Tag Team Tournament 2020, Round 2 / Ancelin and Gwen & Regi vs. Chica Chicana and El Catador

Tag Team Tournament 2020, Round 2 / Ancelin and Gwen & Regi vs. Chica Chicana and El Catador

Tag Team Tournament 2020, Round 2 — Ancelin and Gwen & Regi vs. Chica Chicana and El Catador

by Bobo and Gregly

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This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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# 13   Posted: Nov 19 2020, 12:16 PM
Welp, while i'm unhappy that me and Arts had IRL problems hindering our progress, I'm happy we didn't forfeit and posted something nonetheless.

I really liked your comic, Bobo and Gregly, the storyarc you're sticking with has that good old early 2000 cartoon network feeling to it. I'm not upset losing to that.

# 12   Posted: Nov 18 2020, 04:27 PM
Bobo and self: I was real excited to wake up morning of and see how Bobo handled the coloring. I agree that the strong gold hues coming with Ancelin's word bubble on page thirteen had a great effect. Especially after I flipped the script on Bobo halfway through I'm glad these look as good as they do... I inked seven pages in the last two days so they were getting sloppy, I will definitely plan better for the next round. If anyone wants to know, I inked the pages in this order-11,10,9,7,1,2,12,3,4,5,14,6,13,8

ArtsandGoodies and Radji: this comic is great, I like how all four of the pages with outfit reveals use generally the same layout with the full outfit in the upper right and details and commentary elsewhere. I really like Catador's drag, especially the way his long nails look on pg3. The ending with them running off naked is a funny and fitting ending. Plus you did a good job showing emotion with Regi's face, which is something I still struggle with even after drawing him for years. The realization face at the bottom of page seven is pushed and looks excellent! I know timing was an issue but even the quick shading you did on the figures really makes everything pop, and the folds on everyone's clothes look great too. I'd like to see more from this duo!

# 11   Posted: Nov 17 2020, 06:34 AM
Wow fun comic on both sides!

Bobegly - I love the  continuing story approach you guys adapted for your rounds. I am a sucker for character development and it's so nice to get to see how Ancelin, Gwen/Regi stories progress throughout the tourney as well as the mall's return to Void City. Ancelin is as fashionable as always. Can't wait to see her as a  mayor and give the city a literal makeover. Then again we gotta see who her  opponents are gonna be for the election. It'd be funny to see Chica run against Ancelin just to spite her lol. It's also great to see  Gwen and Regi become good friends again and overcome their challenges together. I thought Catador getting subdues by kitty scratches behind the ear was absolutely adorable.

RadArts - I am so sorry to hear that you guys had some issues this round! BUT!!! I really love your side too. Chica being a toon worked so well with breaking the 4th wall and the punchline at the end really made me laugh. I actually thought this was a better comic than the last one you guys had in terms of entertainment most especially.

Great job everyone.

# 10   Posted: Nov 17 2020, 04:54 AM
Bobegly: What a fun comic!! :D I was smiling through the entire thing, you two have really great comedic timing and I feel like you guys really effectively utilized the zaniness available from a toon character! I like that you did tone down some of the hyper-rendering from last time--the colors really felt like they matched the line style. The limited palette in the fight was a real good touch too, it made the whole thing feel very dramatic. And yay! We get to see Gwen and Regi fighting together as a team again!! Overall this felt like a very satisfying comic :3 also thank you for cameoing Croi!! I love the idea of him just going full Happy Cat when pet behind the ears XDD

RadArts: I'm glad we got to see Catador doing drag hehe :P and I loved that you guys were able to expand on Catador and Chica's relationship! There wasn't much to the story but thats okay in this case cuz it didn't feel like it really NEEDED a big story; it was just a fun little drag show. The fourth wall break at the end was great, as was the punchline of Catador throwing his clothes too XD and I know this is just a small detail but I really liked the way yall did the little character icons to indicate who was speaking! The style and the brush you used made it look kinda like little neon signs!

Global Moderator
# 9   Posted: Nov 15 2020, 09:36 PM

- Ancelin really just took the entire forest with her back to void, damn
- Echoes to battles past and rounds previous are nicely showcased. Going with a linear progressing story is always a plus for me
- The malls manner of locomotion on page 2 bottom panel I feel could’ve been more dynamic than side scrolly. You get this great reveal its the whole mountain Ancelin is bringing with her, which could’ve been built up to with that panel. Undershot angle
- Ancelins priorities are ramen, steak and facemask. APPROVE
- Missed opportunity for Catador to be delighted with the contents of the relief package on the bottom of page 4
- Color change on page 7 is glorious. Feels on theme for Ancelins entry
- Rubberhose cement is hilarious
- Your sound effects are present but lack pizzazz. Keep pushing it!

# 8   Posted: Nov 12 2020, 11:23 PM
Radji/Arts: so sorry to hear your team faced hardship. I hope you're both doing okay and feel better soon. Your comic still brought a smile to my face, so I hope that thought can bring one to yours, too. :)

Bobo/Gregly: nice work!!! This had many fantastic moments that made me laugh aloud. I got a belly laugh from "who dis?" haha. That panel felt prime for comedy, thanks to your clever pacing and understanding of comic devices. Just one example of where you two have demonstrated great understanding of the medium, executed and delivered with superb attention to detail (the mre made me lol too, like ...imagine Ancelin doing one of those reviews to test the Ancelin approved ones. Delicious! I would watch her Youtube channel to zone out of armaggedon fr!!). I especially love Ancelins chosen outfit for her self-declaration of queendom - and the way you exaggerated this moment with a huge shift of tone in layout, colour etc. These Void peasants won't know what's hit 'em. Gwen and Regi are always a huge delight to read because they have this great outside-the-box nature to them that always keeps me guessing how they'll solve whatever problem they face - and this story was them at their finest! Thanks for making such a cheery, thoughtful and well-put-together read.

Web Dev
# 7   Posted: Nov 12 2020, 04:59 PM
grobo: Charming once again. I think if this was "finished" that it would have been a good step up from last round. The story moved along a bit better and didn't feel split into different parts. Though, I did need to read it a few times to really get it. The colors felt like they were on track to work better with the line art, as well, and I liked the use of limited palettes. The art overall was a bit of a step down, and felt rushed. I think you 2 would greatly benefit in trying to make a shorter comic with these short deadlines. At the moment, it feels you are trying to cram a 5 week comic into a 2 week deadline. I know that might not be possible with this arch popping off now, but something to think about in the future maybe.

radsandgoodies: While it may not have been by choice, I think scaling things back a bit made for a better overall comic. Good job.

# 6   Posted: Nov 12 2020, 02:01 PM
This was so much fun! LOVED how Gwen calmed Croi down in the beginning just to pull the exact same trick with Catador, it was super adorable! The absurdity of Anacelin moving a whole ass mountain it's so over the top- I LOVED IT SO MUCH. Chica and Catador look very cute in your style too! And the interactions between them were very very sweet. I know they are crushing on the other, but it felt like Catador was moving a little too quickly perhaps. The lighting on page 7 was so beautiful! And Chica going "HEY PUTA!" Made me laugh way too hard lmaoo. VERY nice stuff!!

I'm really sorry to hear about your hand, Arts. That's very unfortunate and you're right- your health comes first 100%. Regardless of the complications, this was very fun to read! The story about Catador watching Chica's show as a kid was so heart-warming, I never expected to see him in drag but I LIVE FOR IT! The bit where Catador grabs Chica's face is so incredibly sweet- I love them together already. Definitely hope to see more of them working side by side. Catador at the end made me laugh hard dasggdas

Both were really good! Great job!!

# 5   Posted: Nov 11 2020, 06:05 PM
Jade/Gregly - This was just ridiculous in a great way. Ancelin is so fucking extra. I loved the fact that her signature was printed on her “supply missiles” and every single part of the package. Ancelin (TM) face masks, of course, equally as important as food in the aftermath of Arma. She honestly kind of stole the show for me despite not showing up in person that much. It was also extremely pure for Gwen to calm Catador by petting him, and a nice throwback to the beginning! I was just wondering how he could slot into things as another anthro cat.

The quality seemed to fluctuate a lot in this comic, for example going from page 6-8 was quite jarring. There’s no shading, the line work is less confident and the environment mostly bare, and then it jumps to more highly rendered and detailed, then back to no shading and barer environments again. Then the following pages are sort of intermediate. Page 7 seems to be the only one with a high amount of rendering, upon reread. I know stuff came up for you irl as well so you couldn’t finish everything, but I feel like leaving all the pages at a similar level of completion/rendering, or maybe switching halfway through and then staying consistent, gives a better impression than switching back and forth.  

PS “Move it crowd character #9” also made me laugh

Arts/Radji - I’m sorry to hear about the health issues! My hand’s also been acting up so I feel you there Arts. And Radji, you’re a beast for finishing the inks so quickly. It was cool seeing Catador in drag and I really loved the meta jokes in this comic. The ending especially caught me off guard and it made me snort. In terms of toon logic, I think Chica was utilised far more and in a more interesting way in your side! Also baby Catador was so cute ;;

Web Dev
# 4   Posted: Nov 11 2020, 10:23 AM
@Radji/Arts: I'm sorry so much shit went down with you guys, but this was a fun comic nonetheless! Catador in drag is something I never realized I needed so bad, and I love the bit with Chica feeling bad about her appearance and Catador supporting her. Such an unlikely but enjoyable ship! Having Gwen and Regi jump into Justice Mode and Ancelin defend Chica was also a nice touch. Catador throwing off his clothes at the end was a great touch, as well.

Thanks for the great match, and I hope things get better for you!

Web Dev
# 3   Posted: Nov 10 2020, 11:59 PM
Submitted! I didn't manage my time as well as last round, so I apologize for anything left partially unfinished. I did my best to at least make everything look nice!

Gregly and I both did scripts and thumbs, I did pencils for the first 6 pages, Gregly did the rest and inked everything, and I did colors.

Community Manager
# 2   Posted: Nov 8 2020, 08:02 PM
So I didn't really do nearly as much as I felt like i should for this comic, I wrote it and it took me way too long to get into inks, and as I started to get into inks I have been having some extremely bad thumb hand pains so my contribution to this part won't be much and I apologize for that but my health comes first.

# 1   Posted: Oct 27 2020, 12:21 PM
Whoever writes in a vogue battle gets my vote.

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