Lucky Lucy vs. Sidae

Lucky Lucy vs. Sidae

Lucky Lucy vs. Sidae

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tags: lucky lucy, NSFW, raw patrol, sidae, spider

Critiques & Comments
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Approval Committee
# 11   Posted: Aug 17 2020, 10:08 AM
I think both of these comics had an interesting take on the challenge presented and I know a majority of us can argue what is perceived to be a scar or not? Like can Sidae just shave that beard off afterward? Is Lucy getting knocked up technically a scar? Either way, this opens up a valid discussion for us as a community to really try to narrow down what should and shouldn't be considered a "scar". Either way, I am just happy to see scar matches being done!

I think both of ya'll took the time to be creative with what you did, but I feel like there wasn't enough of a pay off. Both sides seems pretty bare bones and to the point considering you have a seven day deadline, but the stories on both sides just didn't catch me?

I do want to see the outcome after voting is done. I want to see storytelling growth as well for both characters! Keep battling, keep doing the do.

# 10   Posted: Aug 17 2020, 12:38 AM
I’ll leave my initial impression below, but honestly, the more I look at Lucy, the less offensive she seems. I can’t deny my knee jerk minstrel comparison, but that may have been a little harsh. I dunno, I don’t dislike her.

Also, I was so distracted by the controversies that I forgot to mention, Mr.PR, this is one of your better looking comics of late, the color and shading is nice. I’d still really like to see you learn proper perspective and try to do more realistic, technically sound environments. I think the juxtaposition of your absurd character designs with more grounded environments would be a cool style. I think I’d like to see you get out of your comfort zone in general. Try a comic in a completely different style sometime.

# 9   Posted: Aug 16 2020, 04:11 PM
I think it's hilarious that people are taking issue with pregnancy as a scar. Even if you ignore the fact that a child IS a permanent addition to the character, assuming she just goes and gets an abortion, Mr.PR now has to depict that in a comic, and there are emotional scars that come with that experience. So in every way imaginable, a pregnancy absolutely qualifies as a Capital S Scar. And leaving the choice to keep the kid or not, and if so, what it looks like, up to Mr.PR, is a wonderful choice. Rather than just "here's a new character to deal with", this scar, as the best scars do, simply gives the recipient a plethora of new choices to make and directions to take the character that they might not have thought to before.

I'm actually a little disappointed in the lack of imagination from the critics on this point.

I am, however, in agreement that Mr.PR's depiction of Lucy feels kinda gross. I'm not really sure how this character got approved, this is my first time seeing her, but man... she's a straight up ghetto minstrel stereotype. A pair of tits growing out of a big ass with huge lips stuck to it. And despite having a head the size of a watermelon (oh god) she's completely brainless. She doesn't even have a face to identify with, she's not human. I appreciate my share of un-PC-ness, and I'm fine with a ghetto prostitute character, but they gotta be interesting. Literally my first reaction to opening your comic was, "oof!".

# 8   Posted: Aug 14 2020, 12:02 AM
... Frankly, I don't like the Lucy's design and should've seen the nsfw tags for Fluffs comic(or, preferably the 18+/sexual tag should have been in the thumbnail for Fluff's). The stories themselves seem... lackluster, and the way Lucy is depicted is tasteless. I hope some serious changes can be made, and that perhaps Fluffs can change future opponents designs into their own artistic style to avoid perpetuating... this.
I could say find and say some positive things about the comics, but the bad outweighs the good here. Better luck(and more thought) next time.

# 7   Posted: Aug 13 2020, 02:44 PM
Nice work you two! For a one week scar match you both delivered a well established comic. However, the scars themselves lacked to a degree.

MrPr1993 - Hair scars are particular, since hair is always growing and changing the onset of mountain man look could easily be done away with. Perhaps a hair dying of Sidae full body would have been a more lasting choice. Because scissors.

Fluffsamasprime - A pregnancy is one thing. A spider pregnancy is another. With this scar you are leaving it to the opponent to establish the child after the fact. Maybe, instead of just a pregnancy test, Lucy could have been delivering the child and you could have put some distinguishing characteristics into the bug baby. Baby bumps don't last forever.

Good going folks! Keep it up

# 6   Posted: Aug 12 2020, 01:44 AM
MrPr - I feel like your perspective has gotten better recently! The characters feel more grounded, and I think you’ve gotten the balance right with your textures now too. I also liked hat you tied the gag in with the scar. Some angles could be a little clearer though, like during the conversation I couldn’t really see that Sidae was coming out of his house/standing in the doorway or that Lucy was outside, since it was just all purple backgrounds.

Fluff - I really enjoy Sidae’s expressions. They’re always so fun and pleasing to look at. The posing was also good, very expressive and energetic, giving Lucy those long acrylic nails really helped with the gesture too. The scar was also pretty creative, I’m guessing it’s more the kid that will be the “scar” than the pregnancy though, since as Pita said, that’s only temporary?

As for crits, the texture you used was a little overbearing and oddly placed, and the perspective was kind of wonky at times. It was noticeable but not distracting though, so it isn’t too much of an issue. I think the room could have done with a bit more grime though. It’s supposed to be this gross bare space, but I only got the gross coming through with the possum being there and the leak around the tap. I think adding some stains or flies or something would have helped.


Also I feel I need to say this, I was already pretty uncomfortable with Lucy from the get go, but that feeling just keeps increasing. For both sides. Like Fluff, the portrayal of Lucy as someone who immediately has sex with a stranger and then gets pregnant... it just feels super skeevy to me. And MrPr, she didn’t have an accent before, why does she have one now? A couple of people besides me have said she feels like a caricature but you seem to be leaning into it even harder now?

Think Tank
# 5   Posted: Aug 10 2020, 02:54 PM
Both of these entries were super quick with their storytelling and delivered a comedic angle.  It's nice to be on the same wavelength as your opponent for these things.

On a technical level, the pages seem too big.  It's not a sizing issue with the image files, it's more a choice in how big you decide to make certain panels and font.  One thing I can suggest to help with this is to thumbnail your pages first to get a good grasp on your panel pacing.

This was a good solid entry, and I see the improvement with your backgrounds compared to your last battle.
I'm gonna quietly dock off points for these things--

- Your opossum sadly looked more like a cartoon rat than an opossum.  I wouldn't bring this up except you've seen my Discord icon.  Possums are my thing, I'm gonna point out if one needs work.

- Free-lining to give a more organic look to doors and rooms is absolutely fine.  However, if you use a straight line, it not only gives that aspect of the page a more clinical look, lines tend to bow in or out when the inking isn't confident.  That's how you can end up with "marshmallow" looking cubes or concave doors.  I encourage you to practice inking straight lines to build up that confidence, and even then--it may help to size up your canvas and ink in small increments.  That way, you retain the smooth appearance of a straight line when the image is resized, and you avoid having bowed lines.

- The choice to make Lucy pregnant seems to be more like a temporary scar than something more permanent.  Maybe my definition of what constitutes a scar is different, and that's fine.  I would have just done something different.

# 4   Posted: Aug 10 2020, 10:34 AM
Mr.93,  I liked your colors and variations on camera angles. and the scar being Sidae having to be hairy is such a good idea!

Fluff: Your comic made me laugh two solid times! The toilet in the closet, the possum dancing with them after Lucy makes the sale. This comic has everything! soft core porn, laughs, a possum, AND a pregnancy. Mozeltov, it's an arachnid ! The drawings and lay outs all read really well, too. There was never a point where I had to re-read because I didn't understand where to look next.

# 3   Posted: Aug 10 2020, 12:42 AM
Imma done here as well! Wish ya luck! ^^

# 2   Posted: Aug 9 2020, 08:52 PM
Warning: page 3 gets a little nsfw.
I had a lot of fun working on this!

# 1   Posted: Aug 6 2020, 10:13 AM

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