3 Day Curse-breaker Tango / Iain MacTavish vs. Talon vs. Cadenza

3 Day Curse-breaker Tango / Iain MacTavish vs. Talon vs. Cadenza

3 Day Curse-breaker Tango — Iain MacTavish vs. Talon vs. Cadenza

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by Badger

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by cats

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tags: cadenza, lian, talon

Critiques & Comments
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# 9   Posted: Aug 2 2020, 06:11 PM
Buggy: The comic where nobody slept. It's too bad the comic gets unclear just as things started happening. What did the water do? Did it do anything? And then the climax is a mystery. I think you should have finished these first, since the dialog scenes could pretty much carry themselves with unfinished art

Badger: I like the mood you've given the shop. There's a nice, everyday feel to it, like they really are customers coming in with a request. I love Iain's little slouch. It communicates his age somehow.

Cats: These expressions cracked me up from the first page. it got a little messy, but I like that this one had a sort of conclusion and a punchline.

# 8   Posted: Aug 2 2020, 04:33 PM
Buggy: Those inks in the panels you did finish are some TASTY inks. I like the scrolling format you used, it worked v well imo!! I only wish you had been able to refine that penultimate panel a bit more so we could see what it was Iain was reacting to; I get the feeling it was a giant demon looming over the city, but it's so loose I can't quite tell. Still, good job for 3 days! Anda solid little short story that could work great for a follow up comic, wink wonk ;P

Badger: YOOOOO this is real tasty. Crazy amount of work for 3 days!! Did... did you sleep at all?? I honestly can't really think of anything to critique, really... I enjoy the little scene at the end, and the thing with Iain using Talon's magic. I love the way you do magic effectssssss.

Cats: I really love the style you used, it's very cute and even though it is technically a sketchy brush it doesn't look unfinished! Also really good job on the use of background textures, they really work well! Crit-wise I'd say mostly just that I have to agree that Iain's accent comes off... less like an accent and more like a caricature. It's unflattering at best, and difficult to read at worst. That said, I think I like your take on the story the best, if only because Cadenza got to have her emotional outburst. It gave the story a nice catharsis and resolution that the other two were missing. Also the little scene with Lily and Eli at the end was *so good*

Community Manager
# 7   Posted: Aug 2 2020, 02:24 PM
Buggy: You have something really solid with your faces. They are an appealing style that is similar to some mainstream stuff but distinct enough to be your own and stand out when looking at it. I also like how you had this story set up for Void going to hell.. shame it's not finished but what's really is really nice.

Badger: You are a beast and doing all of these in 4 days is amazing. I don't really have any crits I'm just consistently impressed by your stuff.

Cats: That second Panel that shows Cadenza and talon entering is great, I love how she looks like a gremlin in the cutest way. I agree that Iain's accent was a bit much in some places. Maybe a rule of thumb you can go with is one accent word per bubble, more than that can take the reader out of the comic. there were also some character consistency issues, but this is a lot of work for four days so that makes sense. Nice to see you back with comics and this has a great story to keep moving Cadenza's story forward

# 6   Posted: Jul 30 2020, 06:41 AM
I am very busy with my own comic so pardon me if this is short and sweet. You all did amazing in this battle and the art is gorgeous to look at all around. I did love the incorporation of Arma in Buggy's side (at least that's what I thought that last panel is). Shame it wasn't finished!

Impressive job! Great to see these 3 characters all together too! They seem to compliment each other.

# 5   Posted: Jul 29 2020, 03:30 PM
Woh were these done in three days or a week. I was kinda hoping all three characters would have gotten their curses straightened out in this. Never the less great work!

Buggypumpkin - Your line work is looking great and I love that Armageddon tie in at the end. The ritual could have been elaborated but given the time restraint this worked. Keep it up!

Badger - This was a neat read and you have so much info tucked in between the characters conversations. Nice shading and colors and the spell casting looked very cool! Now, back to the morgue with Talon. :)

Cats - This was pretty cute and I could totally feel Cadenza's frustration. The trip down Cadenza's memory lane was short but made the last bit all the more relatable. Things can be frustrating in all aspects. Great work! Will Cadenza be employing explosive tunes now? ^3^

# 4   Posted: Jul 27 2020, 03:13 AM
Ahhh what a fun concept. It’s really cool to see three people tackle the same premise in such different ways, and good job for the work you all did in such a short time!

Buggy - Said this before I know, but I like how you stylised Talon here and honestly a glow up from your first attempt in Eli vs Talon! This also looked to be going in a more dramatic way than the other comics... but unfortunately I can’t tell what happened after the midway point. I was also distracted by the very wobbly lines of the environment where they should be straight, like windows and tables. I’m not sure what program you use but afaik most have a straight line tool, that might benefit you.

Badger - Holy CRAP. The work you did in just 3 days?? Like full backgrounds and shading? Wow, kudos. I really enjoyed this. Solid art and story for a 3-day battle. Honestly I’m trying to compliment a specific thing but my brain is just “:)))) I very like the it.” The only gripe I have is that Talon seems super tall in this comic. He’s almost level with the top of the doorway in every panel he’s near one, but he’s supposed to be 5’6”. That also means Iain would have to stoop for his own doorway!

Cats - Your style is super cute and pleasing to look at. I love the chibi style you have for further away views too, and Mittens omg. She looks like a little sootball! This was an interesting take on the apothecary too - I’d never imagined it as a grand tea place, but I loved those rows of drawers in the background. Also, I really liked the way you rendered the piano in Cadenza’s memory. It was just very sleek and stylish while still keeping to your simplified style.

I have to say though, Iain’s accent... made me cringe a little. It was this bizarre mish mash of exaggerated Cockney English and almost Cajun? When he said things like “dat” and “dis” and “wit” I was strangely reminded of Remy’s style of speech. Buggy already shows Iain’s Scottish via dialogue in a serviceable way that could have easily been copied, as Badger did, but if you wanted to attempt the accent phonetically, I’d suggest listening to interviews with Scottish actors to get a feel for the accent. James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor and David Tenant are just a few off the top of my head.

The art also felt slightly off at times. Iain looks very feminine in his first appearance with the way you drew his frame, particularly the hips, and Cadenza’s outburst on page 2 (“why would I purposefully cause myself this stress”) didn’t read as angry or upset to me. I think it’s because you went with the squishy chibi style for that panel, so she just looks cute and almost funny with her big round eyes popping off her face. In other closeups where you use your “regular” style, her expressions can be very subtle yet absolutely spot on, and I love them. Like the panel where she remembers the song. So maybe stick to that style for emotional moments.

# 3   Posted: Jul 21 2020, 07:52 PM
Sad Boyz + Music Lady Tango.

# 2   Posted: Jul 21 2020, 07:32 PM

# 1   Posted: Jul 21 2020, 07:32 PM
Its the Sad Boy Mambo.

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