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# 12   Posted: Aug 2 2020, 06:00 PM
This is a great way to bring Miller back into the action: Toyed around by the powers that be, just in time to see literal Hell on Earth. The body language between the two was great, as is your varied visual storytelling.

# 11   Posted: Aug 2 2020, 05:25 PM
Man this was such a cool comic. As Arts said, you do a really amazing job at these webscroll comics, and do some real fun stuff with panel shapes leading you down. My favorite thing about this, though, was the story. God, what a delicious story. Miller welcoming death, if only for the peace it would bring, and then Meredith holding Miller accountable and not letting him slip free so easily. These sort of stories with a hero/anti-hero having peace ripped away from them like this and being forced to fight and face their mistakes is my favorite thing. Such tasty tasty angst. What a fun way to include Meredith, too--gives him a whole new set of abilities and a whole new side of him. Really excited to see the Arma followup to this!!

Community Manager
# 10   Posted: Aug 2 2020, 12:46 PM
You are amazing at the webscroll style and definitely one of the best artists i have seen when it comes to compositions for it. You're hitting your stride with this style and these types of comics. This is a great reintroduction of Miller

# 9   Posted: Jul 29 2020, 03:00 PM
Woowee! This was a great reemergence of a great character... There was something else I was going to say, but I can't remember... <chin tap>

# 8   Posted: Jul 28 2020, 11:23 PM
This is really good, the pacing is my favorite part in all this. I can't really say more , everytime I read a Miller comic it's like I'm seeing a movie before it gets filmed [even though that isn't the ideal form comics should aspire to ]

# 7   Posted: Jul 28 2020, 04:48 PM
You've done the lineless style for a couple years now and I think it's starting to really hit it's stride - this comic looks great, the tavern palette is really pleasant and warm. I love the design of Sir Meredith, they give me vibes of Igor from Persona vibes. The final stretches of the scroll here are really pleasant, you have a real knack of summing up a void arc/tournament in one panel. The writing is nice, very meta, I think all I would say about it is that you've written the check, now all you have to do is cash it.

If I can say, clearly you've proven that you can make a really consistent, enjoyable comic that looks great, reads great, and you can do it quickly. I think now is the time to dive into the minutia, specifically the Rendering of your comics. Shadow falloff over distance, more textures, having the light react differently to different materials - some suggestions:
- As he falls into the ocean abyss., the lighting on Miller should change and get darker, instead of staying consistent and darkening the colors altogether.

- Instead of just a blob of shadow on the mug of ale in this comic, you should focus on rendering the glass.

-In the tavern, you've got 10 discrete light sources, but the whole room feels flatly lit. The bulk of the ceiling lights do meld into one light source, but still, paying attention to the light drop-off and directional shadows will make the scene feel more alive, especially since you only have one establishing drawing.

- For the panels where the background is a solid, vibrant color, which you use aptly to punctuate important notes in the comic, consider treating that background color as a physical, "diagetic" light, and thus making the shadows on the characters harsher, and changing the color palette (for instance, in this comic, Miller is posed against a harsh red light, a harsh green light, and the natural tavern light, but his palette never changes.)

-This note goes a bit beyond rendering, but I think having another establishing shot to specify the space that Miller and Meredith are occupying would be nice.

-And finally, if you want to maintain your single-shadow layer, single light layer style, which I think is fine, you've definitely made it your own, I would definitely recommend adding more spot blacks, to make things a bit more dynamic.

# 6   Posted: Jul 28 2020, 06:40 AM
A long time coming. I've only known Miller through the RPs and I am stoked that he's finally officially back in EnterVoid and during Arma at that. This is a great comic and I love the role of Meredith in this as it makes PERFECT sense!

Welcome back, Miller!

# 5   Posted: Jul 27 2020, 11:18 PM
Captivating from start to finish ! Coming from someone who wasn’t too familiar with Miller this hooked me to his story :D. I aspire to create at your speed and quality.

# 4   Posted: Jul 27 2020, 06:59 PM
Wow. What a way to reintroduce a character, damn. I was wondering how you’d bring Miller back, but this is really, really clever and fits with Meredith so well. I also admit I usually don’t like the webscroll format, but it’s perfect here, with Miller sinking and then falling through time. The final scene and words are fantastic, and just. Yeah. This was excellent. I really hope he gets into Arma so you can continue from this (plus with the whole Gray comic becoming canon... need to see that addressed, man).

# 3   Posted: Jul 27 2020, 07:44 AM

This is plot armor at its finest lmaoooo.
I'm seriously inspired. I'm going to get off work early every day this week and finish my part.

# 2   Posted: Jul 26 2020, 07:52 PM
*kicks down door* HOLY SHIT MILLER'S BACK and all it took was us literally trying to burn the city down!

I'm so excited to see the boy back, biased though I may be. It's been too long. Gorgeous work as always, with a lot of great shoutouts to all that he's missed and all the characters that have impacted him; you've really embraced the vertical scroll style and I think it suits you, your eye is awfully cinematic in a way that I think suits itself to the potential for beat-by-beat panels like this. I'm beyond delighted and can't wait to see where Miller's story takes him from here, love that an actual character finally got to yell at him just like everyone's been yelling at you about wanting some continuation or closure with this wonderful character.

Also dude, you f***ed my girlfriend and now you have to die.

Global Moderator
# 1   Posted: Jul 26 2020, 07:17 PM
Soon as the Arma prologue got posted I got inspired, rolled up my sleeves and did this in 6 days (1 day for scriptwriting)

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