24 hour scar match! / Shawn and Dexter vs. Gold

24 hour scar match! / Shawn and Dexter vs. Gold

24 hour scar match! — Shawn and Dexter vs. Gold

by Enef

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tags: 24 hour match, gold, scar match, shawn and dexter

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# 13   Posted: May 20 2020, 10:12 PM
Thanks everyone for your comments!

@enef I know I told you privately already but this was super cute! I might end up doing the mini-Dex anyway since I’m my comic Gold technically still has a piece! Also I’m staggered by how clean your lines are. How the hell did you do such clean lines in 24 hours?? Give me your speed and stability haha

@Rivana Thanks!

@Arts @Flytee Ahh it warms my heart to hear you enjoy his thoughts and are interested in him!

@Candy Glad you could laugh at gremlin mode Gold haha, I had fun with those expressions! I explained the transitions to you already, but the grabbing... yeah that’s on me. He wasn’t actually going to snatch it, he has another ability that I was planning to show in a B.B., but since I haven’t completed it yet, it wasn’t a good call to have that moment here. Having said that, under the deadline I was finding it very hard to show him going for the scarf in a way that’s both obvious to the reader, and sneaky in the actual situation, so OTL

@Badger Thank you! I tried to actually go with a set palette this time instead of going with more “realistic” and dull tones, I wasn’t sure if it was too bright, glad to hear it worked!

@Flutter Oh that’s a good point. I admit I tend to stick to either white or black backgrounds and don’t get very creative with the colours, maybe I’ll try a cream or pale yellow for paper next time? Also I did actually have a texture on the first page, but ran out of time to add it to the rest of the pages!

# 12   Posted: May 10 2020, 11:27 AM
Enef: It's really impressive how much scenery you managed to put in over 24 hours. The way you've flatted it also makes it very easy to read. In some panels, though, the composition isn't so solid (For example, in the last panel on page 1, Gold is kind of lost in the details, and on page 3, "Crash" and Shawn could have switched places for a much clearer panel. Also, the attack itself was kind of vague and needed explaining later). I also really liked seeing Gold go kitty, beating someone up and then walking out with a cat face. That said, I'm still not sure why Gold needed him for a distraction if he was just going to throw him into a shelf, why they're getting along so well afterward, even okay with giving Gold a piece of what he cut off. I get what the story wants to do, but it's not really adding up

Cy: I like your solution to coloring for visibility in a time crunch, too. The textured watercolor look gives what would be very minimal a nice softness and sophistication, and pairs well well with a rough look. I wonder if it would be good to also make the white of the "paper" slightly off-white, with a little bit of paper texture, too. And although the art is understandably rough because of the time, you still put in the focus where it needed to be on in the moments that needed a touch of wildness. I think, you, too, could have made your main "scar-making" moment a bit clearer, perhaps combining the last panel of page 4 and the first of page 5 into a single dynamic composition.

# 11   Posted: May 10 2020, 01:20 AM
Enef: man your backgrounds really are excellent here, especially the interior of the supermarket, the shelves are so populated but without being distracting, just really nicely done! I’m a fan of the colored speech bubbles but I also haven’t considered an accessibility issue there. Your inking is impressively clean especially for a 24 hour too! I also like the scar, it’s creative, good vibes, am I reading right that Dexter got torn in both matches? It’s cool stuff overall! Great job!!

Cy: The color palette is super nice, and a good use of the watercolor brush too! It all goes really nicely together, it does feel like a nice morning, it’s nice and pleasant. Gold judging people’s accessories from a tree is just great to me too its just got so much character in it hahahh I like seeing his half-cat form, I definitely wanna see that be utilized more its just really fun looking - and you similarly got an impressive amount of work done in 24 hours! Good stuff!

# 10   Posted: May 10 2020, 12:06 AM
Enef: GOOD BACKGROUNDS. Good job working on them compared to your other comics. Although I almost missed seeing Gold in the last panel on the first page so them showing up in the second had me confused at first. Panel compositions are great, I see you're tying to push different perspectives. Keep it up. The colored speech bubbles had me confused at a few points, and someone with colorblindness might have trouble seeing who's saying what, so don't be afraid to use more bubble tails to whomst saying what. The ending however nothing really showed on what exactly is Dexter's powers that would warrant giving a piece to Gold. If any the gesture looked like it was mundane than giving any sort of "edge" persay. Unless you plan on implementing it in further comics. Good job otherwise, I like the contrast of greys and whites for the bg and stark black and white for the characters. I dig this style. Though maybe a liittle speckle of color like keeping Dexter blue the whole way through would've added a bit more flair.

Cy: I like the waterpainty looking colors for the backgrounds, it helped establish what part of the environment was were even with the lack of details like green for being in the trees. Though on page 2 there wasn't any establish to show where Gold went. He was in the tree and suddenly he's behind the ledge wall? Lack of a transition felt off. The way he tried to snatch Dexter also felt kind of forced. Isn't Gold supposed to be a clever thief? This felt more thuggish than sly, given its in the middle of the market around people. So N So also threw me off, dashes should've been cause I was reading that over and over and was like huh? So-n-so or so 'n so. It looks like Son So. idk. But Gold hissing and scurrying off FUCKING MADE ME LAUGH. Gremlin energy lmfao. If he's got claws, use them! He could've swiped Dexter to rip the scar instead of brute force ripping. It makes Dexter look incredibly feeble or Gold super strong from what I read Dexter as. Idk. Ending gave me a chuckle, definintely a "wtf was that" vibe.


# 9   Posted: May 8 2020, 04:28 AM
You guys did a fantastic job, I can't believe this is a 24 hour battle!
Eneg- your lines are so clean and the scar was really fun and creative.
Cy- I love the colours here and the lovely fluid lines. Gold is such an intriguing guy, I enjoyed his internal dialogue a lot.

No crits, you guys did this in a day, I literally can't complain about anything. (Scored you both the same.)

# 8   Posted: May 6 2020, 09:56 AM
Really impressive output on both sides. I can't believe you all did this in 24 hours. Damn.

As for the story, I prefer Cy's version personally because Gold just seemed a bit too friendly on Enef's side. It just didn't seem like him at all from what I know of Gold's personality.

But overall, great job to both!

Community Manager
# 7   Posted: May 3 2020, 08:15 PM
Great job both of you for doing 5 pages in one day, that is an amazing feat.

Enef: I love what you did for the scar it's a very creative idea him giving him part of the sentient scar as a sort of upgrade is really cool. good job with this 24 hour comic.

Cy: I really like the colors you used for the backgrounds to get them across really quick. also even though it's sketches Gold looks amazing in them, every pose with gold has a lot of life and gesture to it. though shawn's look stiffer than Gold. But this is a 24 hour comic so take that with a grain of salt but I think you can have more fluidity in your standing poses similar to what you're doing for Gold.
Also in terms of writing I love the inner monologue of Gold, the more I hear his thoughts the more I love him and want to hear more about him.

# 6   Posted: May 3 2020, 01:42 PM

I'm surprised how close we both got without actually discussing it hahaaa

# 5   Posted: May 3 2020, 12:07 AM
WhEw I really didn’t think I’d make it but somehow! I did. Holy crap I am jittering. Thanks so much for the battle Enef! Looking forward to reading your side hehe

# 4   Posted: May 2 2020, 06:40 PM

Approval Committee
# 3   Posted: May 2 2020, 07:38 AM
YES! We need more of these! 24 hours of brutality! Kudos to both of you

# 2   Posted: May 2 2020, 03:27 AM

# 1   Posted: May 2 2020, 01:32 AM

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