Harvey vs. Quint

Harvey vs. Quint

Harvey vs. Quint

by Sean

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# 13   Posted: Jul 29 2020, 05:05 PM
Footini -
Spoiler: show
Misery loves company and it's throwing a house party, everyone is invited! Hairmageddon has taken it's toll. We will have to see just what condition the blonde guy is in.... Thanks for checking these out!

SnowyMoth -
Spoiler: show
Indeed I have some work to do on the eye flow and such. Thanks for reading!

TheCydork -
Spoiler: show
I tried to make Harvey more of a defeated soul given his past 'accidents' and troubles dealing with them emotionally and unlawfully. I have some work to do. Thanks for checking these out!

Rursus -
Spoiler: show
Appreciate the insightful critiques. Painting these has been a fun change for myself since I have been more of a traditional line artist who rarely colored the art I did changing to a digital line-less painter sort who is focusing on actually trying to finish the comics in color. I know that ending my comics on a cliffhanger can have it's pro's and con's so I hope this was acceptable. If the main text was legible then I am heading in the right directions from previous entries. I still got some things to hammer out. Thanks a load for checking these comics out!

# 12   Posted: Jul 28 2020, 09:51 PM
Sean - What a interesting dynamic between the characters. Though it felt like it was the opening to something on a page turn rather than punchline and curtains. The palette seemed to be headed in an interesting and very mood-setting direction, though I would've rather seen it tightened a little bit given the brevity, since the art on a one-pager is entirely on the opening punch.. The change in hairstyles does build up enough with the first two to make the last one give me a sensible chuckle on what a total makeover like a character creator it is. Though it did take me a moment to spot the features to make sure it was the same character. The lines and expressions hit on a good note for me, so keep pushing in that direction because I love where you're going

Symon - You really take advantage of the storytelling real estate of each page. You're creating some nice paneling and compositions. The establishing shots were exquisite in scale and composition, though I felt the flashbacks were more fleshed-out in that department. I got the sense there's an air of mystery, but that sense of "where are we?" without too much to anchor the reader's sense of space can be a distraction. However, once the lights came on, it really helped counter that. The lettering space was very well considered, though at times such as the end of the first page, I was confused by the where my eyes were supposed to go in the penultimate panel. The artwork is so yours. The effect of it really grabbed me, though some caution on how you used colored lines/lineless art; if the contrast isn't quite there, it can sometimes read as turning off the lineart layer over the colors or elements fighting for depth (both of which are rare and rarer instances in this, I'm happy to say!). PS: little nods like the switch/sliders mimicking the void logo are a very nice nourish. The story and pacing made this feel like an intro to something else due to a very pronounced sense of more questions than answers from the start, so just be wary of what details to nudge us into the context and setup. But jokes on me, now I want to read the next one!

# 11   Posted: Jul 26 2020, 06:48 PM
Sean - This was cute, but the joke didn’t really land for me? The hairstyles make Quint look like other people, and then Harvey is tired. That’s the end? It did feel like it needed either more buildup or a little more to the punchline. I do like this style though and the blue wash over a yellow-ish bg. It’s an unexpected colour choice but I like it!

Symon - Also agree with Heathen, I was pretty lost. I got that they were arrested and going through the procedure of being recorded, but the beginning scene and the cuts to outside (such as with Looma in the burger joint) felt random and out of place. When the focus was on Harvey and Quinn though, I enjoyed the dynamic, and I think you nailed the defeated vibe for Harvey. I particularly liked his introduction on pages 3 and 4.

# 10   Posted: Jul 26 2020, 12:09 AM
Sean - I thought this was a really cute and short comic. I wish there was more of it!

Symon - I agree with Heathen, I'm not sure what's really happening? I like the style and the coloring that you did for this, though!

# 9   Posted: Jul 26 2020, 12:03 AM
Sean: even though it's short I still enjoy the art and the expressions you have going on.
Symon: Quint just can't catch a break can he?  Your comics are always fun and I'm digging the colorful artwork you have going on.
At least Quint's hair is okay right?

# 8   Posted: Jul 25 2020, 11:08 AM
Spoiler: show
Thanks for checking out these comics. Appreciate the critiques and compliments! I have a lot to fine tune in the ways of comic creation. The first page is a cover of sorts and I never portray a scene that is relatively related to the content of the comic, the two silhouettes(one of bullet holes and one of shadow) was an attempt at showcasing the two characters personalities. Harvey has been through a lot and has attempted to avoid the police since his past explosive incidents and Quint is an accident prone near bullet proof law abiding citizen in a city full of half crazed trigger happy law enforcement. The covers are just a little extra something I have been trying to include with my entries. :)

Spoiler: show
I'm glad you're enjoying this wacky adventure! It is ever evolving. Redacted seemed like a good candidate for raiding the unattended burger shack of all it's meats, along with Chop Chop and Looma. A little gag that might go somewhere. Thanks for checking these out and I appreciate the feedback!

Spoiler: show
Appreciate the insight from a long time Void aficionado. My biggest problem is consolidation of ideas and I think that really fuzzies the whole comic flow. Given Quint's previous comics and Harvey's alcoholic tendencies I didn't really think about including a "how they got there" explanation. I could have had Harvey in the park sleeping off his previous nights drunken stupor and being picked up by the police after Quint had blown up the park... hm. I am still playing around with it all and having fun with it's progression. Thanks for checking these out and for your expertise!

# 7   Posted: Jul 23 2020, 02:30 AM
Sean: nice art on this one, and a cute strip. I agree that it would have been nice if it went somewhere though. If this was a newspaper strip, there’d definitely be a second part to it tomorrow.

Symon: I’ll be honest, I have no idea what was happening in your comic. Harvey and Quint were arrested, but I guess I missed how and why.  It seemed to jump from scene to scene randomly and everything felt very disjointed. I really love how much experimentation you seemed to be doing in this comic, though. The effort here really comes through.

# 6   Posted: Jul 22 2020, 07:33 PM
Symon: I have to say I'm absolutely loving with what you're doing with Quint, and how you portray your opponents. You have a very interesting story telling talent, makes Void feel more totalitarian in this. AlSO LMFAO THANKS FOR THE REDACTED CAMEO DID HE EAT THE FAST FOOD COOK?? haha. All in all, great comic, can't wait to see more of Quint.

Sean: Another 1 page? Aaah D: Sorry if life is getting in the way, hope things smooth out soon. Been wanting to see a full fledged comic from you in quite awhile cause I dig your style.

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# 5   Posted: Jul 22 2020, 03:40 PM
Sean: The comic ended flatly for me, narrative and punch line wise. so much so that I wasn't sure if there's a second page that hasn't been uploaded. The main conflict of the story, protagonist getting a hair cut, ends unresolved and there's no pay off to the joke's set up "trying out a bunch of haricuts -> Not being satisfied -> Barber Gives up?". Otherwise, the comic is clear and legible, the art and paneling works.

Symon_says: Really enjoyed yours, established your character Quint and their personality pretty well. I feel I know the character and I've only read 10 pages of him. His interaction with your competitor's character Harvey was good as well, I feel like I learned more about him from your pages than Sean's. Art wise I think you would do well on considering composition and storytelling, I lost tract of the action a couple times through out the comic. The most egregious pages was the first. The cover is vague. Yes there's a bullet ridden wall and Quint's(I'm assuming(which is not good btw)?) silhouette but I don't really get any information out of it. Was Quint shooting the wall or being shot at? Is he there in the moment, or there after the fact? Is he investigating the wall or just passing by? There's a lot unsaid, and a lot more you could do to really sell the character and the narrative.

Overall I think you both have opposite issues and would do well to learn from each other. Good work!

# 4   Posted: Jul 22 2020, 09:48 AM
Sean! I love your entry too omg. Your style has improved greatly in the journey of Harvey, keep it up! Thank you so much for the opportunity to portray your hair-terrorist going through the paces with my hair-brained boy. Appreciate your work and the critiques! Quint's hair will get a make over some day...

P.s. sorry staff I totally botched that thumbnail thing. <facepalm>

Approval Committee
# 3   Posted: Jul 22 2020, 09:00 AM
Symon! I absolutely love this comic! The bits of humor from Quint and the awful hangover Harvey is experiencing really sets the mood for me! I'm incredibly impressed with the amount of pages you dropped down for this and that cover art is really sweet! I think my only suggestion is you need to step away from the close paneling and slow the pacing down a slight bit. It tends to push away the focus and strains the viewers eye. Honestly, you killed it though and I loved that we started right in the thick of it.

I really appreciate the battle and I'm sorry I couldn't deliver. Life be like that sometimes! Lets work together again in the future though, whether it be a battle or collab!

# 2   Posted: Jun 29 2020, 05:42 PM
The Hairmageddon has begun.

Good luck, Sean!

Approval Committee
# 1   Posted: Jun 29 2020, 08:23 AM
Hair on hair on hair

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