Burake vs. 0roch1

Burake vs. 0roch1

Burake vs. 0roch1

by Burake

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This comic has not been rated; viewer discretion advised.

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# 21  
Gotta admit... this fight is one to remember... I guess...

Burake: Love the coloring and the line art, but like everybody else mentioned... a simple punch, kick, the end wasn't too creative in a way. I did like how the comic moved along, though I don't think Orochi is a kidnapper if you know what I mean. The quallity of the comic was great, but some parts just seemed exagerated and I'm sure that others agree on that, but that's only a minor thing that can be worked on when you've got the time, overall I'd say that this is one of your finest ;) !

Orochi: Once again your art shines above all others, but like everybody else mentioned, you really need to find better places for your word balloons, the first panel is a prime example: from the way you placed both Burake and Orochi it seems logical that whatever they have to say should be said first and not halfway down the page. Also, you should cut back on the close ups for the camera angles, they are nice and all, but the close ups in this comic seemed rather pointless and thrown in just for kicks.

But overall I'd say that this was the better of the two... which is why my vote is for you Orochi, I do hope to see more from you two in the future! Keep it up or something?

# 20  
Good job all round! ^_^
Burake: The one thing I didn't like was the coloring - It somehow reminded me a little of DBZ, A little more detail on that and every thing will be peachy keen and dandy! Other than that your lines are clean and your backgrounds are good, Keep it up! :)

Oroch1: I really like your shading; though I'll have to agree that your panels are a bit cluttered... maybe making the lines separating them thicker or a different color would help. The only other thing was some of the words were cut off... no big deal really just one small nit pick :p Otherwise your style is great, very nice job.

A Bad Idea
# 19  
Bu : Another excellent work ! Though with the other querks everyone else mentioned, there's always this one thing in your fights that always bothers me; it seems you need to work on ENDING your battles. Even if the last page was just post-battle grumbling, you could've stretched it out to at least 4 panels (this is where the Director side of my Triple Threat philosophy -which I will post in the forums later- kicks in). Otherwise, this is one of your best works. Keep up the good work dude. ^^

Oro : Can't really say much that hasn't been said already. Dialogue placement needs MAJOR revamping. Action flow and panel composition also need to be looked at (i.e, after page 1, last frame : what happened to Bu's Phoenix Tensho ?? And page 2, frames 2 and 5, there is too much open space, so composition is especially important. Page 2, frame 4, there is also too much space, and a more dynamic angle could've been applied.)

This is YOUR serving of Zato's UBER CRITS. Hope it helps. PEACE !! ^^

# 18  
Yeah for real. Least Burake knew I wasn\'t being serious in the second comment.

# 17  
can I poke the bunny instead? I like poking the bunny! (pokes Oroch1 until he bites his finger off)

# 16  
DUDES! I think you\'re all misinterpreting this whole situtation. We were just having a little fun. Do you not see the smileys? Do you not see that I offered my thanks?! Yeesh! And you all think that I\'M the crazy one.

# 15  
Ok, Burake, RoadMaster, really, you guys need to learn how to take critisism. That's how you get better and improve your art. If you don't learn how to take in other people's opinions about your art, then you wont get very far. Sure, Kami might have appeared to be a little harsh....so I don't completely blaim you for getting upset.
But Kami, I thought the critiques where very usefull. If you could help point out my flaws, I'd really apreciate that.

# 14  
Kami, it's nice to see that you have nothing better to do in your life than critisize someone about something you don't seem to know anything about for kicks. I honestly don't care if you are trying to be a troll, or just being fakely analytical, because either way you're still a fool for it. And yes I realize I'm critisizing someone about critisizing in something that I'm not apart of, for anyone planning to state that obvious fact ;)

Burake: man, I think this is the best fight I've seen from you (in my opinion at least). Pg 3 blew me away of course. first and last pages coulda been done more with I thought, but still well-done. Also page 2 on the kick, yes I knew it was a kick... BUT it seems that Oroch1's foot grows to a size larger than Burake's torso. Foreshortening is fine, but the foot is farther in space than Burake's body, so it should still be in relative sizes. Other than that TOIT!

Oroch1: Wah.... I really hate to critisize because I really like your linework....... but I can't get past a lot of the confusion points which have been stated before. Confusing flows, extreme close ups on things such as eyes and mouths, and that inverting colours is just something I have trouble getting past. But still, good work and sorry for overdoing those complaints, because it's still good art.

# 13  
ok children, take it on aim or something

# 12  
Only after you grow a brain. ^___^

# 11  
XD awww did I hurt your feelings THAT much you had to try and mock me? tsk awww.. so sorry. <:D grow a spine.

# 10  
Well kamicheetah, your comments are worthless, and you're being so incredibly picky that I really don't have to waste my time listening to you. XB So I gotta dock you for that. Also your approach had no style or sense of artistic critique but rather on just a whining opinion, so I gotta dock you for that. But otherwise, thanks! I guess. ^-^

Orochi, very nicely done, yah the first page was a little hard to follow for me, but it was drawn very creatively. I compliment you on your fine work.

# 9  
Burake, Oz.. I didn't like either one of those XB; Sorry.

Burake, you seem to favor that teeth clenched lock jaw face. Try to use that less.. T_T; So I docked points in creativity for that. The second page..you guys did some kind of pose thing then it took me a while to figure out that's 0r0ch1's foot kicking you.  Call me crazy but I don't get why your character had to change just to punch and kick 0r0ch1. :\ looks very staged so both moves really don't look like they have any force behind them. So.. loss of entertainment points.

0r0ch1, you already know how I feel about yer 'fighting' style XB ::sigh:: so I gotta dock you for that. You also try to fit too much on a page I think. Well, least the first two. Then it gets confusing and..I don't like the last page. It, to me, makes no sense.

# 8  
dude, bunny-man, your layouts confuse me sometimes. some pages need to be read right to left ala manga-style, but others are normal comic left to right. pick one and run with it, guy.

kato, good work, i'm excited to see how our fight will come out.

the kid
# 7  
that was some awesome fighting fro mboth sides.  burake i\'m so glade to see u bake man.  we should have a rematch sometime.

# 6  
Orooooo, twas good, but it's still hard to follow what's happening   .__.;;;  BETTER COMPOSITION!   blah, other then that, it was awesome!

Burake, I liked how it was very clean with the line-work and the colouring, and like Zombi said the demon form was fukking TIGHT!  But there was something about it that was just a little off in my oppinion, and I can't put my figner on it  :|  I suck.

# 5  
burake great fight
the proportions were a bit off in some places. but stweet coloring. i also felt that you could have had more impact wif u used more panels in the last page. but still sweet coloring man. love your characters demon version

orochi: as usual great action. your pages tend to get a cluttered and its difficult to know where to start reading each page. the art gets a bit lazy here and there. but the shading is cool. story-wise, i didnt get what happened in the last page. did the bunny assimilate the guy, or was it the other way around?
all in all great fight you two

# 4  
These were both cool fights guys.  Burake, I enjoyed the good quality images and the  straight to the point story.  Oroch1,  I\'m liking the action in your story and your style suits it very well.  I gotta admit though,  I was lost a bit on some of the events, so I had an easier time chillin\' with Burake\'s story.  Nonetheless, good job both of you.  This was a better match up than I thought it\'d be, the characters went together rather well!

# 3  
Burake has been granted an extention of one week. 0r0ch1 is still obligated to turn his in on time unless he wished to also purchase a one week extention. (I know his is in but I have to be formal about these things)

# 2  
I again apologize for my crappy normal/loss poses. I\'l fix those asap.

# 1  
^_^ Good Luck guys!

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