▲Spelling Error ▿ / Spoiler vs. Saal

▲Spelling Error ▿ / Spoiler vs. Saal

▲Spelling Error ▿ — Spoiler vs. Saal

by Orion

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by Footini

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Crit level: Open to any comments or critiques
tags: benjamin le fay, dr. evelin josef, saal, spoiler, the other guy, welcome wagon

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Global Moderator
# 15   Posted: Oct 11 2020, 11:18 PM
ORION- I had to do a doubletake to see who this was. Three whole completed pages in 24 hours is WICKED IMPRESSIVE from you. And with color flats besides! I don't know what's changed or what methods you're using, but keep it up. The bold inks, heavy spot blacks and accent color really made this comic pop for me. Not to mention you clearly had fun with Saal's aesthetic making everything super trippy.

FOOT- Another impressive stab of a whole ass epic confrontation tale in 24 hours. Its clear you sacrificed comic quality for story here. These are some of your rougher pages/pencils, but the idea you went with I think was really interesting. These are the big fate of the world questions and machinations Saal WOULD concern themselves with and I for one wanna see what comes of it.

# 14   Posted: Oct 10 2020, 09:26 PM

Orion: I really digging this minimalist style, and the paneling totally makes everything so surreal. Fitting for Saal in some kind of obtuse dimension. GET DUNK ON. Short and simple. I dig.


# 13   Posted: Oct 10 2020, 08:40 PM
Wow this is seriously impressive for a 24 hour match.

Orion - I've seen the old 24 hour comics you did and this is a HUGE improvement. Bolder more confident inks, and splash of red. The pages look really finished.

Footini - WHoa, this comic really surprised me. I was expecting another gag comic but you really took this into serious territory. Quite bold for a 24 hour comic. And you know what, I love it.  I also love that you added a pool table in the Sandbox scene. I wanted to add that in the Vampire x Vektran collab but got lazy. Oof that teaser at the end is also really big. I am excited to see where you take this.  

# 12   Posted: Oct 10 2020, 04:52 PM
Nice work! These were very fun reads and obviously very impressive for the time frame. I get the sense you both had fun messing around with your art/ layouts. These comics just had a really great, lively energy to them.

gotta say- FOOTINI THOUGH, Just casually kicking off a spicy plot arc in a 24-hour battle? That's a bit of a power move. I'm not sure what you (and others?) have planned, I don't know how I feel about what's happened so far, but honestly best of luck.  

# 11   Posted: Oct 10 2020, 03:59 PM
These were both really ambitious for 24 hour comics!

Orion: I liked the limited palette you used for this, and the story was cute.

Footini: I liked the story you were telling, how you characterized Spoiler, and the angles you used.

I do second Cy's concern about resurrecting (or ???) the arma threats so soon after arma, though.  

# 10   Posted: Oct 10 2020, 08:48 AM
Orion: trippy lil story, especially liked the fridge content.
Footini: story was better here. Saal sure found dangerous toys

# 9   Posted: Oct 9 2020, 05:43 PM
Orion: This is a fun character moment. By itself it seems a little anticlimactic, but I know you have plans for Spoiler once in Void. There is some really cool stuff happening, especially on the last page, but it doesn't really read at first. It might be a bit much for the confines of a 24 hour match. Still, great job overall!

Footini: It's Ben! I'm honored to be a part of what looks to be a major world-breaking plot. Similar to Orion's feel like there is some really intense stuff that probably needed more than a 24 hour match to really flesh out: Spoiler shaking his head, the Parrys playing pool, things like that were fantastic when I saw them, but they didn't come through in the first read through. I loved that establishing shot on the last page, too.

# 8   Posted: Oct 9 2020, 05:30 PM
Orion: I like how trippy you got with the panel layout, on the last page it gives me this 'looped' vibe.

Footini: Oh man! I'm curious where this is going! Bringing up all these arma references and the welcoming party

Community Manager
# 7   Posted: Oct 8 2020, 12:10 PM
Orion: Great quality and good job on a one day, I love the panel compositions you did for this they were really creative, the inks are really nice. Anatomy wise you need to practice the wrist and hand area, the dunk on the final page the hands look broken but in general there's a bit of inconsistency on the finger sizes on your hands. So do some realistic hand studies of your own hands and i would also recommend studying someone like Badger who does great stylized hands.

Footini: I really enjoyed the story here, It's really cool how you're using the shorter armas as a storypoint for future stories, the sketches are also all really solid. though more contrast with dark lines would have been good even if it was just for the panel borders having them be as dark as the seek the void gods" panel border. also i feel like the intrigue on page 4 was solid enough to leave off of that you didn't need page 5 as an additional hook.

# 6   Posted: Oct 6 2020, 03:50 PM
Orion- this is pretty superb, very readable and I like how you show the forces at play. Saal finding some dark foreboding thing in their astral fridge, and the dark spoiler magic spreading out and consuming saal... but then saal contains it kinda, folding space and it's in their hands... and then just dunk it back into void. You get the feeling from this that these are two very powerful entities. I hope you do some more battles with spoiler before month of the dead is up, this is creative and short and sweet and i enjoyed it.

Footini- The set up is neat and I like how spoiler has to shake himself to 'speak'. The rising tension after Saal getting grabbed is great but I'm not sure how spoiler gets dispatched on page four.. i guess saal magicks him away? I'm interested to see where these threads go though.

# 5   Posted: Oct 5 2020, 01:47 AM
Great work, both of you!

Orion - Love this red/black/white palette you went for, and the lack of panels! It was really creative and I didn’t have any trouble following the story until the last page. Those top panels were very cramped and I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. Overall a fun little story, I really like that big shot of Saal on the last page and the details like the inside of the fridge!

Footini - It was pretty ambitious to kick off an overarching story with a 24 hour battle, but I think you mostly succeeded. The idea that Void will rip itself apart with the shortening distance between Armas was a very interesting take, and I’m curious to see how Saal is going to try to fix it. I feel like things could have ended at page 4 though. Evelin making Hunter and Gray ghouls is interesting too, but didn’t feel connected and was also a pretty big thing to toss in at the last minute. Definitely something that needs more breathing room.

And this is just a personal gripe with no bearing on quality but... it feels a little bit cheap to immediately resurrect the Threats, ngl. Especially since it’s established Reapers just kinda melt away and don’t have an afterlife. It’s a cool concept but just doesn’t sit right with me idk.

# 4   Posted: Oct 4 2020, 03:36 PM
A very strong showing from both.
Orion: it’s a little hard to know exactly what is going on but your colors are great and so is your attention to detail.

Footini: this is a fantastic showing, especially for 24 hours. The handwriting maybe could have been neater but the pencils did not detract from this one for me. You used the pencils to your advantage and really pushed some great detail and fantastic lighting. Very impressive.

# 3   Posted: Oct 4 2020, 02:18 PM
Orion:  I gotta admit I had no idea what was going on.  Perhaps it's the panel layouts that's throwing me off.

Foot:  Some of the handwriting I had some trouble reading, but this was a valiant effort doing an all-pencils comic within 24 hours.

# 2   Posted: Oct 4 2020, 12:12 AM

Thank you Orion for taking me on and letting me do this experiment with your killer 8 ball man.

The pleasure is all mine! I can see why everyone likes Saal so much, they are as fun to draw as they are to write!

This was a much needed rust knocker for me as well Footini and I thank you for the opportunity to both making something cool along side you!

# 1   Posted: Oct 3 2020, 09:51 PM
This was my attempt to see what I could get done in 24 hours using only pencils.  Probably not the best choice to present for a comic battle seeing how it looks kind of unfinished in the final product.

Thank you Orion for taking me on and letting me do this experiment with your killer 8 ball man.

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