Same Old Song And Dance / Cecil Gagnon and Marie Frankenstein

Same Old Song And Dance / Cecil Gagnon and Marie Frankenstein

Same Old Song And Dance — Cecil Gagnon and Marie Frankenstein

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# 12   Posted: Sep 25 2020, 12:27 PM
Well, you two both know how I feel about these two and their interesting dynamic (spoiler alert: I love them).  While this comic is interesting and pleasing to look at in itself, I think it could've been polished a bit more as it looks incomplete esp for a collab and have the story fleshed out as what had been mentioned already. I can see they parted ways both wounded/hurt but a glimpse of what could happen next (ie their thoughts? plans? next course of action?)  would've helped drive the narrative and interest more.

Either way, I am looking forward to their next chapter.

Web Dev
# 11   Posted: Sep 25 2020, 12:15 PM
My biggest problem with this comic is that you've left me wanting so much more. I love how you managed to do so much without any words. And I love the mystery this creates with Marie walking off looking at most mildly injured despite having a huge gaping wound in her torso. It shows how dangerous she is even though in this comic she's portrayed as a victim defending herself instead of the one doing the victimizing. The lighting really contributed to the mood, and the limited use of color was super fun.

Also, if the arma collab was canon for these two and came before this, that means that this is probably just a game these two play and I love that idea. And if that's not what's going on, it's still a fun encounter.

But please. More. I require it.

Global Moderator
# 10   Posted: Sep 25 2020, 12:43 AM
Aww yiss, more collabs!

I'll have to echo, second and third some of the technical aspects of this. After seeing your intense efforts in the Arma collab depicting a hellish cityscape, I was shocked to find your environments and buildings take such a downswing in this comic. I know you guys can do better, and that's cuz you already showed us the goods. ;) We know what to expect and this just wasn't it.

I know Cecil doesn't emote much and is a pretty wooden character thus far, so personally if I was doing this comic I'd have to rely on the people Cecil is interacting with to keep the panels popping. Marie just seems so...bland throughout. Whether that's due to the fact she's durable or knows she won't sustain damage this could've been spun in another direction. Perhaps the hassle of having to repair whatever impending damage Cecil had in mind would've prompted a huffy response. Some manner or emotion to be a foil to Cecil's lack of.

Speaking of, as far as I know, Cecil is a living breathing person. I would've liked to have seen him getting a neckful of an unknown agent elicit some response. Overall the reactions of both characters were just lackluster for me, which made for a read through that felt more subdued than I think you intended.

Community Manager
# 9   Posted: Sep 24 2020, 01:42 PM
I really enjoyed this comic. Its a great short vignette showing how Cecil aint the biggest fish on the pond and has to be more careful with who he picks as targets. While the short length is fine i wish there was more details in the setting so we could have a stronger sense of place. But great job establishing the relationship of these two.

# 8   Posted: Sep 23 2020, 09:42 PM
You two are BIG NERDS.

But yea what everyone else has said. Felt like since this was a bb it could've been expanded more since you can work at your own pace. Looking forward to seeing more dynamic tweet you two!

# 7   Posted: Sep 23 2020, 01:53 AM
In terms of crits and compliments there's not a lot I can add that hasn't already been said. I just thought I'd drop a cheeky comment to say I really enjoyed this and I'm hype to see where this is going.
Cecil and Marie have the potential to be a powerhouse duo in the city...though I'm still not sure of the nature of their budding realtionship. They seemed to flip flop between murderious intent and flirting.  

# 6   Posted: Sep 20 2020, 05:18 PM
Good stuff! I really like the character rendering, they look great and the overall lighting is nice as well, it feels fittingly dark and dramatic! I agree with what's been already said about the backgrounds, I think if that first shot of the alley on page 1 was more zoomed out and detailed, it would've helped a bunch in staging everything, and giving more context as to where they are and why. I also missed Cecil's silhouette in that first panel on my first read as well, but I do like how the cigarette smoke leads the eye to it; his shape should just pop out from the wall a little more. Overall I think I'm just left with a lot of questions, and I'd like to see more of these two together! Also are they both okay I'm concerned for their health after a knife and needle stab respectively hahah

# 5   Posted: Sep 19 2020, 12:39 PM
I\'m sad it\'s so short! I really want to see these characters interact more!
I\'m looking forward to you two doing more collabs and stories!
Finally got a peak at Cecil\'s hunting too!

# 4   Posted: Sep 19 2020, 11:39 AM
The speed is commendable, and I understand sometimes you just gotta strike while the iron is hot, but for a BB with no deadline, couldn’t someone have drawn some environmental details in? The gray box geometry is better than nothing, but I agree that it doesn’t help keep us oriented when the camera moves around. 2.1 made me do a double take. Comics aren’t storyboards, so the arrow indicating the movement really confused me. I’m also not sure how Cecil ran all the way around the block in the time it took Marie to walk 2 steps. If it was supposed to be a different alley than the one he’d just been watching her from, again, this is where backgrounds are crucial.

# 3   Posted: Sep 19 2020, 11:08 AM
I was really hype waiting for this to come out and I was not disappointed! EXCEPT!
IT\'s so short!
Did they kill each other? will they simply meet again? Was this the first time they met? so many questions! WELL it is called \'same old song and dance\' so i guess THIS IS JUST WHAT THEY DO ON THE WEEKENDS?

props you two, Love Cecil, great to see Marie in action!

# 2   Posted: Sep 19 2020, 03:38 AM
The speed that this was produced is very impressive, and I like this simple yet effective rendering of the characters. However, this lacked much substance and was difficult to follow. The very simple background and frequent “camera angle” changes left me wondering where the characters were orientated and what exactly was going on. Cecil seems to have teleported for example. I think the environment could have really benefited from details rather than this floaty grey space, so that there’s some kind of landmark to go off of when the camera changes suddenly.

The interaction also left me confused and wanting a little more. The title implies that Marie and Cecil know each other, but beyond Cecil pulling the cigarette out of her mouth, I barely get a feeling of familiarity? Marie seems nonchalant but then looks terrified, then they both stab each other and she leaves. I’m just not sure what was being said here.

# 1   Posted: Sep 18 2020, 08:06 PM
She's a complete TROOPER and did all the pencils in this collab in ONE SITTING!! our schedule was rly tight but she pulled through like a goddamn CHAMPION

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