Shaytan vs. 0roch1

Shaytan vs. 0roch1

Shaytan vs. 0roch1

by zombi

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# 22  
Wow! Now that was a fight! I'm really amazed at both artists in this fight! Shaytan I really liked how your comic turned out man, and the fact that you had at least 2 extra pages was all the sweeter (you spoil us man) though towards the ending it did get a tad confusing again... but still I liked how it turned out (BTW, you pretty much have my vote).

Oro I knew the people wouldn't be dissapointed at what you had to offer! I really liked the sence of action in this fight, you defenetly know how to make the comic flow, though throughout the fight I felt like it was missing something, to be honest it wasn't as impressive as shaytan's, sorry about that man, but it was still hella good if you ask me!

To be honest Void needs more fights like this in the future! Let's hope for a rematch between these two again!

# 21  
woah guys, great fights from both of you!!!
I really like that stunt you did Oro, grinding his head into the cement then throwing him up in the air   >:D   I think you've heard that enough from me though....
Zombi, it was really good! Just got a lil lazy there at the end. I really like the details you put into this, like all your other ones  n_n

# 20  
Heh, I thought both of em were fukking awesome.
Most things that bothered me have been mentioned but i dont think it's anything to die of, lol. Loving it.
I really dig how Shaytan took a different flow (as far as i'm aware of) and i got to see what Oroch1 rocks in a battle.
This match up was excellent.

I'll see you in the arena some time.

# 19  
Shaytan: The development on your character is going real good so far no doubt about it. I also dig the fact you went all out and threw in 8 pages. That's mad effort son.

0roch1:'ve got some decent work but the cosplaying KOF rabbit isn't cutting it for me. The layout of your panels were slightly hard to come by but later made things easier to follow. ...Now I can't even muster the strength to play Capcom vs SNK 2 now.

# 18  
shaytan: wow, shaytan's development is great, its on B & W but still u can feel the action there... pretty wicked man.

Orochi: u got some nice angles there, and made Shaytan a total wuss against Orochi... but i think using KoF special moves is gonna get ya very low in creativity.

# 17  
Man I can see a lot of effort was put into both sides here, lots of action and all. I also wish there was more humor in this fight. zombi, I love the personality you put into orochi (faces on pg 1 and 6 are TOIT). I just dunno about super-demon-naked-shaytan, and I wish the two giant demon-angels had a bit more persona. They felt kinda placed in there.

Oroch, lots of action... but also lots of extreme close ups on eyes, mouths, and hands.... in fact too many. It's hard enough to tell who's who without trying to figure out whose fist or teeth you are looking at. (That hellriser frame with the tiny hand in the corner was especially wierd). There are things about your character in particular that I don't think are the best (and not just his affiliation with fighting game characters) but I would rather not comment on those, especially this being your first fight, I really can't tell how you are planning to develop him.

# 16  
that was a awsome fight

zombi the line work is awsome and eight pages*praise,praise*

orochi that was crazy as well i really liked the yamazaki move its one of my favs


# 15  
zato man you are aboslutely right. i didnt mean to it to be a b&w fight, thats why most panels are lineart.

# 14  
Zombi: you impress the hell out of me and i'm loving the tripped out form shaytan's rocking.Attetntion to detail on this was nice too.

Oroch1:Nice first entry but there were things that made it a lil off to me. Like the action,there was alot  of it but felt emotionless kinda like with no feeling there was alot happening but in my eyes was a boring fight. I like your style line art and coloring included......I was hoping u would of colored this too.
But ZATO pretty much sumed it up

so good fights on both sides but I feel Zombi owns this one

# 13  
Well, the long awaited battle for me is here ^_^.

And I do have to say, i'm very impressed with both sides. However, x_x my GOD Zombi, you went all the hell out didnt you? The detail and sheer magnitude of it was absolutely x_x.. astonishing, especially the buildings and the cars!

As for Orochi, ^_^ He did a great job too, but i dunno, other than the fact that he's a great artist I can't put my finger on it but there's something missing from it, ^_^ Though it was cute at the end from the phonecall. =).

And in his defense about his char, i don't think he 'stole' anything on it. He took an existing idea and amalgimated (?) it with his own. So drop the topic of this part of it please.

^^ Thanks for the great battle! I was DEFFINATELY not dissapointed by either side ^_^ *hugs*

# 12  
Wow heavy stuff going on here!

Zombi: love the 8 pages! You rock! I missed your usual perverted sense of humor in this battle and I' not to sure about that red pencil thing, but still a great fight as always. Keep it up dude!

Oroch1: Your drawings are radical dude, but you're really lacking on the originality level. And I think your battle could really have used some (better) humour (but that's just me, I'm sure some of you love straight up fights). You're a great artist, but stealing character AND name? shame on you.

A Bad Idea
# 11  
Dude, 8 PAGES !!!! You are a KING. ^_^ Mindless praises aside, it's time for me to wear and tear these babies.

zombi : The sheer length of this comic clearly shows your effort and dedication. I can tell by reading this that you did NOT intend to lose and that your morale is VERY much stable. But getting along to the technicalities of the comic itself, there are some issues I'd like to focus on, mainly frame composition and line weights. The way you arrange some frames in this comic leaves WAY too much open space (especially since this is in B&W, and the background is pretty much all white i.e, page 1, frames 1 & 5). About line weights, there are times where it feels as though your lines were blunt and lacking in shape and dynamic. This usually tends to result in flat or bland-looking lines (i.e., page 2, frame 4 - action lines usually thin near the vanishing point). There are perspective issues here and there, but I won't get into that; I'm not exactly an expert myself. Everything else looks absolutely LOVELY. You're really pushed yourself on this one, and you have my deepest respects. Masterful work.

Orochi : You've got skill to back your words, I'll give you that, but no one is without their flaws, and this particular battle grants me the time to point them out to you. Firstly, I would like to compliment you on your lineart and CG. AMAZING, I must say. On both fields, you've got some real strength. Major props. But now that that's out of the way, I can start picking out the other details. I'd like to focus on your dialogue placement and frame arrangement/composition. The flow of the text is kinda hard to follow, so you may want to keep that in mind when you arrange your dialogue. You may also want to (this is a matter of opinion, of course) use a more professional-looking font, because the TNR isn't quite working out for me (Check out Blambot Fonts. The link is on the front page). You may also want to clean up your frame arrangement. I understand that the strange uneven polygons give the comic a sense of dynamic that would otherwise not be there, but there is still a degree of organization within that level. Perhaps you should better define which lines are frame borders, because most of the time, I couldn't tell which lines were frame borders or action lines (which you also might wanna tone down on. i.e. page 3 frame 1). Overall, you put out an amazing effort. I'll look forward to your future works.

And, just a that Yamazaki's Guillotine move that Oro is using to finish off Shaytan ?

# 10  
OrOch1, you seem pretty conceited for someone who ripped off two already existing characters, Kyo and Orochi (you took the name too!?), and turned them into some rabbit-looking thing.

# 9  
I dunno Rk### something something... Oro, like I said before has a huge art advantage over Zombi here (but to zombi's credit he does try out different styles of drawing from time to time which I personaly dig), the one thing that I worry about is the entertainment value from Oro, I haven't seen his storytelling abillities yet (not counting intro story), I just hope he doesn't go all DBZ with his comic (I highly doubt that would happen, but still I would like to see something entertaining from Oro's half of the fight [maybe he drew up a reason for why he doesn't really like shaytan or something]), and personaly I hope Zombi doesn't take his strange sence of humor too far (no offence man, but the comic you did with seel was a little degrading in a way).

Well 9 hours until we get to see what they have to show us... I personaly hope that this battle will be worth it ;) . Oh, sorry if I offended anybody, I'm just throwing in oppinions here and there, that's all...

# 8  
go zombi! i seriously hope you put this guy in his place.

# 7  
Interesting... Can\'t wait to see how this turns out, I have a feeling that artwise Oro would be tops, but this is just a prediction of mine (Shaytan\'s humor could have an advantage as well... but it is on the shrewd side IMO). Anywho, this should be a great fight for both of them... let\'s just hope nobody kills anybody in this fight ^^; .

# 6  
x_x I see...
^_^ Someone missed the morning coffee!
Anyway, can't wait to see the battle you two. =) Smile a bit eh?

# 5  
sorry Typo, I dun think he was joking....  x-x;;

# 4  
Hey Orochi o.o were you joking when you said that, because it\'s been on my mind a bit, I\'d really hope you were though, I\'m taking it as if you were x_x but like i said, Im lost without my happy faces XD

# 3  
Loser? - - that\'s not nice =P there\'s no happy faces to denote it was a joke! lol

DEDieckmann (SkullcapComix)
# 2  
whaaa? did I miss something?

# 1  
O_O ............ *faints*

X_X the two people i've worshipped for a VERY long time battling it out? x_x. .... . . my god i've died and gone  ...very happy  x_x

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