Armageddon 2020 Collab: Road to Hell

Armageddon 2020 Collab: Road to Hell

This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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# 20   Posted: Sep 23 2020, 11:40 AM
this was fire (pun intended?)
Some real creative and real professional level work put out by all.
Footini, that's probably the best comic of yours I've ever seen, and Pita, that's a level of quality I wish I could reach.

# 19   Posted: Sep 11 2020, 11:31 PM
I love seeing all the collaborative works!

# 18   Posted: Sep 11 2020, 12:23 PM

Just wanna say it was a blast working with yall, and RAN2 YOURE A MADMAN STOP HOARDING ALL THE INKS LOL.

Hope to work again with the lot of yall in the near future <3.

Lady Jade
# 17   Posted: Sep 11 2020, 10:03 AM
Finally got around to this! It's so much fun seeing everyone coming together to add to the hype and establish some cooperative narratives for what's going on during Arma. I can't wait to read Arma proper and to see how everyone reacts to the fallout afterwards! Also, HUGE shout out to Astro, who I swear sacrificed a portion of their lifespan to give us such beautiful art where they contributed. And of course shout out to Cab for organizing everything!

See you on the other side!

Approval Committee
# 16   Posted: Sep 9 2020, 08:23 AM
You crazy kids really made an interesting collection of comics here. I love seeing the community band together and all get involved in an event even when they aren't directly part of it. Give me more of this! I love the teamwork and collabs! Seeing each character react to the horrific events of Arma got me itching to draw something too!

Global Moderator
# 15   Posted: Sep 6 2020, 03:00 PM
hey yall thanks for the collabs, it was a pleasure to get to know the community better by doing this with all of you
kozi & cy's inks were a delight to touch upon, i appreciate this opportunity alot (and bless you cy, ill do my best to take better care of myself haha)
super honored to have gotten the opportunity to work with heathen, always wanted to take my spin on those wonderful inks
and i havent actually done an inked comic myself (or any finished content, really) in a long time, so im happy to have participated in the underground storyline with the rest of my group. i apologize for totally doing my stuff last minute though
have a good one, yall

# 14   Posted: Sep 5 2020, 09:28 AM
Sweet jumpin jelly beans! You all did a fantastic job on this collaboration. Give your selves a big hug and a pat on the back because you've earned it. Especially the ones who had to manage this and track all the progress on top of making their own entries!

I can see the pride you all have in your characters and the love those characters have for the city they inhabit. Keep it up!

Best of luck to those working on the main event!

# 13   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 10:12 PM
Really stellar work, this collab was such a blast to read! Everyone brought their A-game. The palettes, the rendering, oh man, you're giving us defenders a run for our money! Mad respect to you all.

# 12   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 08:33 PM
God this SLAPS, and not just because I and some of my favourite artists are in it XD Thank you Cab for organising this, it was super fun and so cool to see it all together now! And congrats everyone who participated for the awesome content!

Waiting for U to Go: ShowHide

This was just fun. I like that the collab was framed as Meredith reading stories and Saal dicking around. Their expressions were great, also those weird Parries scared the hell out of me when I scrolled down but I kinda like them now? The vaguely cursed energy suits them well.

However, I found it weird that most of the time, both characters were in black and white and then there was that single tiny shot of them fully coloured. They also didn’t seem to be connected to the environment - even if they’re in a floating void, they should have shadows when they’re standing on the bits of rubble. Also idk if it was intentional, but I noticed a lot of the panels are somewhat transparent? So I can see background lines through their faces.

Drunkard Yells at Dogs: ShowHide

Hah, I like that you subverted the whole “guy oblivious to chaos around him trope” at the last minute and revealed Rickter to be aware the whole time. And that final shot of the city looked sick! The perspective was really wonky though, especially in panels 2 and 3.

A Safer Hell: ShowHide

Part 1, Candy - This lighting? Absolutely sick. The panels were dynamic, and damn that last shot on page 2 of Proto absolutely destroying that demon was great. He looks like he has no neck sometimes though, the most noticeable being in panel 2 page 4. Also at times, characters blended in to the background as everything was in similar shades of red.

Ran2 - It was cool to see Candy’s characters with thinner lines and more line variation, which you did well. Love the typography as well! Also since you lined Croco’s stuff too, I’m gonna go ahead and comment on that too bc damn did his stuff look great with clean lines!

Part 2, Croco - I really enjoyed this. It just looked so cool, the layout and colours were great, and I absolutely loved page 44!

Part 3, Franken and Putrid - Damnnn. This ominous lighting is AMAZING, I love it! You two work really well together :) I don’t think I have any crit tbh. I just really enjoyed these pages.

Overall - There were some story beats that bugged me, idk who wrote this so I’m just putting it in its own section. Why does Proto want to help? Iirc his motivations were to find Redacted. Why does he just go along with helping survivors? I’d have liked to see more of his thought process. Croco, Marie and Cecil I can understand a little more, but I still feel like they all banded together far too easily.

L’Appel Du Vide: ShowHide

Flutter - This was great. I absolutely LOVE how you depicted Gray, and your continuing ability to convey things that are both uncomfortable and weirdly hot at the same time. Also it was... strangely nice to see Gray and Ben lowkey chilling together as he psychoanalysed her. And I’m so curious to see whether Ben’s notes amount to anything, in a B.B. perhaps?

However the 2nd and 3rd pages were very, very wordy. The reading order wasn’t clear in several of the panels, text going both across the top of the panel and down the left side (page 9 panel 6, the first 2 panels on page 10) which made things confusing and even harder to read. I also don’t get what the first panel on page 9 was about? I did get the gist of what was going on, and it was a super interesting take on Gray (and god, do I know people with that vicious circlemindset irl), but I had to keep stopping and starting bc there was just so much text.

Cab - You’re great for stepping in and inking for Flutter with such short notice and juggling other stuff around! The only negative thing I wanna say is that the bubbles on the first two pages seem to be hand drawn and the wobbliness was a little distracting.

Diablo Takedown: ShowHide

Both of you, nice little story! I love the 3rd panel on page 11 and the penultimate one on page 13. That was just *chef’s kiss* with the silhouettes and pile of defeated demons!

I feel like this could have done with some more backgrounds though? Page 12 had basically nothing but grey backgrounds, aside from a pretty basic establishing shot of the hole in the wall, and apart from that awesome shot on page 13, the rest of the panels were pretty bare too. I also had no idea what was going on in panel 3 on page 13. I assume it has something to do with nopalito’s nose since he rubs it in a later panel? It does look odd though and honestly a little lewd at first glance.

Deeper Underground: ShowHide

Part 1, Rikun - Great last shot on page 14! Liked the angle in the last panel on page 16 too. And what a cute Gutsy reunion haha. The pipe felt like kind of a cop out though - Gutsy and Itami have just fallen down from a hole above them, and they’re standing directly below said hole, but suddenly a pipe is above them? There’s also no light coming in from the hole, it appears the ceiling has sealed itself up.

Footini - Your pages looked awesome! Dairyu and Cryptid have great movement on page 17, and I love how you did the water. Everything was just very full of energy. Page 18 was kinda confusing though; it was a really creative panel, but characters seemed to switch positions a lot and I couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a whirlpool or just different points in the “river” curled round to form panel borders.

Petrichor - Oh man, I loved those underwater scenes! The bubbles were such a nice touch. I also dug your use of cool angles here, like Gutsy looking into the water, and Rae swimming up to safety. That second panel on page 23 was rad too, really ominous. And awwww man Guts losing her mask ;; that hug with Rae after was super sweet and tender ahh.

Crit-wise, the water looked way too still, almost totally flat on page 20 before everyone started swimming. You can see water still flowing in from the pipe behind the group, but we only see teeny ripples where the flow connects to the water and around each individual. The lack of variation in water colour or transparency compounds this effect. And on page 21, it doesn’t look as if the group just got out of the water. They don’t look wet at all - their clothes and hair hang normally, there’s no water shine on them etc - and there are no water drops on the ground around them. I notice on page 23 you DO show some of these things (though their clothes still seem dry), so was this a time thing? Though in general, you don’t seem to treat the water as, well, water. Rae is able to hold her breath for seemingly ages and be just fine, there’s no dappling on the skin underwater, Guts is able to dropkick a demon even though it’s hard enough to even walk through water, etc.

Snowy - Omg I love how you draw Gutsmasher! You manage to make her look both elegant and powerful at the same time. The frog demon too, so cute. While normally I would comment on the lack of pulled back shots, I think the closeups work here since they’re underground and in a cramped environment, and the “camera choice” definitely gives a claustrophobic vibe.

I wasn’t sure about the reading order on page 24 though, I also don’t know what the first panel meant by “you weren’t in control”. I don’t know who’s talking to who, and about what. Now that I think about it, is someone talking to Sammy about the Cryptid?

Part 2, Flytee - Congrats on finishing these pages amidst house buying madness! You drew frog demon Blue so cute, omg, and I loved the imagery of those bloodied souls just unfurling and descending from the walls. Also wow that mantis demon! Love her. Page 53 is super confusing in terms of reading order though. I didn’t know which dialogue box to read first.

Don - I comment on your colours lower down, but as for the rest of the art, I really dig these poses and expressions. Blue and Sammy’s faces on page 56 especially got me, and the differing poses while they’re all frantically running looks super cool. You captured the frenzy while still making each silhouette clear and fluid. The demon also looks sick in your style.

However, due to the simplification of the clothing and lighting overtaking everyone’s individual palettes, I often had difficulty telling the human ladies apart. At first glance, I couldn’t, I had to stop and squint to see ah, a pair of glasses, a crop top etc. Their bodies and faces all kind of look the same, until that last shot with them looking into the phone.

Overall - Idk who wrote this, or if you all co-wrote it, but I enjoyed it! Even though there was danger after danger, it didn’t feel forced in for the sake of nonstop action. There were still moments of downtime to breathe, and the events flowed smoothly despite each person doing their own set of pages. Bravo!

Boomer Humor: ShowHide

snager - Kurdis’ faces fucking KILL ME. I want the grocery shopping panel framed and on my wall. And the weird wobbly hand immediately afterwards, I’m getting like.. idek what you’d call it but the Vibe of those goofy, over the top animated YouTube videos but in the best way. Also idk if it was you or Doe but that single smiley face from Kurdis amidst the chaos of hell rising also got me.

Doe - Hey hey, congrats on your (somewhat) Void debut! This story was funny as hell, and your writing worked great with snager’s visuals. The story kind of ended abruptly though. I expected at least a reaction from Kurdis to conclude things but instead it just... stopped.

Bloodletting: ShowHide

I love that these two villains are possibly teaming up hoo *eyes emoji*

Kozi - Love your inks and shading!! The pink blood was a lil weird though haha, I’m getting Danganronpa flashbacks. Also what a cool idea to have Evelin tuck away her soul like that and leave Remy hurt for once. Excited to see where this relationship might go!

Buggy - Mannn I love this palette you chose! It’s not something I’d expect for an underground scene, but those soft pinks and purples just look so nice. And I like that you mixed things up with the lil chibis and that panel where all those newspapers flash behind Evelin’s head.

I kinda feel like you should’ve tried to match Kozi’s colouring style though? It was a little jarring to go from clear cut shading to this soft blending style, and then back to sharp again, and imo the blending also doesn’t fit with the harsh lighting of the environment.

You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Happy: ShowHide

Holy shit Heathen. That shot on page 33 is incredible, I fucking love it. Also of course the Smile would want to go out into the madness simply because of the election. The last page with the noise differences looks rad and chaotic too, I’m glad my suggestion helped! My only gripe is that it feels like there’s a little too much space on the right side of that page? Panels 2-5 are more or less aligned but not centered, and since there’s nothing specific in the background to focus on, it feels a bit empty.

Don (yes, you get your own spoiler, king): ShowHide

Just gonna comment on all your colours in the same place. You’re a fucking BEAST, I can’t believe how much of this collab was coloured just by you. They look amazing, vibrant but in a way that still suits the hellish landscape. I particularly like the bright purples and reds you did in the comic above and “Waiting for the End”, plus the reddy-pink coupled with soft blues in “Deeper Underground Part 2”. And I’ve already told you how much I like the colours in Kozi and I’s part. Try not to overload yourself in the future though, okay? I know you were struggling and I heard this interfered with your schoolwork, please remember real life comes first and take care of yourself!

Dealing with Demons: ShowHide

Ober - Those panels with Jerin sealing the demon look great, but the lack of colour and overload of closeups made this comic feel kind of cramped and flat.

Batty - The shading on this is so tastyyy. I’m also hype to see Croi’s debut! I really enjoyed his poses and expressions. I know you struggled a lot with the backgrounds too but they look awesome. The characters still look a bit stiff though in many of the panels.

Delivered From Evil: ShowHide

Cab - Tiffany looked kind of odd here, like she was shorter than Veruca but had this huge head comparatively, especially in her first appearance. The screentones you used on Orion’s page also didn’t add anything imo, apart from the second panel with Veruca and David’s backs in shadows. It just kind of made the comic look messy.

Bobo - Loved the colours you did for Cab’s page! The muted oranges were warm enough to set the hellish mood, but not too saturated that the characters were drowned out. I liked how you drew the demon in your page, they looked so sweet and pitiful. The fire effects were nice too. Veruca looked kinda weird when she opened her mouth though, since her teeth seemed to connect to her nose and chin.

Orion - Really liked that second panel with Veruca and David’s bodies framing the demon and their friend! The lines were also really clean here, and I liked how thick they were to emphasise the angle. The very last panel was great too. Just be careful with your hands - Veruca’s left one in panel 3 appeared to have no thumb and just radial fingers.

Overall - Idk who wrote this so I’m not sure who to address it to, but the story felt kind of cheap. I don’t think this is the kind of thing to tackle in just three pages. The conflict and resolution felt far too rushed to fit into the confines of this comic. Veruca changes her mind on prejudice almost instantly. It’s also.. idk, I didn’t like how the demon couldn’t speak English properly. I doubt it was intentional, but it brought to mind when kids cartoons tried to clumsily address bigotry with the whole “see! We may look and speak differently but we’re the same, don’t judge by appearances” shtick, and it put me on guard.

Fire Alarma: ShowHide

Damn, those are some tasty colours and inks! This was, no pun intended, short and sweet. I love those gummy bears and the little details like 24/7 drugs and deli. The panel with the demons though, while cool, was very busy for me and I almost lost Sugar Rush in the clutter.

Refugees If You Please: ShowHide

Symon, I love that shot on page 59 with Gray and Hunter in silhouette, and then their hands joining together! It’s just so sleek and neat, especially with the triangle panels around them. Th purple and red palette on page 60 was nice too, and the bright colours in general for this comic. Fun premise, demons wanting to eat burgers and loving them XD Some of the panels felt a little too busy though.

Waiting for the End: ShowHide

I liked the panelling in this, but overall found it kind of weird. Darren is singing with a triumphant smile on his face even though the lyrics at the time speak of empty words. And is he supposed to be looking directly at the Defenders or is that just symbolic?

# 11   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 02:11 PM
This was WONDERFUL! I'm so, so happy to have helped inspire so many people into so many great stories! Thank you to those who drew me and Crow a cameo! Ah, i feel so energized! Such wonderful writing and art and colours, such variety, its great to see the city SUFFERING BY MY HANDS >8D
special thank you to Flutz for the scene of Ben psychoanalyzing Gray and being ENTIRELY SPOT-ON.

# 10   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 12:11 PM
we did it, Kids. We Climbed this Whole Mountain.

for now, i'll just say what were highlights for me: spoilers EDITED

Spoiler: ShowHide

- Saal's Rumbus buddie's wierd animated gif faces
-Cecil, who I have a soft-spot for, trying to stab the Good Doctor Frankenstien, and accidentally making it look like he saved her: A+
-Quint serving sandwiches to the demons, who probably only get a paid 15min and not a full hour lunch cause they're not union. A+ five star service.
-Blue wearing a frog demon for most of her screen time
-Heathen and Astro's pages: I thought The Smile was supposed to be a bad guy, but he seems to genuinely care about the city's residents and take his job seriously. Also I've been wearing the secret service member's face as an avatar for two weeks on the discord.
-the layout on page 18: what a ride
-the good and cute bug demon who doesn't want to kill anyone
-page 42 everything is great: the burning sky, the many many monitors. idk what the guy's name is, but the green guy's face is :ok_hand: nice
-millie and napalito being a cute power couple A+

# 9   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 08:55 AM
what's great about this collab is that we see a lot of the other Voiders don't just sit around during Armageddon waiting to be saved, they either go out there and try to deal with it or change it, we are Void City and we might not be the official City Defenders for this Arma' but we will not stand by and just let the beloved city fall into chaos without a fight, United we are in these hellish times (both on the comic page and IRL )

# 8   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 07:58 AM
Great stuff guys! All the individual storylines were awesome, its fun to see what all these characters are up to during a huge crisis. This feels a lot more cohesive than a lot of the previous large scale collabs I've read, it's pretty clear you guys were communicating quite a bit since there's a few places where different stories overlap. I enjoyed it a lot!

# 7   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 07:45 AM
Absolutely enjoyed reading this. Love how the community can come together to make such an amazing comic.

Well done everyone! Now we gotta wait and see if the Defenders can save Void from this madness!

Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Sep 3 2020, 06:28 AM
This is the best type of comic because its the topper that just makes me wanna create. Great job everyone and congrats on doing this collab.

# 5   Posted: Sep 2 2020, 10:30 PM
Almost there guys!! Just wanted to post some credits :)

I did the Contents page and worked on “A Narrow Escape”. For that comic, Kozi did the sketches for the first page and I did the inks, while I did the sketches for most of the second page and Kozi did the inks (Kozi did sketches and inks for the first three panels, before the long stairway chase scene). Don and Kozi worked on the colours for both pages!

# 4   Posted: Aug 14 2020, 05:06 PM
This comic is so intimidating! I'm looking forward to a fun read!

# 3   Posted: Aug 13 2020, 01:38 PM
All of this because of a confused woman and her boyfriend can't find a job or a hobby to occupy their time?

On today's episode of 'The non-dead and the restless', Death denies unemployment for Hunter as Gray receives a call from God about a grimoire mixup. Will the grim lovers be evicted from their home for heralding in an Armageddon event? All that and more when we return from this commercial break!

Good luck everyone especially the defenders and thanks to Shen and Stormcrow for being threatening!

# 2   Posted: Aug 6 2020, 12:50 PM

# 1   Posted: Aug 5 2020, 11:16 PM

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