The Ultraviolet Riot / Saal vs. Steph

The Ultraviolet Riot / Saal vs. Steph

The Ultraviolet Riot — Saal vs. Steph

by Footini

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tags: saal darkmalice, spoiler, steph

by Nothin

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Web Dev
# 15   Posted: Dec 12 2020, 09:24 PM
Spoiler: Footini • show
This was really fun! I love how you portrayed Steph's afterimages, and Saal is a fucking ICON. I think art-wise, the main thing I'd say to work on is using line widths to separate foreground from background more. There were a couple of spots (I specifically noticed this on page 2, panels 1 and 4) where the foreground and background seemed to blend together because the line widths were so similar. Also, on page 8, because of reading direction and the direction of the text, it looks more like Saal's zooming away than zooming closer. I think you tried to counteract that with the way you did your sound effect, which was pretty cool, but it just can't win again reading order. The simple solution would just be to make sure action like that goes from left to right, or only have a solid drawing of Saal in the spot where they end up instead of in both starting and ending spots. Otherwise, I really like how you're playing with solid colors to separate backgrounds and characters; I'd like to see more shading on top of that, and would recommend cutting your stories a bit shorter so you can add that. A more polished, shorter comic is going to feel better than a longer one where you have to cut out some of that polish.

Story-wise, I don't have any strong feelings one way or another about this. I enjoyed seeing these two interact, especially seeing Saal face unexpected reactions from Steph's powers. It didn't really feel like their stories progressed, but maybe that wasn't the point. The way Saal so easily moved past their fight with Steph felt kind of anti-climactic. I assume that's just their personality, and that's fine, but it made the resolution feel too easy. All that said, seeing these two together is really fun, and the Spoiler cameo was a nice touch. I love the idea that he's basically Steph's stand now haha.

Spoiler: Nothin • show
Okay first off, on page 5... THOSE SOME GOOD HANDS!!! I love Saal's gloved thumb especially for some reason. I guess it's kind of an odd angle, and the folds on their glove are just really natural feeling. In fact, this whole comic has some A+ hands.

Art-wise, I think this is great, but if you're going to go without grays, I'd like to see more spot blacks for shadows. You already have some great spot blacks in your backgrounds and in the characters' hair, but adding shadows would really make your art pop. I think going without shading or color actually works really well because of how it contrasts with Steph's powers, so I'd keep that, or at most do a limited palette that doesn't distract from the green and purple.

Story-wise, I really enjoyed this comic. It's pretty chill, and that feels nice for Steph after all the violence they've been through. You also made Saal so cute (not that they weren't already cute af)! I love Steph's story a lot, and I feel like we saw a bit of vulnerability with them that's really refreshing. I feel that much more invested in their continued development. Honestly, I really don't have any suggestions for how you could have done better, other than the ending feeling kind of abrupt. I'm not sure if that was intentional or if you ran out of time, but either way you left me wanting more. I really want more of Steph!

# 14   Posted: Dec 12 2020, 11:36 AM
Dude this is a trippy and fun battle to read. I enjoy the two interacting with each other. Footini's side was a lot more action based but I do enjoy Nothin's heart to heart moment. Both comics are done really well and I have enjoyed reading them both

# 13   Posted: Dec 12 2020, 01:53 AM
Footini: I like the limited color palette that you used on this! Saal's sass is always fun to see too. I think you could have put a little more detail into the backgrounds of the comic (minus the large mural, that was a really interesting touch to the landscape!). I was also a bit surprised to see Saal believe that Fate was something that had to be followed, considering how they've acted in previous comics. Overall, I think this comic is one of your best ones yet, I love to see the improvement!

Nothin: I really like how bored Saal's house looks, and the poses that you've got going on in this comic! I do wish that you had put a visual effect or noise to indicate when Saal would disappear/teleport to make it a bit more clear on what was happening, though! The comic felt a little cut off, but I love how you used composition in the panels and how you draw characters! Lovely work!

Community Manager
# 12   Posted: Dec 11 2020, 07:55 PM
Footini: Your improvement has been fantastic and this comic is a great leap forward. The inks in this are very nice and clean and your color choices are great. even with the characters as one solid character it works for this comic. I also like how your characterized steph in this. One thing you should practice is characters getting hit, the times a character gets punched in the face something about it looks off, i think it's becuase you do the cheek with one round shape that doesn't sell the impact of the punches. the Baki Manga has some great panels of people getting punched in the face and doing some studies of that then applying it to your style can help. But great job with this and keep going.

Nothin: You always have great linework and while it has an abrupt end I do like the story here. The dialogue makes this situation and the characters feel real because of that dialouge. I look forward to seeing the rest of it when you get a chance to finish it.

# 11   Posted: Dec 11 2020, 01:15 PM
Footini- HELL YEAH, SAAL COMICS. I love this character, their attitude and abilities never fail to entertain me.
I'm extremely intrigued by the plot you've kicked off here- I wonder how the "Spirit-weaver" will play into things :O
Your art style is as fun as ever, I also liked your limited use of colour and how you used it to emphasis the emotional state of the characters.  Nice work!

Nothin- your linework is a delight, everyone's expressions and gesture feel so lively and natural, I also adore how you drew Saal, I think you have one of my favourite styles on the site. The story was simple but an effective bit of character development- it was a nice scene. However the ending felt a tad abrupt and I do think this comic would've benefited from some basic shading just to give it a more finished look, especially for a 4-weeker.

# 10   Posted: Dec 10 2020, 10:54 PM
snager: well, footini knows all the deep lore, back story, and meta commentary on every active void character and a few inactive ones.
he always does callbacks to shit i am unfamiliar with... I don't know what 'fate dead' means

Just wanted to point out that the “fate dead” Footini was referencing wasn’t deep lore or meta stuff, it’s from Arma. Literally the reason Hunter raised Hell in the first place ahah.

Footini - You work great with digital dude! This was a really visually fun comic, it’s great to see your style in crisp digital inks. I enjoyed the vibrant colours and blocking characters in different ones, but I agree it definitely muddled the environment. I missed the nondescript “Titan island” label and assumed this was happening in a mindscape until I read the comments. In terms of lettering, I agree with Batty and would also suggest using a tool to make bubbles as that’ll look more polished! Warp the bubbles too so they aren’t uniform ellipses.

Nothin - I love the subdued route you went with here. I was immediately drawn in and really disappointed that it ended so soon :(( That last page that’s told entirely through the hands and dialogue was really great, and I eagerly await the full story!

# 9   Posted: Dec 8 2020, 09:33 PM
Footini- you knocked it out of the park with this one. Your backgrounds are fantastic and I disagree about the colors needing to be more natural to make it feel less dream like. I think it plays perfectly well the way it is. Your stuff has always been fantastic but you’re making huge leaps and bounds now that you’ve got better digital tools.

Nothin- your comic has a sheen of professionalism that really stands out to me. It looks absolutely fantastic, and Saal was brought to life perfectly in your style.
Had this been an early entry into a longer story I would call it perfect but as a battle not a whole lot is given to the reader about Steph’s powers, so it feels like it ends before it really gets started.

# 8   Posted: Dec 8 2020, 06:34 AM
Footini - Well done with the colors! Love the consistent palette  to set the mood. It gives Titan Island an otherworldly feel. Though a part of me wonders if a more neutral/real-world looking palette would've worked better here since Titan Island is in Void City physically. At first I thought they were in a dream dimension of some sort or Sandbox. I am very intrigued with the plot you're going for here. I found myself trying to decipher the figures in that mural. I can def see Ben, Evelin, Veruca, Dairyu, David Birch and Enarbie  I think! Just wild guesses. I am also amused at how you depicted Steph here like marvel's Hulk. It does work well considering their abilities. Overall excellent job and I am excited to see you improve further on. Keep up the good work.

Nothin - Step  definitely has interesting powers and I can't wait  to see their story develop. I feel that there's a lot of great  opportunities here. I  was hoping the comic was longer though because I wanted to see or at least have an inclination on what Steph's gonna do after this discovery. Always loved your clean linework and spot blacks. Adding more tonal values or spot blacks in the beginning where Steph was walking towards Saal's tower would've given your amazing linework more oomph IMO. Something to note for next time perhaps? Your comics and text are so clear and crisp it's always such a breeze to read! Great job!  

# 7   Posted: Dec 6 2020, 01:20 AM
Footini: Damn son I love seeing how you've managed to just absolutely leap ahead in terms of your art. I don't want to say that traditional was holding you back because you absolutely rock trad art, but it's real cool to see what you can do when given digital tools that can live up to your art! The backgrounds in the first page were super great, and I loved the color schemes you did on this. Green on orange/red can easily become too jarring but I feel like you managed to pick just the right color green for Steph that they pop without clashing! I think for me the only place that the coloring really felt flat was on page 7--Steph's red blur was a bit too close in value to the red of the background, so it tended to blend with the bg a bit too much I think. I think a brighter/more vivid red would have worked better? Story-wise, I really enjoyed it--personally I felt like even though I haven't read all of Steph's archive, you did a decent enough job at giving enough clues and hints of information that I felt like I could at least get the gist of what was going on, enough to understand the events. As far as your typography goes, really my only critique is that you could work on the placement of the text within the speech bubbles; on a few occasions the text was either notably off-center in the bubble (e.g. Saal's first speech bubble on page 3, where there's a lot more empty space above the text than below) or the text was too small for the bubble (e.g. the last bubble of page 1, where the text looks like it could be at least a couple sizes bigger to fill out the bubble a bit more). Other than that, I think visually this is one of my favorite comics you've done so far!! You're really great at those trippy visuals man

Nothing: Man the first thing that stands out to me is how much I love how you draw hands. They're a pretty big part of that first page and can I just say? Tasty. I also really love the way you depicted Sneakers here, with the meow puns and the facial expressions hehe. Also, your lines in general are Very Pleasing to look at, with some really nice line weight to em! Story-wise, I admit I was actually really surprised at how... pleasant? this comic ended up being. From what I remember of the Steph comics I've seen, a lot of them were just about Steph wallowing in misery or getting drunk/high, so it was a surprise to see them like... actually potentially working on improving? Definitely a pleasant surprise though!! I don't think I can say much more about the story because it's definitely incomplete--it feels like it cuts off right as it was starting to get into the juicy bits. I am absolutely looking forward to seeing the conclusion, though! You've got me intrigued, hehe.

# 6   Posted: Dec 5 2020, 05:13 PM
Footini- Great work for a first in procreate, that's not the easiest for comics! I loved the flashes of color and how they matched the high energy in a large portion of the comic. Blocking out the characters in a particular color also helped in getting a quick read of where they are during all the action. Personally, I was never tripped up by the lettering and I thought it flowed very well.

Nothing- I envy your crisp lines! I do hope you can continue this storyline sometime in the future. I really loved how you introduced Saal's space and the panels where you dropped in those rich black fills *muah* eye candy.  Great work.

# 5   Posted: Dec 5 2020, 11:31 AM
well, footini knows all the deep lore, back story, and meta commentary on every active void character and a few inactive ones.
he always does callbacks to shit i am unfamiliar with
but Nothin's is much more streamlined, which i appreciate
can't wait to see if it will appeal more to casual readers
the way Saal picks a fight with Steph feels much more respectful to Steph's general attitude and the way they see the world and react to it.
but the way  Steph sits in with Saal was more respectful to Saal's general vibe

It was nice to see two different takes on how they'd interact. Saal getting their ass kicked was great, but because I don't know what 'fate dead' means and I get the feeling I'm supposed to know that means a character who has lost a death match, I'm kind of confused on WHY they're fighting. So I was more invested in the Nothing side of the battle, because I've been wondering about Steph's parents and super powers for a while (rp server shenanigans)

REALLY wish the full Nothing side had been released and that Footini's end had a better story arc. But I'm so proud that Footini, your art has gotten so much cleaner in the few months I've known you. And watching you power-stream your work flow when you colored in pro-create on discord was inspirational.

Nothing, I wish there was something I cold do to help you get started on your comics earlier Because with your stronger sense of story and character acting, you might have won this one.

Maybe in the future you two could collab more closely. Work on a story that's equal parts emotional depth and action, with character acting and drawings by Nothing and colors and set design by Footini? It doesn't have to be these same two characters again, but gosh, I DO love them both.

Thanks for making this battle guys! It did not disappoint, and you two are my main reasons for being on Void? Oh shit I'm getting choked  up.

# 4   Posted: Dec 4 2020, 11:34 PM
well this isn't the whole thing, but hey that means there's more to look forward to when voting is done, right? anyways i've been up for 34 hours, i'm gonna pass out

# 3   Posted: Dec 4 2020, 07:05 PM
So this is comic is the first time I used Procreate.
I just kind of tried whatever feature I could find and threw whatever at the wall with this one.
I messed with lettering, brushes, effects, and made one of the few fully digital comics for me so far on the site.
any kind of crit is good here but i'm just wondering if things look to artificial in some spots or not.
Also lettering.  I was working on trying to get the lettering decent here; to where at least its pleasing to look at.
So any thoughts on those things especially would be appreciated.

And Thanks to Nothin for the battle.  Steph is great and we love them here.  That hair was fun to draw.

# 2   Posted: Nov 13 2020, 11:08 AM
omg i'm so hype for this. two of my top fave characters. going at it!

# 1   Posted: Nov 13 2020, 10:23 AM
Will these two be going on a drug fueled trip through multiple dimensions

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