted: Oct 31 2020, 02:17 AM
This is my amazing 7 pages :)
I started coloring a certain way, but then I switched to another way midstream.

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