Lucky Lucy vs. Miranda Munroe

Lucky Lucy vs. Miranda Munroe

Lucky Lucy vs. Miranda Munroe

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by Cab

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Community Manager
# 9   Posted: Jan 29 2020, 08:35 PM
Now that SDT is over time for comments.
MrPR: For being rushed due to outside circumstances art wise I think this comic turned out really well. Lucy does feel a bit too much like a charicature and not her own person, but you did write Miranda well.

Cab: Your consistency with your quality is always impressive. I also enjoy your characterization Miranda it's fun seeing such a useless villain. I know this is a plot light comic that mostly focuses on comedy which was your intention and while I did enjoy the comedy you can get similar results. There jokes come off as primarily surface level mainly jabs at each others character, for comedies it helps to keep adding plot in the forms of more and more ridiculous scenarios to help accentuate the jokes. Another problem with the mostly surface level jokes is that the characters didn't have much of a chance to get their own voice. But these are primarily preferences in writing i'm talking about and I personally enjoyed this comic.

# 8   Posted: Jan 18 2020, 03:57 PM
Mrpr - Other than the rush I don't even have an issue with the lack of color. If it can't make it in black and white then rethink it. I always appreciate your dedication to strange situations. Keep it up!

Cab - I enjoy the henchmen and fledgling overlord feel. Your style is really nice and I like the shading you decided to use. Can't wait to see more! Good luck

Both of them are in SDT then?

# 7   Posted: Jan 16 2020, 09:31 PM
Mr pr: thos was a fun little comic. I don't really get much from Lucy but you did a great job handling miranda and her goons. The panel where they enter the hall and get ambushed wasn't easy to read to me but in context clear enough.
Well done!

Cab well first of I love how utter useless Miranda is. You hitned that but that just left no doubt. Anyways I see you played more with lineweight which is to me a huge plus. Maybe I'm just imagining things though. All those lewd jokes were fittingly crude and underlined Miranda's questionable ways

# 6   Posted: Jan 16 2020, 02:21 PM
ohoho scar tattoo theme? been a while since i've seen this

MrPr: normally your strongest points are colors and humor, thise one lacked a bit of both. But to me still an amusing comic. The classic airhead clueless girl trope is one I wanted to see on Void. The scar is a bit weak.

Cab: The story was a bit akward because I don't see Miranda as someone who would biker like that on the street, but the the scar's consequences really has me cracking up

Happy August 8th! ACAB -Reecer6
# 5   Posted: Jan 15 2020, 07:08 PM
mrpr: i want to comment but for the benefit for honesty i have to mention beforehand that this character makes me intensely uncomfortable for reasons many before me have voiced and there's not really going to be an interpretation of her that'll fix that for me. that one thing kind of majorly jaundices my view of both these comics. that said: this does look pretty alright for being rushed. really didn't understand what the right left right line was supposed to mean, if she's saying she can look left and right, or that she knows which direction she's looking, especially because she's looking forward in that panel? and either way it's so reductive i can't register as a joke. i'm not sure why the tattoo is a hat either, i figured it'd have to do with wherever she was stealing from but there's nothing established about it.

cab: art's great, output's great, i always have to say this to cement that i'm thinking this and not taking it for granted or anything. however, this is a pretty weak plot! the two women fight over almost nothing under no stakes for pages, and then the tattoo feels really random. halfway through i'm wondering why miranda hasn't just snatched the money back and walked away ages ago; it's a very forced conflict. i'm really... not sure how i'm meant to feel about the kiss? is it a gag? is it bad? is it good? and then all the slapstick around it feels incredibly disconnected, like totally separate unrelated moments, because in between both of them just go back to standing there. this is definitely one of your weaker comics, and honestly if it were straight up shorter it'd probably stand up a lot better, because then the nothing fight wouldn't be so obvious, maybe feel a little more natural given a lack of buildup or explicit narrative focus.

# 4   Posted: Jan 15 2020, 05:17 PM
-The story was fun, I kinda enjoyed watching Lucy bimble her way through a dangerous situation. (SHE WAS SO CLOSE TO BEING COMPETENT.)
- I think you translated Miranda and her goons into your style well.
- Miranda's blank reaction to Lucy was really amusing.  
-Considering your irl situation, I think the art's decent here.
- The setup was weak. (Lucy answering a job flyer to work for Miranda/ Miranda having no idea where it came from and questioning nothing.) it was this weird mix of making no logical sense, but also being a mundane, dull setup.
- I wish the scar was more tied into the plot of the comic and not just a random add on at the end.

-Miranda's design is cute af
- Your art styles super appealing as always. Everything's really polished and well presented.
-Tons of emotion and variety in the girl's expressions.
- Some great comedic timing.

- For me, the dialogue was unnatural and to exposition-heavy. None of the characters had a consistent, believable voice. (Lucy sometimes sounded very was jarring)
- the story was meandering, I got the vibe it was just a vehicle to draw some hot girls fighting? That's valid, but not personally for me as a reader.
- The same crit as Mr Pr- I wish the scar had been a bigger part of the comic, it didn't work for me as a story beat. If I didn't know this was a scar match I would've been confused- I think that's an issue.

me being picky
- where's Lucy's nose?? It looked awkward to me since you translated the rest of her design into your more realistic style.

Crits aside, well done on the battle guys~! :D Its nice to see a scar match.  

# 3   Posted: Jan 14 2020, 07:49 AM
MrPr - I’m so sorry about the quakes and hope you’re safe! The comic honestly doesn’t feel that rushed until the end. While there’s minimal to no background and colour, the lines are clean and apart from a panel or two the story is easy to read and follow. I enjoy your expressions - Lucy’s at the end made me smile. I’m still not a fan of this character though and the story was pretty par for the course.

Cab - Sorry to say, this left a bad taste in my mouth. The fighting felt very forced, and I didn’t enjoy basically reading a 6 page “cat fight” and Miranda going through every insult she could think of for the way Lucy dressed. Although some did earn a chuckle, I found many of the jokes borderline bigoted and kind of boring... I feel like I’ve heard them a thousand times before, and you didn’t put a fresh spin on them. The posing in panel 2 on the first page felt skeevy and out of place.

The pacing also seemed off to me, as if you couldn’t think of ways to make them keep fighting so you added increasingly random actions to draw the interaction out. Both Miranda and Lucy swung between attitudes very rapidly to suit said random actions. Peck suffered a little from this as well.

# 2   Posted: Jan 11 2020, 06:56 PM
Wellp. I did my best. However I had to rush it. With the quakes and blackouts happening, I didnt wanted to leave the story unfinished. U.U I really came unprepared for that.

# 1   Posted: Jan 6 2020, 02:40 PM
Can scars be mental scars? :thinking: Interesting how this'll turn out.

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