Great Escalations, Round 2 / The White Blade vs. Avie Lanche

Great Escalations, Round 2 / The White Blade vs. Avie Lanche

Great Escalations, Round 2 — The White Blade vs. Avie Lanche

by 4:00am

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by Julz

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Community Manager
# 8   Posted: May 14 2020, 05:23 PM
Julz: Life happens and it will be cool to see more of Avie when everything gets more stable.

4 AM: as someone who fights the same battle it is a really hard one to fight to not be distracted by gaming. This is all about creating a mindset that helps you realize what times gaming is okay and what times you gotta focus on your art.
In terms of the actual comic I really liked the scar even though the build up to it was weak. also going back on the animations really gives the one that is there much more impact. Just gotta make sure you don't let time slip away from you. Hundreds of thousands of people have saved Mary Jane, but you're only one out there making White Blade comics. So next time you game keep that in mind.

Think Tank
# 7   Posted: May 8 2020, 05:12 PM
Spoiler: show
Kiss your baby and take a good, deep breath.  You're doing what you can in this time, that's all you can be asked to do.
 Best wishes for you.

4 AM
Spoiler: show
You downplayed the animation to where it would have the most impact, so you're taking some of the criticism into consideration.  You gave Avie an interesting scar, but why this specific scar?  Whether this comic was planned to have dialog or no, it would have been important to know the context behind this transformation.  The characters' values still remain in that middle-grey and blend in with the background.  While there's some variance to it, it's not strong enough to differentiate between what's in the foreground, middleground, and background.  Either lighten the characters or play with the environment's shading to help with this muddling.

Spiderman can't help you with this.

# 6   Posted: May 8 2020, 04:09 PM
Julz: YOU DO YOU, do try to take it easy and come back to us when you're ready and rarin' to go!

4am: Yeah.. I just.. What was said by others. Did Julz agree to this kind of scar? It felt kind of insulting to the character, and yeah the quality dip in compared to the first round. I understand distractions can happen, but in a competition setting its really offputting. Let's hope you can kick it back into gear in the next round!

# 5   Posted: May 8 2020, 02:27 PM
Julz: Things happen, friend. It's a strange time for a lot of us. I hope you're getting rest between the crazy work hours, and those happy breaks with the wee one!

4:00am: /Oof./ Listen, I love your character's design and the almost psychedelic appeal of your style. How you're playing with animation is REALLY cool, most especially what you were accomplishing for Avie's transformation. How unfortunate it is however, that you chose to have video games dominate your time, over effort put into a competition. There's something really /ugly/ about turning your competitor's character into a deformed mount, especially a character whose main struggle is enslavement. Maybe that's what you were going for? A shame you couldn't scribble in just a bit of dialogue to at least tell us the what's and why's of White Blade's motives. But I'm hopeful you'll put out some serious work again for the next one!!

# 4   Posted: May 8 2020, 05:58 AM
Julz - Aw, so sorry to hear that!

4am - I can see you’re taking some of the suggestions on your previous battle and it’s definitely paying off. In the panels you managed to colour, the characters are much, much clearer against the backgrounds.

I don’t think you put much effort in any other aspect, however. In your last comic I could clearly see a good sense of anatomy, which I don’t get at all here. Many of the shots, with Avie in particular, look very wonky, as if you went straight to inks without sketches or construction lines. Hands and heads are often too large, fingers appearing broken. The eyes and mouths... I can’t quite pinpoint why but they look very off, for instance in panel 1 page 2 and in the transformation sequence on page 5. The focus on White Blade’s behind is actually distracting with how gratuitous and large you draw it; sometimes it looks like a separate entity grafted onto her. The last page looks plain bizarre - Avie’s head is engorged and seems to connect directly into the chest, no neck in sight. The scar, whilst somewhat creative, came off as random and thoughtless. I also wonder why there was no dialogue, not even handwritten notes? It shouldn’t have taken long to add them in, and would have added a lot more clarity.

Honestly, going off the quality difference and your comment, I really get the feeling you didn’t care about this battle.

# 3   Posted: May 8 2020, 05:56 AM
julz- I'm gutted you couldn't finish because I really love this angry girl, but life does trump comics, so fair play.

4:00am- The decline in quality between round 1 and 2 is nothing short of depressing. I can tell you had completely checked out of this. I dislike the scar, I don't know what you were going just feels like a joke that fell *really* flat.
I could go on and give you a proper crit with pros and con, but I'm going to leave it there. I hope more effort goes into your next round, because you started SO strong in this tourney.  

# 2   Posted: May 8 2020, 01:24 AM
I  have no excuse  i bought  Spider-Man  for the Ps4  on sale for 19.99  Game of the year edition plus Dlc
  and I got a little busy  with saving the city.  if any of you are concerned though,  i stopped the sinister 6 Both Aunt May and Mary Jane are Okay  

# 1   Posted: May 6 2020, 06:24 AM
I have had zero time yo work on this ;_; sorry everyone. I should have pulled out. I work 60 hours a week out of town and drive 3 hours to see my baby on the weekends.

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