this is the smut battle / Naialah vs. Enarbie Fukui

this is the smut battle / Naialah vs. Enarbie Fukui

this is the smut battle — Naialah vs. Enarbie Fukui

by Don

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This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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Critiques & Comments
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# 24   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 11:15 PM
i do not have Words but this was a very good battle with two very good comics with very good sex! admittedly i think it is Very Hard to hit a balance between plot and sex that makes them both simultaneously feel like The Point, and neither of you hit that quite on the money, but i don't think it's really all that big of an issue, because what's there is p quality.

# 23   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 05:18 PM
Gosh what a battle this was. Smut or not you both put out very high quality comics. Gorgeous art and dynamic anatomy that I can only dream of achieving at this point.

Don - Ooof the tension, the colors!  OMG the colors.  I already found myself lost in the thumbnails hahaha. You really touched on some tricky subjects here of abuse and comeuppance/revenge. I think it was executed beautifully. One thing though is that I had a hard time following the text sequence on page 17. AND AAAH ELI!! I screamed when I saw that old man hahaha IDK why. He's such an interesting character.

Franken - Whoa gurrrllll..I always admired your art and I love it even more. Your use of gradients to denote color is so well done I might have to try it myself! I find it interesting that you also went the 'corruption' arc (though I wouldn't say that Nae is an angel herself hehehe). I love how you showcased Enarbie's various forms during the sex scenes. The way you used angles and paneling here is very impressive. The crit I'd give here is that, something leaves me feel wanting more. I did not get to see more of Nae and Enarbie's unique personalities and true dynamic which Don showed more on their side.  

But yeah most of that just sounds like nitpicking. You both did amazing. This is one smut battle that featured two of the most talented artists in Void in most recent years and thank you for indulging us!

# 22   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 01:23 PM
That was a really impressive battle :0 top-tier work, you guys are so skilled.
It was actually really tricky to compare these two comics because they felt like completely different beasts.

Franken- You had a really no-nonsense setup, I like the fact you didn't just leap straight into explicit scenes. The build-up helped make the pay off more satisfying. There's not much to say about the story here, I think it really effectively served its purpose so great job.
Art wise- well I can tell you've done this type of comic before haha xD the art was so confident and really well-drawn. I also loved how you used colours to emphasis the moods and create contrast between the monk scenes and Naialah's encounter with Enarbie. The layout on page 4 was excellent as well, that was such a good transitional page.

Don- As usual, your art is wonderful- you have such a unique style it's always a pleasure to see. In this comic I particularly enjoyed the background establishing shots, I'm starting to clock how different your world-building approach is for Naialah's comics & it's got me so hype.
Storywise- The writing was fantastic - this was fascinating & unsettling character study with a very interesting, toxic "relationship" at the heart of it.
In terms of set-up/ scenario, this REALLY worked for me as a physiological drama, buuut as a smut comic? Not so much. The context of drugging and torture behind the sex scene gave them an unsettling edge for me, which I found unsexy but intriguing & complex from a storytelling point of view- I could honestly write an essay about this but I'll leave it there.
TL;DR I thought negative tension was building...but I think it was supposed to just be sexual tension??

I will say as well I loved both of these comics equally but for completely different reasons. This was very difficult to vote on. ;_;

# 21   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 06:17 AM
we have been summoned.
This good smut.  Don's is beautiful and fucked up, Toon's is beautiful and hot. You are both winner in my heart. Very nice use of colour all around. Very nice use of sexy demon and ghostflesh hottie. We thank you both for these delicious offerings.
if only we could change junk at will ;n;

# 20   Posted: Nov 28 2020, 12:26 AM
I'm so  conflicted on this. One of these had a great story, but was lean on the smut. The other had great smut, but wasn't quite there with story. The title of this battle alone sort of leaves the 'winner' of this leaning one way, but hotdamn if I'm not a sucker for the unique themes on both accounts. I DIDNT EXPECT to actually have to read and be invested in a story with tits and dicks you guys. >=[  What is this

FRANKEN- I think colors were definitely your strength here. The acidy almost painful neon nature to it could be so easily be obnoxious and too much, but they really worked here. The drug trip and Naenae's downward spiral sort of reflected in the descending weight and movement of the action from page 4 to 5 was great. The mingling of all that color with the use of gray to 'snap us back' to reality was a great visual tell. I especially loved it on the last page where Naneane's monk life is so drab, but the lights of the club (or just outside? I can't really tell where she is) are ever bright and glowing. Enarbie's and Asra's body mingling where you couldn't quite tell who was who had to be my favorite part.
I'm curious as to your leanings on more Abrahamic visual markers of depicting Naenae's monkhood rather than the eastern fantasy elements Don established.
By way of crit, I wish there was sound effects in this. Some manner of visceral punch to the smutty vignettes, or a heavy thumping beat in the club scene. Something to add to the overwhelming or oppressive nature of the comic before it built to climax. I'd also take a look at finding some more creative fonts, or even making your own. That 'aah' on the bottom of page 8 in just plain text stands out from your style in such a anti climactic way (which is ironic considering). It's just sorta...there while its surrounded by an artstyle and and look which is psychedelic and out there. It should have font to match. Something juicy or even swirly to match with the trail of  makes what should be such a colorful moment kind of Enarbie's hair. As it stands, the fonts just feel tacked on after the fact.
It's also clear your comfort zone is hot hourglass ladies. It almost feels like you tried to fit Naneane into that look, but that just isnt the characters bodytype. Drawing bigger and even fatter people isn't easy, and artistic reference for such even more scant, but I'd definitely keep pushing in that way to expand your variety.

DON- Upon first read, I'll have to admit my first thought was much the same as some of the previous comments here- this wasn't a smut comic. At least not in the traditional sense. Historically, most smut comics on the site follow a tried and true formula- a chance meeting, some knowing glances and then we get to the good stuff. But I peeked in on 'what makes a smut comic' debate goin on in the discord, and the opposing views I read got me giving this comic a second look. And yeah, I think it is a smut comic. Lean indeed on smut, but you came at it from a different format that needed copious set up in order to get your payoff. It also dealt with themes that went beyond the tried and true method into territory we've rarely seen and kind of informed naenae as a character in a chilling if not captivating way.

I know traditional 'cute svelte gals' isn't your comfort zone, so I have to laud your efforts here. Enarbie looks utterly femme and sultry once the clothing comes off.
Also your sound effects here were great. That vomit SFX was disgusting and the impact of the gun hitting naenae upside the head was..oof I could feel that. The drug haze splash page has to be the only time I enjoyed being confused? It makes sense considering the circumstances as your character is also lost and disoriented. I'm just given the luxury of poring over the panels in order to determine whats what. nd even then, I dig its not a big picture, its snippets.

By way of crit, the alternate world you've established is so so good, I really wish the drugs and weaponry used was more reflective of the universe.  When I think of Enarbie drugging someone in this world I had hoped for the haze of an opium den, ergot fungus, blue lotuses, mad honey. Old world and high fantasy stuff as opposed to a syringe. Same for the gun. It was an odd nod to modern age I didn't see reflected anywhere else in the comic. I think the biggest upset was the stranger on the last page rolling up in a station wagon. All modern elements I think would've tracked if they'd thematically been blended into what you're making here, but as it stands, just feel tacked on.

You two really brought it and have such a distinct and unique style that stands on its own. Honestly this is gonna be a tough vote

Community Manager
# 19   Posted: Nov 24 2020, 08:14 PM
Even though I'm furry trash I hope my crits for this smut battle can help.

Don: I really love the worldbuilding and lore you are doing with this character and this version of void. It's a cool interpitation of void. This comic has good clarity even in the drug trip parts. I wasn't lost reading it which is something you have had issues with in the past so good job in that department. Also it goes without saying your art is great and this is a really good comic.

However This is supposed to be a smut battle, and this comic isn't really a smut comic. The smut in this comic while well done doesn't fully match with the themes or the mood of the rest of the comic. The dynamic you establish between the two in the story parts doesn't show in the smut parts. the sex scenes should sell us on the dynamic that was established before or match the themes.
There is an abusive aspect between the two and you could have shown that in the sex by making it more aggressive and doing things like pulling the scene out and giving us more views of the room, this pushes the reader away from the scene and can give off feeling distance and a lack of passion in the sex.
There could have also been more trippy scenes like the ones on page 11 to show how much of a blur this whole thing and how much of a mess it is. Also for intimate moments you should have a couple close ups reacting to the sexual actions. Also one of them being heavily drugged would definitely effect the actual sex and it isn't really reflected in this scene.

The sex aspects in the smut comic should be able to tell the story by themselves or at least tell us about the characters dynamics with each other. However the sex in this comic is displaced from everything. with the bigger story in the comic you could have replaced the sex with regular torture scenes and it wouldn't have changed much in this story.

All that being said this is honestly one of the best comics I have seen from you, it's just not too great of a smut comic. Would be awesome to see you do this again.

Franken: this is a really good smut comic, the colors and paneling really sell this feeling of Nai getting corrupted and going down a different path. I would have liked to see some shading in the bright colored parts to help make the colors pop out more and give the figures a bit more dynamism as well as lighting areas of focus. Your figures and posing is amazing in this comic.

The lead up to the climax shot was some great build up, however the actual climax shot left something to be desired. I think it's because all your poses in this are so good that the straight on shot of NRB doesn't feel dynamic enough. Also this may just be preferences, but that cumshot felt weak and should have more of a shot to it. All that being said it is a good problem to have since it just means all your other poses were also so amazing.

I hope you plan on doing more smut comics because this is really good and I want to see you push yourself even more with this.

# 18   Posted: Nov 22 2020, 02:45 PM
YOO both were so damn GOOD- definitely worth reading them several times skgfdnfg
I feel underqualified to critique but I'll do me best because holy shitttt

The story was really engaging! Loved to see more insight into NaeNae's thinking process, their beliefs and overall demeanor. The subtle hints at Nrb's dark undertones were so so GOOD. The tiny needle hole in the food she hands NaeNae, the blood soaked basket on Nrb's back...and so many more little details that talk volumes- really really good shitttt. The GuroGirls on page 7 was INSANEEE, same with page 11, you went OFF! Your backgounds and colors are insane, I know exactly what kind of vibe you wanted to give every scene, you nailed it every time. The ending left me wanting to see where their story is going!
I gotta admit that I was a little thrown off by the small amount of smut in a smut battle- but the story definitely makes up for it!

THE COLORS IN THIS ARE INSANEEE. Loved the bit where NaeNae first notices Nrb's souls- and the MELTING when they first take the drugs!! I'm super impressed by the amount of effort and thought you put in even the background characters. The smut was so tasteful and such a treat to the eyes! The positions were super dynamic and flowy, the angles you went for were so damn pleasing to the eyes and honestly I have no idea how your mind works to present such great poses and angles- the psychedelic color choices were out of this world. Page 7 looks like a goddamn painting, I can't stop looking at it! The switching between Nrb and Asra was chef's kiss. Your sense of aesthetic, poses and THAT PANEL ARRANGEMENTTTT, it's absolutely gorgeous, it was such a feast for the eyes... THAT ENDING TOOOO- NaeNae corruption arc start!!

YOU BOTH DID SO DAMN GOOOD, you guys raised the bar HARD with smut battles! Super mega good job to the two of you, this is a comic a lot of people will definitely go back to!

# 17   Posted: Nov 21 2020, 02:04 PM
This sure was a smut battle. Phew.

I will vote and comment after I properly digested it. But damn, you both fucking brought it.

Global Moderator
# 16   Posted: Nov 21 2020, 12:20 PM
ALSO i dont normally reply to crits cuz i like to leave things unbiased as possible when people check out the comments before voting, but i figured id clear some questions!

Spoiler: show

Enarbie spends ages keeping Naialah locked up, drugging her, but then plans to just kill her because she’s bored. She still didn’t get the information she wanted, but she’s fine killing Naialah after wasting all those resources on her. Why?
Just seemed in her carefree, extroverted personality to react so casually! She didn't get the info she wanted in the end, shrugged it off and said "If you aren't budging, then I'll just kill you."

Or does Naialah just like suffering?
Sort of! I think you explained it yourself, its some warped form of Stockholm syndrome to the action (Not the person), and not everyone's going to react to it the same. Naialah's inactivity post-kidnapping and unconsented drugging was her way of accepting it— And even beyond that she doesn't react forwardly to people, and it's established when she said "I didn't talk alot.", or in her previous comic where she barely speaks a word outwardly, but speaks a lot inwardly. A more 'actions speak louder then words' sort of person, even her inaction accounts to that. Also, I'd like to clear the assumption that she likes Enarbie— She doesn't! She says directly herself, "I fear that I have enjoyed this." and on the previous page she was talking about the pains of the sexuality of the torture— So really, she's saying that she's hesitant to admit enjoying the torture.

We have Enarbie’s need for information on Guanyin, the mystery behind the Guro girls, Naialah’s conflict around not leaving sooner, and at the end we’re also introduced to a religious turmoil as Guanyin is labelled an impostor. The story meanders between them and leaves the final message unclear.
Some of these confusions seem to be issue from not being able to tell what is just purely exposition and what is actually relative to the ongoing plot— The reason why the final message is unclear is because I didn't intend to wrap up the story within one comic, I want to solve it within an arc, over several comics!
There is no mystery behind the Gurogirls, I was just explaining why they were there on page 7— Especially since NRB is yakuza ganglord, what is a lord without her posse? The need for information on Guanyin was only to establish why NRB held onto Naialah for so long, and it's clarified on page 17's top right, where Asra says casually "To eat him, for power." (Which is also explained in their ref-sheet that they eat other supernatural beings for power) That conclusion of reasoning on the same page is leeway into Naialah's larger conflict- The religious turmoil.

Global Moderator
# 15   Posted: Nov 21 2020, 07:57 AM
ALSO just wanna establish for y'all that since the comic was extended twice, it was actually a 5 week battle!!!

# 14   Posted: Nov 21 2020, 07:16 AM
*big eyes emoji* Two of the best Void smut artists battling let’s fucking goooo

Spoiler: Don • show
Wow, that was a fucked up story. I’m really not sure how I feel about it, but we’ll get to that later. Your art is wonderful as usual - Enarbie and Asra look great in your style, Asra’s cheeky expression on page 26 is perfect. I love the cityscape on page 4, and the shot of the villa on page 5 was lovely too. The plants, palette and patterns on the railings really give it that villa vibe. It lowkey reminds me of Greek/Mesopotamian scenes where people lounge around with their tits out tbh haha. Are these girls the same kind of monster as Ash? The panelling throughout was also great, you’re really good at doing creative layouts without overusing them. Particular favourites were pages 9 and 14.

...Also you draw really good dicks ngl.

ONTO STORY... I have trouble figuring out the motivations here? Both parties seem to toy with each other just for the hell of it with no payoff. Enarbie spends ages keeping Naialah locked up, drugging her, but then plans to just kill her because she’s bored. She still didn’t get the information she wanted, but she’s fine killing Naialah after wasting all those resources on her. Why? And why did Naialah want to drug Enarbie and then have sex with her? Was she supposed to have an extreme version of Stockholm’s syndrome? Was she addicted to the drugs?

Naialah seems to have been somewhat fascinated with Enarbie when they first met, and you have a theme of her not wanting to escape even when given the opportunity to. But you never really show why there was an interest in the first place. Their relationship before going to the villa is summed up in just “Days pass. She talked a lot. I did not.” The rest of the comic she’s tortured. I think if you’d shown why Naialah likes Enarbie in the first place, like some of their conversation before she was first drugged, and then her struggling more with liking Enarbie vs wanting to escape the hellish experience, it would have made more sense. Or does Naialah just like suffering? If that was the case instead, again it might have helped to emphasise that, maybe she looks like she enjoys some of the torture or approaches Enarbie and her girls excitedly when they come to drug her. Or was it just revenge r*pe all along?

I read it a few more times and I think the story is muddled by the number of threads going on. We have Enarbie’s need for information on Guanyin, the mystery behind the Guro girls, Naialah’s conflict around not leaving sooner, and at the end we’re also introduced to a religious turmoil as Guanyin is labelled an impostor. The story meanders between them and leaves the final message unclear.

Spoiler: Franken • show
Franken I lowkey feel like you reached directly into my brain because this is my shiiiiiit *chef’s kiss* I love so many of the aesthetic choices here, like everyone’s eyes being obscured on the third page, the switch from grey to colour as the drugs hit, how Enarbie’s hair turned into the smoke trail on page 4, etc. Visually this just slapped. When there’s colour, it’s bright but in a really pleasing way; they go together well and aren’t overly saturated. Page 7 was such a treat with the various positions and forms in different neon shades.

Story-wise, this was definitely simpler, but I liked the ambiguous, contemplative ending. At first I felt it was like Don’s in that there wasn’t much of a pay-off. But I thought about it some more and from what I gather, all Enarbie wanted to do was fuck around and tempt Naialah, while Naialah went in expecting an exchange for information, but came out empty-handed? So Enarbie won, but Naialah failed, there was a payoff for one and not the other? Hope I’m reading that right. But yeah, enjoyed this :) honestly my only complaint is some of the backgrounds feeling a little bare.

# 13   Posted: Oct 25 2020, 07:03 PM
They tried to stay on schedule
but it was too hard

# 12   Posted: Oct 25 2020, 06:21 PM

# 11   Posted: Oct 25 2020, 05:48 PM

Global Moderator
# 10   Posted: Oct 25 2020, 05:41 PM
extended cuz i gotta beat the demon outta my meat xoxoxo

# 9   Posted: Oct 17 2020, 08:10 PM
More like BEST OF FUCK

# 8   Posted: Oct 17 2020, 01:58 PM
Oh boy, y'all are already getting into it?! Best of luck!!!

# 7   Posted: Oct 17 2020, 01:20 AM
All I can say is thank you.

# 6   Posted: Oct 16 2020, 09:19 PM
I wanna say I'm surprised my first official battle is a smut battle- but I'm not.

# 5   Posted: Oct 16 2020, 05:48 AM
Y'all are about to make the entire site thirsty.

Global Moderator
# 4   Posted: Oct 16 2020, 05:24 AM
i dont even know what to say
ill do my best to make this shit hot

# 3   Posted: Oct 16 2020, 03:31 AM

# 2   Posted: Oct 16 2020, 02:23 AM
There will be deaths
It's me
This battle will end me.
My life will stop

# 1   Posted: Oct 16 2020, 02:20 AM

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