Graveyard Smash / Lilyfeather, Cadenza, Holden Shark, and Talon

Graveyard Smash / Lilyfeather, Cadenza, Holden Shark, and Talon

Graveyard Smash — Lilyfeather, Cadenza, Holden Shark, and Talon

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# 16   Posted: Jan 8 2020, 10:44 AM
This was such a fun comic! I honestly can't think of many critiques, especially not ones that have been said before, but I do gotta say I just. I love how this turned out. Honestly if you hadn't told me it was so old I wouldn't have noticed, it's still so good. AND ALSO YES LET THESE DWEEBS BE FRIENDS

# 15   Posted: Dec 30 2019, 05:02 PM
I really enjoy this combo of characters- there were a lot of fun dynamics happening here, I want to see them hang out more!
Honestly no crits here, This was a delight to read! I thought you all collaborated really well, and having everyone draw a scene from a different time of day made the style changes feel seamless. Great job everyone :)

Global Moderator
# 14   Posted: Dec 28 2019, 12:09 AM
So neat to see the progression of the day when you can look at all the pages in thumbnail mode. The nice rosy sunset melting into this purple neon candy graveyard smash is really neat idea for a collab. While admittedly there some jerkiness in the harmony of the pages, I think you mentioned this collab was super long lived and took a while to finish, so it stands to reason the style and palate meandered over time. Still, I don't think it detracts from the overall goal which is a cool lil romp amongst new friends. The gift exchange has to be my favorite bit because you know who brought  which gift without them ever even saying so. From like Cadenza''s fancy obscure musical instrument to Lily's pony stickers.

I definitely hope this motley crew get together again/ Their dynamic was alot of fun.

Global Moderator
# 13   Posted: Dec 25 2019, 08:18 AM
A+ all around! My only crit off the top of my head is the way the laughs were illustrated in Page 16, the context tells me it's supposed to be happy fond memories laughter, but the use of thick black and red makes it seem instead that everyone is maniacally cackling about something evil and sinister @_@

Community Manager
# 12   Posted: Dec 23 2019, 07:45 PM
This was a cute comic and a great collab. The story was really cute and them having a party at a graveyard is cute also all the characters had their own nice moments in this. I do agree with cy's crit on the transition being sudden. However I think it's mainly just the sudden color transition, There is a good mid tone color palette on page 8 in panels 3 and 4 and if you kept with that for a couple pages before going to the full blue one I think the transition would have been better.
Once again great job all of you on this collab, though I wonder how long Talon's resolution will last : )

# 11   Posted: Dec 23 2019, 06:45 PM
Shen: Kind of the opposite- Cazenda was afraid TALON would kill HOLDEN because of his curse. She forgot/didn't realize Holden is undead and immune to the touch attack.

OH JEEZ I’m big dumb and somehow just forgot Talon was cursed lmao my bad

# 10   Posted: Dec 23 2019, 02:15 PM
What a sweet episode about these four children of sorrow, showing them genuinely having a good moment together in spite of the misfortune in their lives (and that will befall at least one of them). I love how they at first seem to completely dislike each other, but wind up liking each other as time passes. I also like the idea of showing the passage of time through color. That said, the shift to using blue for flesh was a bit abrupt. A more gradual shift without would have made the color that seems unnatural but works in context more successful, but as it, with both palettes present on one page, I was left wondering for a few moments if the kalimba's music turned them all undead and violent.

# 9   Posted: Dec 23 2019, 01:13 PM
I’m also not sure what was happening on page 16? Cadenza’s reaction and then the laughter afterwards kinda confused me. Did Cadenza think Holden was about to kill Talon or something?

Kind of the opposite- Cazenda was afraid TALON would kill HOLDEN because of his curse. She forgot/didn't realize Holden is undead and immune to the touch attack.

# 8   Posted: Dec 23 2019, 11:55 AM
This was really well done! From the visuals, to the pacing and characterization, it all flowed really well. It was just a nice, fun (if slightly somber) comic. Excellent work everyone!

# 7   Posted: Dec 23 2019, 10:28 AM
I absolutely enjoyed this!  Shen, Cats, Bang and Badger -Thanks for bringing us the  Christmas spirit - Void style!

Merry Christmas everyone!

# 6   Posted: Dec 23 2019, 03:15 AM
Aw, this was sweet :) Love the idea of them having a Christmas celebration in a graveyard, haha, and I liked how that environment was drawn in the first half. I really enjoyed these character interactions, especially the “Johnny and Morty” interaction, the concept of a gift swap and just everything dissolving into fun chaos by the end. The story flowed really well and the escalation of the situation, while pretty fast, felt natural given the characters involved. Also even if it’s a year old, the art is still good and I really liked the colours, so please don’t be embarrassed!

I did find the transition at the middle rather jarring though. From what I gather you all sketched/inked alternating pages so the style does change throughout, I didn’t mind that and often barely noticed the transition because everything else flowed well, but pages 8-9 really took me out of it. Apart from the obvious style change, the colours went from more muted to very bright, and the background became way more sparse - on page 8, the characters are surrounded by trees that are covered in lights, but on page 9 there’s only one tree near them with two sad baubles on it. On the following pages, the church disappears, the headstones get fewer and further apart, the trees are relegated to background only and devoid of lights, and eventually even the fence disappears, so it looks like they’re on a hill that happens to have a few graves as opposed to a graveyard anymore.

I’m also not sure what was happening on page 16? Cadenza’s reaction and then the laughter afterwards kinda confused me. Did Cadenza think Holden was about to kill Talon or something?

# 5   Posted: Dec 22 2019, 11:01 PM
Greatly done. Just hands down good stuff!!!

# 4   Posted: Dec 22 2019, 10:54 PM
Dammit, you guys, I love this comic so much! Everything from the dialogue to the character development is perfect! I don't do this very often but I got nothing to critique here except that I"M JEALOUS OF THEIR FRIENDSHIP! Happy Holidays and stupendous job on this comic. <3

# 3   Posted: Dec 22 2019, 09:53 PM
THIS WAS SUCH AN ADORABLE COMIC. Made me chuckle a couple of times, and interesting choice of colors. I don't know your characters all too much to understand the sudden saturation change. Though the one page in the middle of the zombie snowball fight with the jagged unaligned panels versus the entire comic being in a more congruent shape did kind of threw me off, but not tremendously that it ruined the immersion.

Well done!

# 2   Posted: Dec 22 2019, 09:22 PM

# 1   Posted: Dec 22 2019, 09:17 PM
This is a story of friendship and Christmas Joy and we hope you can appreciate it for that. We also wish it to be noted that we actually started this collab with the intention to be finished LAST Christmas but did not make the deadline- we poked at it over the next 11 months but finally resolved this month to finish it on time. As such, we wish it to be noted that much of this art- pencils, inks, colours, ect- is A YEAR OLD and now embarrasses us, the artists. Nevertheless, please enjoy, and happy holidays~

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