Grita The Reaper vs. Jo-Anne

Grita The Reaper vs. Jo-Anne

Grita The Reaper vs. Jo-Anne

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Community Manager
# 6   Posted: Mar 4 2020, 11:09 PM
Mr PR: This was a cute little comic and it was nice to see grita in the underworld with all the nice cameos. Would have been nice to have a midtone to help differentiate the foreground and background.

Boogidi: You have some great colors going on and your anatomy is getting better to sell your exaggerated poses. I hope you do some beyond battles with this character and take your time on them as doing comics with her seems to be helping you a bunch in your technical skills.

# 5   Posted: Mar 3 2020, 05:31 PM
Nice  to see these two voluptuous ladies duking it out! Boo, I love your colors so much too bad the comic is too short. Your art has improved a ton! MrPR - Nice clean lines. I think your art has improved  as well since the last time I saw a comic from you! Just saw a typo in one of the pages "Ticket" was written as "Ticked" also I am confused at how Jo became a ghostly shape in the end? ^^;

Overall,  good  job! Hope to see more!

# 4   Posted: Mar 3 2020, 11:28 AM
Thank you MrPr for the battle! I love how you draw Jo-Anne, she is so voluptuous :)

Good job!

Fred v2.0.1
# 3   Posted: Feb 29 2020, 06:22 AM
93 the idea is good, trying to grift death and all, could have used slightly tighter pacing. Maybe more showing without having them expose. A good way to go anyhow.

# 2   Posted: Feb 26 2020, 10:27 AM
Dat Grita got her reapin' cut out for her! Jo-Anne could get a real good job in the underworld... baking, perhaps?

Boogidibzdo poor Jo-Anne, so misunderstood. This piece, being only two pages, was a treat to see Jo-Anne colored and polished. Though. You may be taking on too much for yourself? Two before death battles and your bout against Radish, it feels like your piling it on a little much. Especially since the end results of the other entries were not as finished as this one. Great work none the less but, as I have been told recently, you should aim to complete the bones of your comic before slapping them muscles and flesh over top. I hope to see you around the regular battles with a new living character! Have fun good luck!

Mrpr1993 always enjoy a Grita reap. Especially around the time of Speed Deaths! But will she ever get out from her appointed duties or will she become the big grim reaping momma herself? I could only hold my breathe in anticipation! ... here I go.

# 1   Posted: Feb 4 2020, 10:22 AM
These are Jo-Anne's last days on this Earth...find out what happens next!

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